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Happy Wedding App

We are proud to inform you about the launch of our digital wedding album app to preserve the priceless memories and special moments of our wedding days.

Sounds exciting, Right? Let's quickly have an overview about the prime offerings by this wonderful mobile wedding album app:

Enjoy and relive all the fun you had (or in case if you missed ;)) in our wedding. You can view all the photos of our wedding across all the events, be it a silently captured candid, perfectly posed portrait, stunning stills, elegantly edited & finely filtered photos, beautiful black & white photos and so on.

Watch out the complete cinematography, with amazing effects, of our wedding and all of its related events through artistically edited HD videos with melodious music.

There is nothing more privileged than the love of a family, blessings of the relatives and admiration of friends. We are fortunately blessed with a great family, loving relatives and amazing (and sometimes crazy too) friends. Get a glimpse of all of them in our wedding album app and browse all the photos in which they are tagged and had fun too.

There are many more exciting options in our digital wedding album mobile app that will let you recall and enjoy all the joyful moments.

Download our personalized wedding app right now, developed by Happy Wedding App, and have fun. Do share your feedback with us regarding our wedding album app.