How to build a Wedding App?

Create an album in minutes. Relive your favorite photos and videos as a photo book on any device.

Create Account

Setup your account to get started

Purchase license

Buy a license to build a wedding app

Choose Theme

Select one of the best themes for the app

Add Events

Add your wedding events and details

Upload Album

Upload the wedding photos and videos

Publish App

Your Wedding App is ready to publish

What's so Special

No Coding Required

You don’t need to have programming knowledge to build your wedding app. Yes! you create your own digital wedding album mobile app without coding a single line.

Quick & Easy

We provide you a flexible app editor with user friendly interface to flawlessly build & update your wedding mobile app in less than 10 minutes.

Multiplatform Support

We provide support for iOS (iPhone + iPad) & Android (Smartphone + Tablet) devices. So you can publish your app on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store.

Beautiful Designs & Themes

You can choose from variety of elegant themes to apply. We have taken highest care about each of the theme design, to make your app look awesome.

Features & Customizations

You have got tonnes of exciting features which can be easily integrated to create your digital wedding album & then customize those options to suit your taste.

Instant & Periodic Updates

You can do instant on the fly changes to your app whenever you want even after publishing it. We are continuously evolving the app with new features & updates.

Attractive Themes!

You can download the demo application to explore the attractive themes and exciting features of Happy Wedding App on your mobile devices (iOS or Android) before purchasing the license.



Pricing (USD)



Renewal @ $ 10 /year


$ 400

Lifetime Valid


$ 500

Lifetime Valid

Max Albums The maximum number of albums that can be created for each of the specific events of a wedding like Pre Wedding, Ring Ceremony, Musical Evening, Wedding Ceremony, Reception etc. 3 10 Unlimited
Max Photos per Album The maximum number of photos that can be uploaded in each album. 100 200 Unlimited
Max Relatives The maximum number of family members, friends and relatives you can add in a wedding. 20 50 100
Photo Quality The quality of the photo served in the application as well as in the website. Medium High & Original High & Original
Languages We support 20+ international languages. You have the option to choose upto 3 languages for your app. EnglishEnglish + 1English + 2
Themes We provide you the beautiful themes with each theme having various color options to choose for your app. Default theme Choose your own Choose your own
Personalized App You can publish a personalized as well as customized mobile app with your name rather than a common app.
Photo Backup & Restore Apart from the wedding photos that you upload, you will get an additional 100 GB space to backup your raw photos for lifetime which can be restored anytime.
Privacy Options Your wedding photos will be publicly accessible on our website in free version. In Premium version you will have the option to set privacy mode to public as well as private. Using a password.
Auto Face-Tagging A wonderful feature that automatically detects the photos of each specific family member across all your wedding photos, to make it easy for you to view all the photos of your family members.
Love Story Share your journey of love, through photos, describing where you met, how the love blossomed, when you proposed, what were the special romantic moments and so on.
Wedding Bells Create a buzz of your wedding by sending your typical "N Days to Go" photos as daily notifications.
Add videos Upload the videos of your wedding for each specific album and allow the users to play those videos in the app.
Enhanced User Experience Provide your users a rich and more enhanced user experience with better usability to increase their engagement with your app.
No Ads Ads will be served to all the users in the free version of the app. The premium version of the app won't have any ads.

Wedding Photo App

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life and that’s why it deserves the best wedding photo album. Happy Wedding App, founded with a unique idea to let you cherish the sweet memories of your wedding. It's a mobility based platform to compose stylish & innovative digital wedding albums. Preserve the priceless memories of your special day by creating your own custom wedding album online.

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