20+ Christmas Wedding Decorations Ideas in Classic Red and white

Christmas Decorations For a Wedding

Weddings are the most important events in couples’ lives. Every couple wishes to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime event in a unique way. Festive seasons, like Christmas Wedding Decorations and the time around it, are the perfect time of the year for wedding ceremonies. A winter wedding during the Christmas season is a perfect way to put your guests in the holiday spirit.

If you are planning a Christmas wedding, then this is the post for you.

You can make your wedding memorable by incorporating the ideas of Christmas decorations into your wedding outlined in this post. Christmas decorations for a wedding are perfect for setting up a festive season wedding!

Celebrating your wedding during the Christmas season is usually fun! If you have chosen the festive season as a time to celebrate your special day, you’ve made the right decision.

So, if you’re searching for the best Christmas decorations for a wedding to get inspiration from, keep reading this post! To create a truly magical winter wedding celebration, we have carefully selected and compiled a list of the top 15 Christmas decoration ideas specifically tailored for weddings. The decorations are captivating and exude a sense of elegance. Every decoration, from the shimmering glow of twinkling lights to the captivating allure of evergreens, embodies the true spirit of Christmas.

Keep reading this article, as you’ll get to find different decoration ideas that will illuminate your special day!

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Top 15 Christmas Decorations Ideas For A Wedding

Here is our list of the top Christmas decoration ideas for a winter wedding. You can get inspiration from these fascinating Christmas decoration ideas for your own wedding. Here we go…

1. Christmas-Themed Wedding Invitations

Begin with your wedding invites. Yes, the first thing that your guests will see will be your wedding invitation card. Hence, you should consider creating a wedding invite that exudes festive vibes while planning your Christmas wedding. Make sure to create or design a Christmas-themed wedding invite. A Christmas-themed wedding invitation that captures the festive spirit will give your guests a clear sense of your wedding theme. They will have a clear understanding of what to anticipate at your wedding.

Christmas-Themed Wedding Invitations

If you’re not sure of the design, choose illustrations of Christmas trees, twinkling lights, or wreaths. Make your Christmas wedding invitation attractive so your guests know it’s a festive season wedding.

2. Christmas Sleigh Wedding Decoration

If you want your guests to have the feeling of Christmas upon their arrival, bring a sleigh into your wedding venue!

Christmas Sleigh Wedding Decoration

You can have it placed at the entrance of your reception venue. It will serve as a stunning background for your wedding photos. Your guests will definitely love the view of the sleigh. You can even consider adding other fun props to the sleigh for a stunning Christmas decoration.

3. White and Red Poinsettias

Make use of white and red poinsettias. Yes, deck your wedding venue with stunning Christmas decorations of red and white poinsettias. Ask your decorator to beautify the wedding altar with red and white poinsettia plants. Red and white poinsettias play a crucial role when it comes to Christmas-inspired wedding decor. You can’t go wrong with red and white poinsettias. It will bring the yuletide spirit to your wedding venue.

White and Red Poinsettias

4. Frame the Altar with a Christmas Tree

Let your wedding altar speak of the season for you! If you want to exchange your marriage vows in a church, consider incorporating Christmas decorations on the altar! Decorate the altar with a Christmas tree or red and white poinsettias for a festive touch. You can even use greenery or garlands to create a frame on the altar to make it look more exciting for your Christmas-themed wedding.

Frame the Altar with a Christmas Tree

5. Evergreen and Holly

Here’s another Christmas decoration for a wedding you can consider for your festive season wedding. You can use garlands, sprigs of evergreen and holly, and wreaths to decorate your wedding venue. You can even use evergreens to decorate the tables for your guests. Your winter wedding venue will look completely stunning.

Evergreen and Holly

6. Strings of Christmas Lights

Another idea for adding festive vibes to your wedding is Christmas lights. Yes, you can bring the festive spirit to your special day by adding strings of Christmas lights. Opt for fairy lights to create a cozy and magical ambiance during your Christmas wedding. It will make your big day look colorful and magical. The best thing about the fairy light décor is that it is a budget-friendly option. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly Christmas decoration, make use of Christmas lights to create a charming atmosphere on a budget.

Strings of Christmas Lights

7. Decorations with Ornaments

If you want your wedding reception to look captivating, hang ornaments on the Christmas tree. You can also use ornaments as backdrops at your wedding venue. Additionally, they can also be used as table centerpieces for a more stunning look. The decoration will serve as a beautiful background for your wedding photos.

Decoration with Ornaments

8. Set the Table Right

Make your guests feel the spirit of Christmas as they step into your wedding reception by setting tables in a unique way. It’s a season to be joyful, so decorate the table with evergreens, wreaths, or garlands. You can also set beautiful candlelights on each table to add to your wedding décor. The whole thing will look more captivating.

Set the Table Right

9. Fun Candy Cane Christmas Decoration

If you want a twist in your Christmas decorations for your big day, add a few candy canes to the décor. For a whimsical touch, incorporate white and red flowers into the decoration. It’s a unique Christmas decoration idea perfect for a winter wedding. You will love the end result for sure!

Fun Candy Cane Christmas Decoration

10. Lantern with Red Christmas Wedding Ribbon and Pine

Elevate your wedding reception by incorporating lantern centrepieces. If you are unsure about how to decorate your Christmas wedding venue, consider using this particular décor.

To create a stunning look, consider incorporating snow-sprinkled pine, ribbons, and berries into your decoration. You can even consider incorporating candles into your decorations as well. Doing so will help you create a delightful Christmas ambiance at the wedding.

Lantern with Red Christmas Wedding Ribbon and Pine

11. Make a Snow Christmas Wedding Backdrop

Having snowfall at your Christmas wedding will make your wedding décor look more real and enchanting. You can make use of snowflakes in order to create a snow Christmas wedding backdrop. Your decorator can make use of a confetti shower to make snow. The entire ambiance will look beautiful, and you will be able to get some of the most captivating wedding photos.

Make a Snow Christmas Wedding Backdrop

12. Lush Christmas-Themed Wedding Ceremony Arch

This is yet another Christmas decoration you can consider for your big day! All you have to do is use Christmas-inspired colors, pine, poinsettias, and flowers to create a wedding ceremony arch. It’s a unique decoration, and your guests will love it for sure!

Lush Christmas-Themed Wedding Ceremony Arch

13. Have Jingle Bells

How can your Christmas decorations for a wedding be complete without the presence of jingle bells?

Yes, jingle bells are a MUST for a Christmas-themed winter wedding. You can make your wedding décor look beautiful and eye-catching by adding jingle bells. Trust that neither you nor your guests will forget this mesmerizing wedding décor for years. Jingle bells can also be used to create backdrops in your wedding reception. It will make your wedding venue look more glamorous.

Have Jingle Bells

14. Rustic Christmas Wedding Decoration

If you’re planning to have a rustic-themed wedding, you can still bring in the yuletide spirit to your day! All you have to do is to get a Christmas tree made with twigs, then decorate it with strings of light. Personalize it by adding your engagement photos to the Christmas tree. This simple and unique Christmas decoration for a wedding will make the whole venue look glamorous.

Rustic Christmas Wedding Decoration

15. Color Candles Decoration

Lastly, it is worth considering the use of color in candle decoration. An indoor winter wedding would be the perfect setting for this idea. To add a touch of elegance and embrace the festive season, consider decorating your wedding reception hall with candles placed in holders of red, gold, or green. Your guests will be wowed once they arrive at your wedding venue.

Color Candles Decoration

Wrapping up . . .

There you have it: top 15 Christmas decorations for a wedding. Hope these decorations ideas will help you create a stunning festive-themed wedding atmosphere for your guests on your BIG DAY. These decorations carry the essence of the festive season, and your guests will thoroughly enjoy the delightful ambiance you’ll create using these ideas. You can also add your wedding theme and colors to the decoration. Combining your wedding colors with Christmas colors will create a harmonious and cohesive look in all. So, look no further! Embrace the holiday spirit and make your day even more special using these Christmas-themed wedding decor ideas.

Happy Wedding… 😊 😊