How To Not Look Awkward In Your Wedding Photos

Wedding Couple Photoshoot

Your wedding photographs are just ordinary photographs but the memoirs of the big day, which you cherish forever. It is not just your photographer’s artistry, but yours is a vital role in it, to have those beautiful wedding photos. Hence, it is imperative to look your best on your wedding day to get those stunning and astonishing wedding pictures.

How you pose for your wedding photos plays a pivotal role. And when we say pose, your pictures should not be posed literally. In fact, the wedding pictures look more beautiful when both the bride and groom look natural and relaxed. Well, here’s how to not look awkward in your wedding photos.

1. Hire Your Photographer Wisely

First things first, hire your photographer wisely. This is the first step to not look awkward in your wedding photos. There are many wedding photographers out there; hire the one which befits your requirements. It is imperative to hire the right wedding photographer, one that you can relate to and feel comfortable with.

Once you have got the right photographer, discuss the things in detail with him/her. Besides monetary aspects, know their style and approach of shooting. Ask for their wedding photography gallery. Tell them what all you are looking for and know his expectations from you to prepare yourself accordingly. It is essential to have open communication and free-flow information between both parties to get the best outcome. And why not, after all, your wedding photographs are going to be ‘your memoir’ for the rest of your life.

2. Know your wedding photographer

First things first, know your wedding photographer. Knowing your wedding photographer is as important as your wedding pictures. Obviously, if you are not comfortable with your photographer, how will you guarantee a good picture. Yes, if you feel awkward around your wedding photographer, you will look awkward in your wedding photos for sure. No matter how good or renowned your photographer is, if you don’t get on well with him/her, everything else is waste. So, get on well with your photographer. Studies show couples who get on well with their photographers get the best pictures of their wedding, even if they are camera shy.

Getting on well with your photographer will help you feel relaxed and at ease with him/her, which will be visible in your pictures too. Both (couple and the photographer) need to have that connection to ease the whole photo session. However, talented your photographer is, if you guys don’t gel well, getting good pictures is surreal then.

3. Have An Engagement Or Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Believe it or not, pre-wedding trials can be instrumental. These shoots help you get used to the camera and your partner as well. It is especially good for couples to get an arranged marriage. It is a great way to become familiar with this process before the wedding day and dissipate last-minute chaos.

You can even try your wedding outfit and the hair-do and makeup with your makeup artist if you want. This way, you will get an idea of what suits you and what doesn’t so that you can choose your makeup and hairstyle accordingly. You can even have your photographer have some tries, which will give him a lot of ideas about DO’s and DONTs, which he can incorporate in the final pictures.

4. Choose A Stylish But Comfortable Wedding Outfit

More often than not, brides get inspired by some celebrities and get themselves some dress that is not comfortable. Or sometimes they simply go for one size small dress to look thin, which again creates discomfort for them. Just imagine a situation where you are not comfortable in your dress, and you have to pose. Will you really be able to pose??? NOT AT ALL! It is next to impossible. Of course, it is your wedding, and to look beautiful is your right, but at what cost???? THINK, THINK, THINK!

So, go for a dress that is stylish and comfortable at the same time. Believe you me, more than your dress; your inner state will impact your wedding pictures. Definitely, in an uncomfortable dress, you won’t feel happy for sure, which will affect your wedding photos.

5. Your Makeup And Hairstyle Will Play An Important Role

Hiring the right makeup artist and hairstylist is very important. You cannot just trust anybody for your wedding makeup. Hire a reputable makeup artist and hairstylist. It is as essential as getting a good photographer, trust me. Often brides trust their friends/cousins for their wedding makeup just because they know a tad about makeup. They do so that they can save some money. But trust, that wedding is very different from an ordinary small house party or a beach party. It’s your day, and you need to look your best and photogenic; it will impact your wedding pictures.

Make sure you discuss everything in advance with your makeup artist and hairstylist, including the product they use. If you are allergic to some brand or product, let them know in advance. Also, don’t miss to tell them about pre-wedding trials. A pre-wedding trial helps you decide the kind of makeup you want on the wedding day, and you will know how it will impact your wedding photographs.

6. Do Not Overdo Anything

Do not overdo anything, like makeup. Overdoing makeup will drastically impact your wedding photographs. Ask your makeup artist not to use products that can cause fake tans or avoid having extra glitter effect. It may backfire in your pictures. So, choose your bridal makeup wisely; doing so will help you to not look awkward in your wedding photos.

7. Keep Your Photographer In The Loop

On your wedding day, your photographer must be in the know what’s happening and when. A couple must handover a copy of the wedding schedule to the photographer. Also, they need to discuss when the couple photography will take place. Discussing it beforehand will help you avoid any chaos later, and you will be able to have more relaxed photographs.

Trust your wedding photographer. It is the coordination and cooperation that helps couples look their best in their wedding photographs!

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8. Be Yourself

Your wedding photographs should not look like posed. Gone are the days when there were some specific poses for the bride and grooms. Now is the time to look real. Trust me, being real is the best way to get the best wedding pictures. Things like a genuine smile, a real laugh, a real kiss, can make a huge difference in your wedding photographs, especially the portraits! Your wedding photographs should be a true reflection of you and your emotions that you feel on the biggest day of your life! So, be real, be yourself, be you!

9. Dedicate Time For Portrait Photography

Undoubtedly, your wedding will be full of a thousand essential things. But, don’t forget that your photographs are one amongst them. Dedicate yourself in a photography session and go with your photographer’s instructions. Leave other things aside, dedicate time for your portrait photographs; your photographer must have given you the schedule for that. Be there completely; make time for your bridal portraits. It is always advisable to get bridal portraits when your makeup is fresh; you have just arrived from the parlor as this will help your photographer have a few best shots before you get busy in the ceremonies.

Also, a couple of portraits of two of you needs to be captured; it may take some time, you may feel tired, but trust, it’s once in a lifetime event, and you need to spare good time and a huge amount of patience for your portraits which are essential to add to your wedding album. Be comfortable with your wedding photographer, trust him, and let him do his job so that he can capture the mesmerizing memories of your beautiful wedding day.

10 Enjoy Yourself

However, you will have myriads of tasks to undertake, your state of being will play a vital role in getting great wedding pictures. Your wedding is once in a lifetime event. You have been planning for this day for months, now is the time to look your best, relaxed, and calm. Because these are the things which you cannot fake, you cannot look happy until you are. The best photos can only come when you are happy from inside!

Most often than not, people get so bogged down in wedding-related tasks that they end up being weary, which ultimately affects their wedding pictures, and later they do nothing but regret. It should not happen with you, make it a point; it is once a lifetime opportunity for you. Just enjoy yourself thoroughly, have fun, laugh a lot, everything else is fine! The less you will worry about things, the more you will revel, and the best your photos will be

11. Smile Please ☺ ☺

Lastly, smile! Your smile can make a huge difference in your wedding photographs! Believe it or not, more than your makeup, your smile can brighten up your photos. For that bright, broad smile, keep yourself stress-free. Remember howsoever you feel inside will only be reflected in your pictures outside. You can’t fake happiness! For that relaxed and calm smile, you can also try out yoga, meditation, and pranayama as these things have lasting effects on our mental health and help us handle pressure and stress. If you think your teeth need to be done, visit your dentist and get them whitened. Because a nice, bright smile on the wedding day can help you look your best!

The Bottom Line

Your photographer can do some photo-shop to get you better pictures, but the best will only come from your end! If you really wish to not look awkward in your wedding photos, follow the tips mentioned above! Also, start your preparation way too prior to your wedding. Spend time on yoga, meditation, and exercise. Besides, eat healthy, drink a lot of water, listen to good music, read good books, spend time with your significant other and friends, and BE HAPPY!! All these will help you greatly to get the most stunning pictures of your wedding!

Happy Wedding…. ☺ ☺