All About Something Borrowed Something Blue Wedding

All About Something Borrowed Something Blue Wedding

Welcome to the enchanting world of “Something Borrowed, Something Blue wedding”, where timeless traditions blend with modern romance. This cherished custom harks back to an old English rhyme, symbolizing love, luck, and continuity for the happy couple.

“Something Borrowed” embodies the essence of sharing happiness through borrowed tokens of affection, while “Something Blue” signifies fidelity and the promise of enduring love. As we embark on this journey, we’ll uncover the significance of each element and explore delightful ideas to incorporate them seamlessly into your special day. Let us embark on this magical quest to curate a wedding that weaves tradition and innovation, creating memories to treasure for a lifetime.

What is Something Borrowed, Something Blue at a Wedding?

A “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” at a wedding is a delightful and time-honored tradition that adds a touch of charm and symbolism to a couple’s special day. In this tradition, the bride incorporates “Something Borrowed,” signifying a borrowed item from a happily married friend or family member, to symbolize the transfer of happiness and good fortune.

On the other hand, “Something Blue” represents fidelity and enduring love in the marriage. Couples often get creative in selecting the blue element, such as a blue accessory, a discreet blue embroidery, or even the groom’s attire. This age-old custom adds a beautiful blend of sentimentality and creativity to the wedding celebration, making it a memorable and meaningful event for all involved.

History of Something Borrowed, Something Blue Wedding

The history of the “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” wedding tradition dates back centuries and has its roots in ancient customs. The phrase originated from an English rhyme: “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, a Silver Sixpence in her Shoe.” Each element represents different blessings for the bride’s marriage.

“Something Borrowed” symbolizes the borrowing of happiness from a happily married friend or family member. “Something Blue” signifies fidelity, love, and purity. It was believed that wearing or carrying something blue would make the marriage prosperous by warding off evil spirits. This cherished tradition has endured through generations, adding sentimental value and timeless charm to weddings worldwide.

Who Gives The Bride Something Borrowed Something Blue?

In the “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” tradition, it is customary for the bride’s close friends or family members to play a significant role. Providing the bride with “Something Borrowed” typically falls upon a happily married family member or friend. This item serves as a token of love, happiness, and well wishes from the giver to the bride, symbolizing the sharing of joyous moments.

“Something Blue” can be either a collective effort from the bridal party or a gift from someone close to the bride, signifying their support for a marriage filled with fidelity and everlasting love. Giving these cherished items holds sentimental value, forging a beautiful bond between the bride and her loved ones on her special day.

“Something Borrowed” Meaning

The meaning of “Something Borrowed” in weddings symbolizes happiness, luck, and continuity for the couple. It is part of the traditional rhyme, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue,” which lists various items a bride should incorporate into her wedding attire for good fortune.

“Something Borrowed” represents explicitly borrowing a meaningful thing from a happily married friend or family member. By carrying or wearing this borrowed item, the bride is believed to receive blessings and happiness from the person who lends it to her, creating a beautiful connection between the past and the present as she starts her journey of love and marriage.

“Something Blue” Meaning

The meaning behind “Something Blue” in weddings holds centuries of symbolism and sentiment. Blue represents fidelity, love, and purity and is associated with good luck and warding off evil spirits. This cherished tradition originated from an old English rhyme, “Something Olde,

Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, a Silver Sixpence in her Shoe,” highlighting various elements bestowing blessings upon the bride. Incorporating “Something Blue” into the wedding attire, decor, or accessories is a beautiful way to infuse the celebration with profound meaning and connect with generations of love stories. It is an enduring symbol of devotion and the promise of an everlasting union.

Something Borrowed Explampes

1. Family Heirloom

Embrace the timeless charm of “Something Borrowed” by incorporating a cherished family heirloom into your wedding attire. Borrowing a meaningful necklace, bracelet, or brooch from a loved one allows you to wear a piece of jewelry and a heartfelt connection to your family’s history. The heirloom becomes a tangible symbol of love, passed down through generations, infusing your special day with sentimentality and a sense of continuity.

Family Heirloom

As you don this treasured piece, you carry the blessings and well-wishes of those who came before you, making your union even more meaningful and memorable. It is a lovely practice to mark your heritage and create lasting memories on your wedding day.

2. Veil or Headpiece

Elevate the enchantment of your wedding day by borrowing a stunning veil or headpiece with a beautiful history. Opting for a borrowed veil or headpiece from a close friend or family member who once graced the aisle adds an exquisite sentimentality. As you wear this cherished accessory, you forge a meaningful connection between the past and the present, bridging generations of love and celebration.

It becomes more than just a piece of fabric or decoration; it carries the essence of previous joyous unions, infusing your nuptials with an aura of timeless romance. This act of borrowing creates a heartfelt tribute to enduring love and showcases the strength of your cherished relationships.

3. Wedding Vows

Seeking inspiration from a beloved couple’s wedding vows can infuse your promises with deep meaning and authenticity. By borrowing elements from their heartfelt expressions of love and commitment, you create vows uniquely tailored to your relationship. Let their words spark a cascade of emotions, reminiscing on the beauty of enduring love and envisioning a future filled with shared dreams.

As you weave together the threads of your heartfelt promises, you honor the couple whose love you admire, acknowledging the profound impact they have on your journey. Crafting these vows becomes a beautiful homage, a testament to the power of love’s influence, and a sincere declaration of your love’s eternal flame.

4. Vintage Car

Elevate the allure of your wedding day by borrowing a vintage car, gracefully transporting you through time, and making a grand entrance or exit from your venue. This nostalgic touch adds classic elegance, enveloping your special day in a captivating ambiance. A cherished family member or dear friend offering their vintage car imparts a personal touch to the occasion, deepening the bond between loved ones.

Vintage Car

As you glide in this timeless automobile, you become part of a shared history, a momentous celebration that transcends generations. The vintage car symbolizes enduring love, paying tribute to the past while embarking on a new chapter filled with romance and timeless memories.

5. Cake Topper

Enhance the sweetness of your wedding cake by borrowing a delightful cake topper from a happily married couple. This charming gesture symbolizes the transmission of marital happiness and best wishes to your union. As you place this cherished topper atop your cake, you become part of a beautiful tradition, carrying forward the joy and love experienced by the couple who once graced it.

Cake Topper

The topper serves as a tangible connection between your celebration and the enduring love stories that came before. With each slice, you taste not just the delicious confection but also the heartfelt blessings from those who have walked the path of love, making your journey even more delightful and love-filled.

6. Handkerchief

On your wedding day, embracing the gesture of borrowing a delicately embroidered handkerchief holds immense significance. When gifted by a family member or close friend, this small yet meaningful accessory becomes a cherished keepsake, intertwining the threads of love and friendship.


As you carry it with you, it becomes an embodiment of emotional support, not just for the joyful moments but also for the happy tears that may flow on this momentous day. This handkerchief becomes a tangible reminder of the unwavering love and care surrounding you as you enter a new chapter of your life. Its soft-touch soothes the heart and soul, a tender reminder of the deep connections that make your journey more meaningful and memorable.

Something Blue Examples

1. Blue Wedding Shoes

Elevate your bridal ensemble with a stunning pair of blue wedding shoes, infusing your look with a captivating pop of color and fulfilling the cherished “Something Blue” tradition. Whether you opt for a subtle pastel shade or a bold cobalt hue, these shoes become more than just a fashion statement; they carry the essence of timeless symbolism.

Blue Wedding Shoes

As you walk down the aisle, each step becomes a celebration of love, luck, and fidelity. The blue shoes add a touch of individuality to your attire and serve as a tangible reminder of the profound emotions accompanying this momentous occasion. Embrace the allure of the blue shoes as they elegantly tie together tradition and modern style, leaving an indelible impression on your wedding day.

2. Blue Garter

Embrace the allure of the “Something Blue” tradition with a beautiful blue garter, a hidden gem beneath your bridal attire, adding an elegant touch to your wedding day. The blue garter embodies a secret symbol of love and fidelity, known only to you and your partner, creating an intimate connection between you.

As you wear this delicate accessory, you carry the essence of the tradition with grace and poise, adding a timeless charm to your special day. The blue garter becomes a delightful surprise, a token of sentimentality that pays homage to centuries of love stories, leaving a lasting impression on your journey toward a lifetime of happiness together.

3. Blue Jewelry

Enhance your bridal elegance by adorning yourself with exquisite blue jewelry, such as sapphire earrings, a blue pendant, or a delicate blue bracelet. The allure of these precious gemstones infuses your bridal look with a captivating touch of sophistication and charm. The deep, mesmerizing blue hues symbolize fidelity and eternal love, perfectly aligning with the essence of your wedding day.

Blue Jewelry

Each glimmering piece reflects your inner radiance, accentuating your beauty as you walk down the aisle. With every sparkle, you carry the profound meaning of “Something Blue,” weaving tradition and elegance seamlessly into your cherished moments, creating memories that shimmer with sentimentality for years.

4. Blue Bouquet Accent

Immerse your wedding bouquet in “Something Blue” enchantment by incorporating delicate blue flowers or graceful ribbon accents. Amidst the sea of blooms, this subtle yet striking addition adds a touch of uniqueness and allure to your bridal ensemble. The blue flowers, like forget-me-nots or hydrangeas, symbolize true love, while the blue ribbons gracefully complement the overall design.

This thoughtful bouquet accent becomes a statement of love and fidelity, a vibrant reflection of your emotions as you begin your journey as a married couple. As you carry this symbol of everlasting love, your bouquet becomes a masterpiece, captivating all who witness the beauty of your union on this momentous day.

5. Blue Nail Polish

Elevate your bridal beauty with a touch of “Something Blue” by adorning your nails with lovely blue nail polish. Whether you choose a soft and subtle hue or a vibrant and bold tone, the blue nail polish becomes a captivating detail that complements your wedding attire. As you exchange vows and showcase your ring, this delicate yet significant element serves as a heartfelt reminder of the promises made and the love shared.

Blue Nail Polish

The blue nails encapsulate the essence of your special day, adding an elegant flair to your overall look. It’s a timeless expression of your individuality, transforming your hands into a canvas of love and cherished memories, leaving an indelible mark on your journey to a lifetime of happiness.

6. Blue Wedding Decor

Envelop your wedding celebration with a captivating and cohesive theme by infusing elegant shades of blue into the decor. The entire reception venue becomes a symphony of charm, from enchanting table settings adorned with blue linens and delicate china to mesmerizing centerpieces featuring blue-hued flowers and accents. The subtle touches of blue in candles, ribbons, and signage enhance the ambiance, creating an ethereal atmosphere that leaves guests in awe.

Blue Wedding Decor

This harmonious blend of blue elements symbolizes the depth of your love, unity, and tranquility, captivating everyone in attendance. The blue wedding decor becomes a beautiful reflection of your unique love story, weaving tradition and contemporary style into a tapestry of cherished memories that will forever be etched in the hearts of all who share in your joyous celebration.

In conclusion, the enchanting tradition of “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” adds a touch of timeless magic to weddings, infusing them with rich symbolism and heartfelt meaning. Borrowing cherished items from loved ones connects the past to the present, creating a beautiful continuity in the couple’s journey. Incorporating the color blue into various aspects of the wedding promises fidelity, love, and happiness.

From family heirlooms to blue accents in decor and attire, each element serves as a tangible reminder of the couple’s love story and the enduring support of their loved ones. As the couple embarks on their new chapter together, the “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” tradition bridges tradition and innovation, celebrating the essence of love in all its timeless beauty.

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