Why Should You Have The Engagement Party?

Engagement Party

You may have many reasons to not have an engagement party, and directly plan your wedding day. There are many reasons couples chuck their engagement parties, one of the reasons is their finances. Most couples believe that an engagement party is unnecessary expenditure that just adds to their wedding budget. But it is not so, because an engagement party can easily be hosted in your budget. You don’t have to host a lavish party, instead you can plan an intricate engagement party with your friends and family members. An engagement party can be helpful in many ways. Here in this post we will share with you the top 9 reasons to have your engagement party.

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1. It is a great way to break the news to your loved ones

Your family, loved ones, and your friends would be interested in knowing your relationship status. Of course, they are the people who have witnessed your relationship growing and going through several phases. They would definitely love to be part of your life’s biggest celebration. Your engagement party is a great way to break the news of your relationship among your friends and loved ones. If you believe that only social media posts would be enough for them, then you are mistaken.

2. Engagement Party is to admit that you have got your SOMEONE SPECIAL

No matter how long you two have been dating as long as the world doesn’t know about your relationship status. An engagement party is a great way to admit that you have got your SOMEONE SPECIAL and take your relationship to the next level. You can even do it without hosting an engagement party, but hosting a party would simply add to your special moments. Believe it or not, sharing your happiness with your loved ones simply adds to the fun and enjoyment.

3. A great way to create beautiful memories of the day

Each moment that you celebrate with your loved ones becomes a memory to cherish. Your engagement is also one such event that you can use to create beautiful memories. Memories that you can cherish all your lives. Memories that your generations to come will also enjoy. Do not say no to your engagement party, instead use it as an opportunity to make memories for your life. You will definitely love those memories when you will flip through your engagement album later in life.

4. A great way to create bond with your partner

This is specifically for those whose wedding is arranged. Arranged marriages are very common in some countries, especially Asian. In most arranged marriages couples get to meet only during their engagements. Therefore, an engagement party can be a great way for two such people to create bonds. They can have a wonderful time together in their engagement party. Also, it is observed that most couples open up with each other after their engagement. It can be a great way to break the ice between the bride to-be and groom to-be.

5. An engagement party can help the families to break the ice between them

Marriage is not an affair between the bride and groom, in fact, it is a connection between two families. For a happy married life, it is important that the connection between the two families is also good. An engagement party can be a great way to break the ice between the two families. It is essential that both the families get acquainted with each other. As the relationship is for the life long, you would never want your extended families to have differences or bad feelings about each other. Remember, marriage is a very sensitive matter and it’s always good to avoid differences in the first place.

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6. A great way to prepare for your wedding photography

As said earlier, many weddings are arranged by families. It becomes very difficult for the bride and groom to come close to each other for their photo session. And wedding photography demands closeness and comfort between the couples. If couples are not comfortable with each other, it becomes very difficult for the photographer to capture good pictures. However, an engagement party gives couples a chance to come close to each other. They get a chance to create a bond with each other. And engagement photography works as a warm-up for couples. It gives them the opportunity to prepare themselves for their wedding photography as well.

7. A warm-up before your wedding

An engagement party can be a great way to prepare yourself for your wedding ceremony. Believe it or not, a wedding ceremony needs a lot of preparation and organization. Of course, if you are going to handle everything on your own, then it is going to be difficult for you to do it without having prior knowledge. But hosting an engagement party will give you hands-on experience of organizing a party. Of course, your engagement will be on a smaller scale, but you will have to arrange everything from décor to food to celebrate the event.

Besides, you will have a wonderful chance to get vendors for your wedding as well. For instance, if the photographer you hired for your engagement is able to deliver you the best results, you would definitely prefer to book him/her for the final event as well. Likewise, you can have other vendors as well. This will save a lot of time and efforts that you will put in finding wedding vendors otherwise.

8. An opportunity to have a break from routine life

Undoubtedly, all of us are in search of fun and enjoyment. We all want to have a break from our routine life, which is important to tackle the stress of daily life. Your engagement party can be one such reason for you and your loved ones. All of you can have a break from your routine life and have some fun together.

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9. An opportunity to dine and wine

Often we get bored of regular food that we eat on a daily basis and find reasons to eat special. All of us are in search of special occasions to celebrate and enjoy, to eat and drink with friends and loved ones. And your engagement party can be a reason to dine and wine with your loved ones. Of course, no party goes without good food and everybody loves to eat nice food. All your guests would love to enjoy food and drinks with you. So, why to celebrate your engagement alone, give your guests reason to celebrate your happiness with you!

To Conclude……

So, don’t say no to an wedding engagement party. Instead plan it beautifully that even your guests will remember all their lives. The best thing is – you can host a great party in your budget. All you have to do is spend some time in planning and organizing things for your party. In addition to this, you do not have to host a party in an expensive venue, you can even host a great engagement party in your home as well.

Happy Engagement…. ☺ ☺

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