20 Unique Wedding Getaway Car Ideas to Make Your Exit Unforgettable

20 Unique Wedding Getaway Car Ideas to Make Your Exit Unforgettable

Your journey as a married couple deserves a memorable exit, and choosing a getaway car plays a pivotal role in creating lasting impressions. This blog unveils 20 unique and unforgettable wedding getaway car ideas that go beyond the ordinary.

From vintage charm to adventurous helicopter rides, each suggestion adds a touch of magic to your special day. As you read on, discover how these distinctive options can elevate your wedding exit, making it a cherished moment that perfectly mirrors your unique love story. Say goodbye to the mundane and hello to a truly unique wedding exit!

Here are the best Wedding Getaway Ideas

1. Vintage Cars

Step back in time and embrace the timeless allure of vintage cars, whether a classic convertible, a Rolls Royce, or an antique beauty. Picture this: your wedding exit bathed in the sophistication exuded by these magnificent vehicles.

Vintage Cars

A vintage getaway car doesn’t just transport you; it elevates the entire moment, turning it into a scene from a classic romance. The gleaming exterior, the nostalgic charm—every detail contributes to an exit that’s not just memorable but eternally elegant. So, let the vintage wheels roll, and let your wedding day be forever etched in the allure of a bygone era.

2. Vintage Bicycles Built for Two

Ditch the ordinary and pedal into whimsy with vintage bicycles built for two! These tandem wonders offer a charming, eco-friendly twist and symbolize the journey you’re about to embark on together. Now, picture this: adorned with flowers, ribbons, or personalized signs, these bicycles become an extension of your wedding theme.

Vintage Bicycles Built for Two

The creativity is boundless, allowing you to infuse your personality into every spoke and pedal. So, why settle for a traditional exit when you can roll into your happily-ever-after on a tandem bicycle, creating a picture-perfect and planet-friendly memory to cherish? Let your love ride tandem with style and sustainability!

3. Ski Lift

Elevate your wedding exit to new heights with a touch of winter magic – the ski lift getaway! Imagine the thrill of gliding above snow-covered landscapes, hand in hand, as you begin your journey as a married couple. The ski lift adds a unique and adventurous twist to your special day, creating unforgettable moments against the snowy backdrop.

Ski Lift

Decorate the lift with cozy blankets or floral arrangements to match your wedding theme, turning a practical mode of transport into a whimsical and picturesque escape. Say “I do” to a wedding exit that’s as exhilarating as your love story – ski lift style!

4. Horse-Drawn Carriage

Embark on a fairy-tale exit with the enchanting allure of a horse-drawn carriage. Picture this: as you bid adieu to your wedding day, the gentle clip-clop of hooves and the elegance of the carriage create a magical atmosphere. The beauty lies in the romance and the variety of carriage styles available.

Horse-Drawn Carriage

From Cinderella-inspired coaches to vintage chariots, there’s a carriage to complement every wedding theme. Whether you dream of a rustic celebration or a lavish affair, a horse-drawn carriage adds that timeless touch, turning your exit into a storybook-worthy moment of love and elegance.

5. Luxury Limousine

Indulge in opulence and sophistication with the grandeur of a luxury limousine for your wedding exit. Envision the seamless blend of sleek design and stylish comfort, creating a ride that is as classy as comfortable.

Luxury Limousine

The spacious interiors of a limo offer the perfect sanctuary for the newlyweds, allowing them to relish their first moments as married couples in private luxury. Whether the ambient lighting or the plush seating, every detail exudes a sense of elegance. Elevate your exit to a grand affair, basking in the comfort and class that a luxury limousine gracefully provides.

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6. Convertible Dream

Dazzle your wedding exit with glamour by choosing a convertible dream. Picture this: as you bid farewell to your celebration, the sleek lines of a convertible car and the open-air freedom elevate the moment to star-studded elegance. Explore various convertible models, from classic to modern, each offering unique charm.

Convertible Dream

Whether it’s the timeless allure of a vintage convertible or the cutting-edge design of a modern sports car, the choice is yours to make a stylish getaway. Let the wind tousle your hair, and the allure of a convertible car adds that perfect dash of panache to your unforgettable exit.

7. Boat or Yacht Getaway

Set sail into marital bliss with a boat or yacht getaway that transforms your wedding exit into a nautical romance. Imagine the scene: the gentle lapping of water, the sea breeze whispering congratulations, and you and your partner sailing into the sunset. Opting for a waterfront wedding with a boat or yacht adds a touch of romance and scenic beauty to your special day.

Boat or Yacht Getaway

Explore the possibilities of exchanging vows against a picturesque backdrop, with the glittering water as a witness to your love story. Sail into your new chapter with the elegance and tranquility only a boat or yacht getaway can provide.

8. Motorcycle Joyride

Rev up the excitement on your big day with a motorcycle joyride for your grand exit! Picture this:

Motorcycle Joyride

  • The thrill of the open road
  • The wind in your hair
  • As the engine roars, you begin your adventurous journey as a married couple

But adventure comes with responsibility. Prioritize safety with helmets and protective gear and ensure both rider and passenger are comfortable. Now, let’s talk about personalization. From “Just Married” signs to flowers and ribbons, there are countless ways to deck out your ride, making it a two-wheeled extension of your love story. Embrace the thrill, stay safe, and hit the road for a wedding exit like no other!

9. Vintage VW Beetle or Bus

Time travel to retro charm with a vintage VW Beetle or Bus as your whimsical wedding getaway! Imagine the groovy vibes as you and your partner cruise into marital bliss in one of these iconic classics. Now, let’s talk creativity. From flower power decorations to custom paint jobs, the possibilities for infusing your personality into these vintage gems are endless.

Vintage VW Beetle or Bus

Picture “Just Married” signs hanging from the rearview mirror or a burst of vibrant flowers adorning the dashboard. With a vintage VW Beetle or Bus, you embark on a journey into wedded bliss and make a stylish and nostalgic statement that echoes the spirit of love through the decades.

10. Helicopter Escape

Soar into the skies and elevate your wedding exit to new heights with a thrilling helicopter escape! Imagine the sheer excitement as you and your partner lift onto the horizon, leaving the ceremony below. The distinctive sound of rotor blades and the breathtaking aerial views add a touch of magic to your special day.

Helicopter Escape

Picture the thrill of hovering above, creating a moment of awe for you and your guests. A helicopter ride isn’t just a grand exit; it’s a symphony of excitement that turns your wedding day into a high-flying adventure, making memories that will last a lifetime.

11. Antique Fire Truck

Ignite the spark of uniqueness in your wedding exit by choosing an antique fire truck as your chariot. Picture this: the nostalgic allure of a beautifully restored fire truck, sirens softly wailing as you ride away into marital bliss. But it’s not just about novelty; it’s about symbolism.

Antique Fire Truck

A fire truck symbolizes unity, teamwork, and the ability to conquer challenges together—perfect for the start of your journey as a married couple. So, why not trade the traditional for the extraordinary, as the vibrant red fire truck becomes a symbolic beacon of the fiery passion and everlasting love that fuels your happily-ever-after.

12. Cinderella Carriage

Step into the pages of your fairy tale with a Cinderella-style carriage, adding an enchanting touch to your wedding exit. Imagine the magic as you and your partner ride away in regal style, the carriage adorned with elegant details fit for royalty.

Cinderella Carriage

Now, the key is in the details – explore various carriage designs, from ornate to whimsical, ensuring they mirror your dream vision. Picture cascading flowers, twinkling lights, and a touch of glitter making your exit genuinely magical. With a Cinderella carriage, your wedding day transforms into a storybook affair, where every turn of the wheels brings you closer to your happily ever after.

13. Pedicab

Add a charming and eco-friendly spin to your wedding exit with a pedicab! Picture this: a cozy ride for you and your partner, surrounded by the scenic beauty of your wedding venue. A pedicab’s simplicity embodies romance and sustainability, creating a unique and intimate moment as you pedal into marital bliss.


Decorate it with flowers or personalized signs to match your wedding theme, turning this humble mode of transport into a delightful and memorable experience. Opt for the quaint allure of a pedicab and let your love story pedal its way into the hearts of your guests.

14. Skis

Inject a dash of winter magic into your wedding exit by strapping on skis! Picture the thrill as you and your partner glide away, leaving a trail of snowflakes behind. It’s not just an exit; it’s a snowy adventure into your happily ever after. The crisp mountain air, the sound of skis on snow—each moment etches your love story into the winter landscape.


Enhance the experience with cozy winter accessories and a playful touch like ski-themed decor. So, swap the traditional for the extraordinary as you and your partner ski into a marriage filled with frosty fun and endless warmth.

15. Dogsledding

Embark on a uniquely adventurous wedding exit with dogsledding! Imagine the excitement as you and your partner mush your way into married life, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of winter landscapes. The rhythmic pattern of paws on snow and the crisp mountain air—dogsledding transform your exit into an unforgettable Arctic adventure.


Consider adorning the sled with floral arrangements or personalized signs for a touch of wedding charm. With dogsledding, you break away from tradition and create a howlingly good memory that perfectly captures the spirit of your love journey into the tremendous snowy unknown.

16. Jeep Adventure

Ignite your wedding exit with an adventurous spirit by opting for a decorated off-road Jeep! Envision the thrill as you and your partner set off on an open-air journey, the rugged elegance of the Jeep perfectly complementing your adventurous love story. Now, let’s talk versatility.

Jeep Adventure

Whether your venue is a beach, a forest, or an urban landscape, a Jeep effortlessly navigates through, making it the ideal choice for a couple with a penchant for exploration. Decorate it with flowers, banners, or a personalized “Just Married” sign, turning your Jeep into a canvas for your unique love story. Buckle up for an exciting wedding exit that roars and drives your happily ever after to new heights.

17. Classic Horseback Ride

Craft an unforgettable exit with the timeless charm of a classic horseback ride! Envision the elegance as you and your partner gracefully ride off into marital bliss, surrounded by the gentle rhythm of hooves. Now, let’s dive into logistics. Incorporating horses into your wedding requires some planning, from ensuring a horse-friendly venue to coordinating with skilled handlers.

Classic Horseback Ride

But, the enchantment is worth it. Picture unique photo opportunities against scenic backdrops, the majestic horses adding a touch of romance to each frame. With a classic horseback ride, you make a memorable exit and create a love story that gallops beautifully into your happily ever after.

18. Vintage Trolley

Transport your wedding party into a bygone era with the nostalgic charm of a vintage trolley! Imagine the joy as you and your loved ones embark on a whimsical journey, the classic allure of the trolley adding a touch of yesteryear to your special day. Now, let’s talk logistics.

Vintage Trolley

A vintage trolley accommodates your entire wedding party and does so with style. Its open design lets everyone enjoy the celebration while rolling through the city or countryside. The rhythmic clanging and timeless aesthetics make it not just a mode of transport but a charming element that turns your exit into a moving, joyous celebration of love.

19. Vintage Taxi

Travel back in time with a dash of urban nostalgia by choosing a vintage taxi for your wedding exit! Picture this: the timeless charm of a classic cab, complete with a checkered pattern and polished chrome. This retro ride adds a unique touch to your exit and creates a picture-perfect moment against the backdrop of city lights.

Vintage Taxi

With its old-world allure, the vintage taxi becomes more than a means of transportation; it becomes a stylish and classic element that propels your love story into the next chapter. Buckle up for a ride that’s both timeless and trendsetting as you journey into marital bliss!

20. “Back to the Future” Car

Revise your wedding exit with time-travel magic by choosing the iconic “Back to the Future” car! Imagine the thrill as you and your partner make a stylish departure in the DeLorean DMC-12, the same car that once whisked Marty McFly through time. It’s not just a car; it’s a nod to the timeless adventure of love.

_Back to the Future_ Car

Deck it out with futuristic or retro embellishments to match your theme, and watch as your exit becomes a scene straight out of a blockbuster. With the “Back to the Future” car, your wedding day becomes a cinematic journey into the future, with your own love story as the starring attraction!

In conclusion, your wedding exit is more than just a departure; it’s the grand finale of the opening chapter of your love story. By choosing a unique getaway, whether a vintage car, a horse-drawn carriage, or even a dogsled, you’re not just leaving; you’re crafting a memory that lingers.

These distinctive choices reflect your personality, transforming a traditional moment into a masterpiece. So, as you embark on this journey together, may your exit be as exceptional as the love you share—unforgettable, extraordinary, and the perfect prologue to a lifetime of cherished moments. Here’s to your happily-ever-after!