130+ 25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes and Messages

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Couples

25 years of togetherness is a major milestone in one’s life. It takes a lot of effort and patience to make a marriage work for so long. So, if you’ve completed those wonderful 25 years together or your loved ones are celebrating their silver wedding anniversaries, here are our best 25th Anniversary Wishes, Messages and Quotes for Couples.

You can use these Wishes for Couple for the ones who have completed this major milestone. You can even use these wishes to congratulate your spouse on your 25th wedding anniversary and make his/her day even more special.

So, let’s take a look at the most stunning 100+ 25th Anniversary Wishes for Couple. Here we go…

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↬ Small Quotes for 25th Anniversary

A love that has stood the test of time. Happy 25th anniversary!

A quarter-century of love and commitment, here’s to many more happy years together.

25 years of love, loyalty, and growing old together. Happy anniversary!

Wishing you both a silver milestone of love on your 25th anniversary.

Congratulations on 25 years of love, respect, and happiness.

25 years of love, laughter, and cherished memories. Happy anniversary!

25 years of being each other’s rock and pillar of support. Cheers to your love!

May your 25th anniversary be as beautiful as the love you share.

A love that shines as bright as silver. Happy 25th anniversary!

25 years of love’s journey, and it’s just the beginning.

Wishing you both a happy 25th anniversary, filled with love and joy.

25 years of love, devotion, and a lifetime of togetherness.

A love story 25 years in the making. Happy anniversary!

Congratulations on reaching this remarkable milestone. Happy 25th anniversary!

25 years of love, friendship, and a bond that grows stronger with time.

A love that deepens and flourishes with every passing year. Happy 25th anniversary!

Wishing you both a silver anniversary filled with love, happiness, and beautiful memories.

25 years of love’s journey, and the best is yet to come.

A love that has weathered every storm. Happy 25th anniversary!

Wishing you a special 25th anniversary, surrounded by the warmth of love.

A love that inspires us all. Happy 25th anniversary to a wonderful couple.


■ Happy 25th Anniversary to you and your spouse! May you two keep creating memories together and forever. Wish you happiness today and always!

■ Congratulations on reaching a significant benchmark of trust and love! Happy 25 years of togetherness, love, and affection.

■ Congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary! Your relationship is remarkable and awe-inspiring to behold! May you constantly keep creating wonderful memories in each other’s lives! Happy 25th Anniversary.

■ This day, 25 years ago, you two became one, traversed a long trip together, and surmounted every difficulty through your love! Best wishes on your silver anniversary!

■ Best 25th Anniversary wishes to the gorgeous couple. Your relationship is so inspirational! Happy Silver Anniversary

■ You two demonstrated that “Happily Ever After” does indeed exist. Best wishes on your silver anniversary!

■ On this joyous occasion of your 25th wedding anniversary, I send you both my best wishes. Continue to love and cherish one another. Best wishes on your silver anniversary!

■ Congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary! Always remain joyful and blessed!

25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

■ Best wishes on your silver wedding anniversary! Even if reality is not as wonderful as a movie, having a loving partner makes every difficulty worthwhile!

■ May the two of you remain together forever! Congratulations on your 25th year of marriage!

■ Today is a great occasion as you successfully celebrate 25 years of love and happiness. This divine favour may accompany you till your dying breath. Best wishes on your silver anniversary!

■ Only those united by heavenly love can traverse such a long route and remain together. Your married life is a tale that will be told for generations. Happy Silver Anniversary!

■ I wish you nothing but pleasure on this momentous event in your wedded life. You are the most attractive and lovely couple I have ever seen. Happy 25th Anniversary!

■ Maintaining a relationship to such a length is not easy. Your undying love and trust for one another made it a breeze. Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary.

■ Best wishes for your silver wedding. We hope that all your dreams and wishes come true until your golden wedding anniversary.

■ I’ve never seen a married couple so romantic, even after all these years. I will always look to you as an example of how to preserve a happy marriage. Happy 25th Anniversary.

■ There are several couples out there, some are happy, while others are miserable. But fortunately there are still few couples that exemplify true love and devotion, and you’re the one! Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary.

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■ Best wishes on your silver anniversary! Even after all these years, the two of you make a lovely couple. I hope you remain as happy as you are today!

25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Couple

■ So many things your 25-year marriage has taught you, including how to handle challenging situations! Best wishes on your Anniversary! My constant prayers are with you!

■ Really, it takes a lifetime to adore and love someone; make the most of it and be grateful that you are together; congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary!

■ You’ve brought joy into each other’s lives from day one; may you continue to enjoy and love each other like this forever! Best wishes on your Anniversary!

■ To be where you are right now requires substantial effort and sacrifice. And for that, I wish you many congratulations and best wishes on your 25th Anniversary!

■ There is nothing more fantastical than watching a couple with a 25-year history of love, affection, and caring. Congratulations on your silver wedding anniversary!

■ Twenty-five years of such a pristine partnership is undoubtedly worthy of a salute. Best wishes on your Anniversary!

■ How nice it can be to fall asleep and awaken with the person you love by your side, knowing that the relationship will last a lifetime! Best wishes on your silver anniversary!

■ If every family had a pair like you, the world would be a lot more romantic, joyful, and colorful. Happy Silver Jubilee!

■ Your wonderful marriage of twenty-five years is evidence that fatal attraction is not fatal after all. Best wishes on your silver anniversary.

■ You have discovered the most sought-after secret: the secret to a happy marriage. Happy silver anniversary!

■ Today, on your 25th wedding anniversary, we wish you the most beautiful life ahead!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

■ Make the best memories of your life on your special day. Remember that all other aspects of life are ephemeral, and only memories will last. Best wishes on your Anniversary.

■ Both of you are the best example of true love, loyalty, and compassion in a marriage. Best wishes on your 25th Anniversary!

■ May these twenty-five years of your marriage be the prologue of a beautiful fairy tale! Happy silver anniversary.

■ Nothing is more wonderful than love that lasts forever. Happy silver jubilee anniversary to both of you!

■ Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary! We wish you both lifelong happiness and togetherness on your special day!

■ Today, on your special day, we wish for your prosperity and longevity! Many, many more years of happiness to come! Happy silver anniversary.

■ You and your partner should be paraded through the streets so that everyone may see what true love looks like. Best wishes on your 25th wedding anniversary!

■ You two have been an incredible source of motivation for me. Congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary!

■ Best wishes on your 25th wedding anniversary! With each passing year, your voyage became more reasonable and trouble-free! Happy Anniversary!

■ Best wishes on your silver wedding anniversary! You two give me both hope and confidence for my marriage. I hope that one day my spouse and I will be able to celebrate as many years together as you have! Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary!

■ You once again demonstrated that real love could do anything in the world. I’m sending you my best wishes on this special occasion. Happy Silver Jubilee.

■ Even a custom-made vintage wine cannot match the exquisite texture and sweet flavor of your 25-year marriage. You make the best couple ever! Happy Silver Jubilee!

■ So many things your 25-year marriage has taught you, including how to handle challenging situations! Best wishes on your Anniversary!

■ May your marriage blossom each year like a flower. Best wishes on your Anniversary!

Best Anniversary Wishes

■ This is an absolutely incredible time in your life, and I wanted to send you my best wishes. Best wishes on your 25th Anniversary.

■ Your marriage has progressed significantly from loving one other in class to spending 25 long years together—best wishes on your silver anniversary.

■ You were always there for each other in times of sorrow and trouble, and I witnessed you both putting up with each other’s mistakes and failings on several occasions. You truly taught us how to be content and patient in life. Best wishes on your Anniversary!


■ Dear Mother and Father, Congratulations on your 25th year of marriage! We are fortunate to be your children! May the love between you two last forever! Happy Silver Jubilee!

■ Congratulations, parents, on 25 years of marriage! You are the greatest parents on the planet.

■ Mom and Dad, you have been together for 25 years, battled every fight together, and loved fiercely!

■ Only exceptional partners can stay together for so long and raise children with affection. I have never met a happier couple like you two. Happy 25th wedding anniversary, dear parents!

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■ Please accept my sincerest congratulations. Thank you for being an incredible pair and excellent parents to us. God bless you!

■ Happy 25th wedding anniversary, Dad and Mom! May you continue to add more beautiful chapters to your love story!

25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

■ Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary of marriage! We wish you amazing life ahead, dear parents!

■ Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary to my wonderful parents! You two are the perfect example of how a couple can overcome all obstacles and create a lovely family.


■ Dear daughter and son-in-law, I wish you another century of blissful, joyous, and extraordinary marriage. God bless you!

■ Keeping one’s composure in the face of the ups and downs that come with this rut is not an easy task. Seeing you patiently handling things throughout the 25 years is a matter of great pride for me as a mother. I wish you a successful life ahead! Best wishes on your Anniversary.

■ A marriage that lasts for twenty-five years may have been conceived in heaven, but in all other respects, a marriage of this length is the product of the unyielding efforts of an attractive couple such as the two of you. Congratulations to both of you, dear son, and my dear daughter-in-law. Best wishes for the next 25 years!

■ You two have demonstrated that love and commitment can create a lovely partnership and family. Wishing you the best! I hope that both of you have a wonderful time today and forever. Happy Anniversary my dear daughter and your handsome husband!

■ The day of your 25th wedding anniversary is one of the best days that you’ve ever had in all of your years together. May you two stay happy and healthy forever, my daughter and son-in-law.

■ Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary, my dear children; I pray that the rest of your life be filled with the same kinds of blessings and happiness.

■ It only takes a moment to declare your love for another person, but it takes a lifetime to actually keep this promise. And I am proud to say that you did it, my girl! I love you, my (name of your daughter/son). Happy 25th.

■ Twenty-five years may seem like a long time, yet the unrelenting regularity of life makes the time fly by in the blink of an eye. Happy Anniversary Son. May you and your beautiful wife continue to enjoy this journey forever!


■ Greetings on your 25th Anniversary, my wonderful wife! Every day, I thanked God for bestowing my life with such love and care. Many thanks for everything!

■ Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to the person who has stood by my side for the past quarter-century, showered me with affection and provided me with this wonderful family!

■ Thank you for coming into my life and making it worthwhile; I could not exist without you. I hope that our marriage lasts forever. Happy 25th wedding anniversary, my dear!

■ I feel so fortunate to have a wonderful woman, a woman who has made my life whole and who brightens my day from the moment I wake up till I return home from work. I Love you so much! Happy 25th wedding anniversary, sweetheart!

■ You’re the one who made our house a home. You’re the one who made our children realize the true sense of family and togetherness. I salute you and thank you for being so kind and supportive to all of us throughout this journey. I love you, my life. Best wishes on our silver anniversary.

■ This day tells me that God truly loves me since He chose the loveliest person to be my life partner. I shall be eternally appreciative; happy 25th Anniversary, sweetheart!

■ My beloved husband. You have always been my driving force in life. I wish you a lifetime of happiness with me at your side on this very special day. Congratulations on our 25th wedding anniversary.

■ Congratulations to both of us for maintaining the fire for so long. I love you, sweetie.

Congratulations Message for Newly Wedding Couple

■ Today we complete 25 years of dedication, 25 years of passion, 25 years of caring, 25 years of companionship, 25 years of love, and 25 years of joy. Happy Silver Anniversary, my darling husband.

■ You are the most valuable person to me in my entire life. A life without you is something that I simply cannot fathom for one second. Always stand by my side, my sweetheart. I love you! Best wishes on our Anniversary.

■ For so long, thank you for being my husband, my partner, my lover, and my best friend. Best wishes on our silver anniversary!

■ Prior to my marriage to you 25 years ago, I had been searching for my life’s purpose for a very long time. I love you, my Darling. You are my fortitude, my existence, and my everything. Best wishes on our silver anniversary.

■ It has been so incredible to be with you for the past 25 years. Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary, my sweet wife!

■ You have been incredible both as a father to our children and as my lover. I love you for everything that you have done for us! Many thanks for everything. Happy 25th Anniversary, sweetheart!

■ The 25 years of love and mutual understanding have been valuable. I hope to be with you for another 100 years! I love you! My dearest spouse, Happy silver anniversary.

■ You make my life whole in ways I never imagined possible. Happy 25th wedding anniversary, my dear husband!

■ Our marriage may have been a rocky ride with many speed bumps, but it is precisely what has enabled us to overcome those hurdles and soar to great heights. Best wishes on our silver anniversary.

■ You are the kind of husband every woman dreams of. I feel fortunate every day because I have no idea what I have done to deserve you. Happy 25th, my love!

25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

■ I feel really fortunate to have had you at my side for all these years. Happy Anniversary, my love!

■ Dear spouse, for the past 25 years, you have given me the most precious moments and the loveliest memories. Congratulations, my love!

■ Today, on our special, let’s commit to stay together forever! Happy 25th.

■ On this very important occasion, I want you to know that you are the greatest husband who ever lived, the most fantastic husband who ever lived, and the most fabulous husband who ever will live. Happy 25th.

■ I cannot believe we have been together for so many years. It seems like only yesterday that we tied the knot. My love for you is as strong as the day I first met you. Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary!

■ I cannot recall a day in the past 25 years in which I did not fall in love with you. I love you! Happy Anniversary

■ You are the best woman and partner I know on this earth—happiest wishes on our 25th wedding anniversary, my wife and best friend.

■ In this world, it takes a lifetime to find a woman like you. However, God has been good to me. He sent you to me and made my life heaven. I love you! Thank you for being by my side for the past 25 years and supporting me in my thick and thin.

■ You are a unique blend of beauty and brain. God was too kind to me that he sent you to me. Even if I searched the entire universe, I would never find a wife like you. Best wishes on our silver anniversary!

Best 25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

■ Without you, my life would be as pointless as a door without its key. Best wishes on our silver anniversary.

■ On our 25th wedding anniversary, I want you to know how much I’ve enjoyed irritating you throughout the years and how eager I am to continue doing so in the future. So, be prepared and have a very happy anniversary!

■ I am so fortunate to have you as my spouse, and celebrating my 25th Anniversary with you is the greatest moment of my life. Best wishes on our 25th Anniversary, my Darling.

■ I love you, dear hubby. You are the most thoughtful and dedicated husband that anyone could ever hope to find. You are a wonderful man to have as a husband. I feel I am the luckiest person, for that matter. Happy Silver Jubilee!

■ I love you not just because of who you are but also because of how you have made me feel for so many years. Best wishes on our silver anniversary.

■ I am so much in love with you that I would select you as my life partner all over again in every birth. Happy 25th Anniversary, sweetheart!

■ Thank you for bestowing upon me the loveliest family I could have ever wished for. Best Anniversary wishes wifey!

■ You came and brought along so many blessings into my life that I do not know how to express my gratitude. I love you! Happy 25th, Darling!

■ You are the best person I have ever met. And I am grateful to God for sending you on earth as my husband. Best wishes on our silver wedding anniversary, my love. I love you today and forever!

■ If you hadn’t entered my life at the proper time, it would have been a complete mess by now. You’ve put so many hues to it over the past quarter-century that I feel like I’m in heaven. Happy Silver Jubilee

■ My wonderful wife, have a happy 25th anniversary! Thank you for tolerating me for not days or months but for years! I love you.

25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

■ Happy Anniversary Sweetheart. Thank you for being my companion on this bittersweet trip and for never abandoning me. I love you!

■ It has been a privilege to spend 25 years of marriage with a woman as great as you. I look forward to sharing the next century with you! Happy 25th, my love!

■ The sparkle in your eyes is as brilliant as ever, and my love for you has grown even stronger through the years. Happy 25th, my sweetheart!


■ What matters most is not the numbers of years you’ve been together, but the happiness that permeates your daily existence. Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary!, my dear sister and brother-in-law!

■ No one in the world would understand you the way you understand each other! Best wishes on your 25th Anniversary, my lovely sister!

■ If more couples were like you, love would have a better reputation, and the world would be a better place. Best wishes on your silver anniversary, dear brother.

■ I love to see you two sharing the same sincerity, respect, and courtesy. Best wishes on your silver anniversary, my dear brother and sister-in law!

■ We wish you a happy 25th wedding anniversary, dear sister! May you have a great life ahead!

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■ Tears, smiles, laughing, grief, happiness, and arguments will continue to give flavor to your married life because all of these make a married life worthwhile. Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary, my dear sister and brother-in-law.

■ You two have been the example of the best married couple in the entire family. We all love you so much, dear brother and sister-in-law. Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary.

■ My lovely sister, you once again proved that you are flawless, and having you and brother-in-law in life is truly a blessing. I wish you both the best of life ahead! Best wishes on your silver anniversary.

■ Your marriage had come a long way from the days when you first met at my birthday party to celebrate 25 long years together. I am pleased to see that you two continue to love and enjoy each other’s company in the same way you did at first. Congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary! Best wishes for the next 25 years!

■ You should be awarded for uncovering the world’s most sought-after secret, which is the secret of a good marriage. Best wishes for the 25th darling sister.

■ It just takes a minute to feel love, but a lifetime is required to demonstrate that the feelings were genuine and intended to last a lifetime. And you two have done that brilliantly. Happy silver anniversary, my dear brother.

■ The fact that love requires effort and sacrifice is demonstrated by the fact that the two of you are together. The more effort you put into it, the more reward it will provide in return. Best wishes for the 25th dear sister.

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