You Can’t Miss These Best Poses for Your Engagement Photos

You can’t miss these best poses for your engagement photos

Assuming that all your preparations are on for your engagement, you must be a bit nervous as everything seems to happen so fast in your life but you already knew that it is going to happen someday. So here is the day approaching. Besides, booking venue for your engagement there are many other preparations need to be done including getting your outfit ready, finalizing the menu for the day, music, decor, and not to forget the photographer. Though the event is comparatively smaller than the actual wedding but things need to be done well in advance.

Your engagement is the day when you two will embark on your journey as a couple. This is the day when your dream of getting hitched with your love will become true. Your engagement may seem smaller to you as in size but the truth is your engagement is the beginning of your new life, of you two as a couple.

Today it’s not just your wedding photography which is important for having wonderful memories but the truth is engagement pictures are also equally important, needs to be cared for. Gone are the days when people used to have only few clicks of couples exchanging rings and few with parents standing with the couple and that was the set pattern back then. But now, couples are enthusiastic about their engagement, they know the fun don’t just lie in having wonderful wedding pictures but it starts as soon as one gets the dates of their engagement. They want to showcase their love story even before their actual wedding and that’s the reason they hire professional photographers for their engagement shoots unlike few decades back when engagement pictures were not mandates and were clicked by some family members or any friend.

Today couples have a story to showcase from their proposal to their first date, how they met to who proposed first, their first holiday together to their first gift to each other etc., A lot many things couples have for their perfect story.

Every couple has a story sometimes funny, sometimes cute, sometimes romantic, and sometimes there is a touching story behind your relationship. How so ever the story is, every story needs to be harbored and there is only a professional way to do so, that’s called photography. Your engagement photography will help you house your story and display it to the world and tell them all how wonderful it had been for both of you… even after years of your wedding you will cherish your memories large or small. Only a thought brings smile, isn’t it amazing?

Getting photographed on your engagement is so much fun, may be yours is a love marriage but this is for the first time you will be officially declaring it to the world. Engagement photography sessions can be huge blast. Both photographer and the couple enjoy the whole session. These days with the evolution of photography in wedding industry photographers have explored the ways to break away formal poses. They have their unique style to utilize those natural elements like random emotions, spontaneous interactions which help them to tell the story of the couple in a better and crisp way. Photographers are able to define through the engagement pictures who these two people really are as a couple and celebrate their togetherness and love.

Engagement poses are not limited to few standard poses in some scenic studio or overdone location, the best part is that today myriads of poses are available now to opt from, from romantic to vintage, playful and fun, and dramatic, photos which will sweep you off your feet.

You must be wondering where you should start from! Well, before you jump into your engagement photo session and later repent your decision for not searching enough for your engagement photography. Know that there are certain things which should be considered before finalizing the poses for your engagement and those are:

1. Your Story

Whether you met through your parents in an arranged setting or yours is a love story to present it to your people, matters a lot to have one-of-its-kind engagement photography to cherish throughout your life.

2. Your Location

Yes, your location does matter, it is the most important aspect in making your engagement pictures unique. Whether you and your significant other are travelers or rather love to spend time indoors, will help your photographer to give your story a great shape all in all.

  • Your First Meeting Location

    Getting photographed where you met first will take you down the memory lane. It would be easy to get those natural and candid picture perfect shots there, as the place is known to you and you have your memories associated with the place, will add the natural essence to all your pictures.

  • Your First Date Location

    Easy it is, one can forget anything but to forget the first date spot with his/her love is next to impossible. Getting few engagement shots clicked in that place will naturally add to your love story, no add-ons or Chi-Chi required then.

  • Your Favorite Vacation Spot

    You guys might have spent a vacation together, having your engagement photographs there would be a great idea all in all.

  • Your Next Vacation Together

    If you have anything such in mind, already planned a trip together then nothing could be great then getting your engagement photo shoot done at the location you are heading too, getting all the wonderful and mesmerizing pictures of your engagement for the lifetime.

Using these personal spots for your engagement shoot is a great idea to save the memories of these places for your lifetime.

3. Type Of Photo Shoot

Out of multiple types of photo shoot, you can choose the one which best suits your personalities.

  • Vintage

    If you wish to have timeless memories of your engagement, go vintage then.

  • Black and White

    For those who love pictures lacking color, presenting emotions naturally. Black & White is the best choice for them.

  • Classy

    Classy is for those who cares for the class!

  • Traditional

    Are you a shy couple? Or a couple who like to stay indoors, then traditional is the type you should explore!

  • Artistic

    Your photos are nothing but the reflection of your true personalities, if you are among those loves fine art, then artistic photography is one perfect way to portray yourself in your pictures blended with other style.

  • Candid or Reportage

    Candid is the one style which is sought by couples most often, the best way to capture emotions as they are in the moment!

4. Timing Of Your Engagement Shoot

  • Beautiful Sunset

    Sunset has always been considered the best time to capture beautiful shots from regular to splendid engagement pictures, presence of great lighting takes the whole picture to different level.

  • The Starry Night

    If you want to use those stars as natural prop for your perfect picture than starry night is the time for you.

5. Weather Condition In Your Engagement Shoot

  • VIBGYOR Umbrella

    The best is to have favorable weather conditions, as it matter a lot for a perfect shot.
    But if something goes wrong like it start to pour the moment you set to have your photographs clicked. No worries! Just use that natural weather condition for your picture perfect. Get your VIBGYOR umbrella to add more colors other than the color of love to your picture.

6. Use Of Props

  • Playful Colors

    Using smoke bombs for playful pop of colors for your shoot will be a beautiful idea to have few perfect colorful shots.

  • Playful Signs

    Signs like “soon to be wedded,” “made for each other,” “Hogi Pyar Ki Jeet,” “Hum Tum” etc. are also nice props to use for your engagement shoot.

  • Playful Objects

    Any object which best reflects your personalities is good to use in your engagement photo shoot. Like if you are an avid reader (both of you) use books (your personal favorite) as prop.

With these handful of inspiring tips in mind, getting glamorous pictures of your engagement will surely be a fun task. You and your significant other will love the entire shoot.
Now let’s move to the topic, the best poses for your engagement pictures. Here is a list of few wonderful poses that you can’t afford to miss on your engagement. And with these poses we guarantee your perfect engagement pictures, as you, an astounding couple, taking center!
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Conventional is not old-fashioned, it has its own taste and flavor that can’t be ignored. The most “conventional” engagement shot are the ones, in which couples are typically captured while walking, sitting, talking, reading or maybe even dancing cheek to cheek. Such shots are side by side shots, are made up of a series of images that include half body, full body shots predominantly head and shoulders, while you and your love face camera, posing as instructed by the photographer.

  • Home Engagement Session

    May sound an old idea but with an absolutely new and fresh touch up. Nothing could be better than having your engagement pictures in your natural habitat, nestling in your favorite couch with the one you love and getting all genuinely wonderful and candid shots for the lifetime.

  • While Talking About Your Wedding

    The perfect shot while you both sharing your thoughts on your wedding preparations and just you’re your photographer click a candid and genuine shot to house in your memories. How’s the idea? But if your personality is chirpy sort of, funny at all times then this is not the shoot for you. As these shots do not showcase much of your personality. Good for the ones who are serious as person.


Specifically meant style for the ones who are too engrossed in their love story. These are not posed pictures indeed, they involve more of feelings, and one can feel the feels! The best way to convey your love story without making much fuss, quietly and secretly. For having beautiful and genuine pensive shots, it is better to capture them unplanned. A great way to have a tinch of these shots in your overall shoot to have a perfect mix indeed!

  • In Front Of Romantic Monument

    Standing hand-in-hand in front of your favorite romantic historical monument and getting captured for your engagement album is just an amazing thought.

  • Sitting On The Beach Side

    Where only you two are and no one to disturb your privacy is the perfect set for your charming photograph.

Away from all the hustle and bustle of the town, amidst some scenic beauty or grandiose waves or majestic mountains as a backdrop—​having endless options these photos are perfect for your engagement album. Photographers also love to create a mix of these shots in between the posed ones, while you are sharing special moments far away amidst mesmerizing beach side, as a couple. To get perfect pensive shots, cut from the world and live in the moment.


You don’t need to be static for your engagement photographs, it will be monotonous. You can wrap your love in your arms, hug her and get the perfect shot while you embrace her. She will love this. She will know she has you to safeguard her at every step. Let her know that, let her feel safe in your arms. Not necessarily you have to capture only romantic pictures to showcase your love, even a hug can do wonders. Simple yet captivating way to make for a perfect picture. Try it out!

No harm in taking a step further take this one step further for your beautiful and lovely candid pictures.

  • Wrap Her Using Beautiful Mountains As Backdrop

    While taking a walk in the nature and you suddenly wrap her in your arms, even the sky and the mountains will witness your love story.

  • Embrace Her While Enjoying A Campfire

    Wow! Winter is the season for your engagement shoot, beautiful weather for the perfect shots as everything seems blooming along with your love story. Wrap her in your arms while you sat beside the camp fire. A “MUST HAVE” shots of your engagement amid beautiful weather.
    This could be the best way to tell your significant other that how much you care for her, no matter what but you are always beside her to protect her. Her confidence will go high, boost her confidence with such embracing pictures.


Simple images of you both exchanging your engagement rings, flattering that diamond in your finger, up-close shots of your hands with engagement rings, your outfit, few posed shots while you hold her from her waist, or you both look into each other’s eye etc. Their noteworthy expressions at the event, the way they look at each other, the way they touch, love, and breathe together is all distinct and precious meant to be captured. All these shots may look simple but these shots symbolically portray your love in the simplest forms.

  • Using Sign Board With A Message:

    Getting captured while holding a sign board in hand saying “soon to be wed-locked” will be fun sharing it across all social media to announce your engagement to others.

  • Picture Perfect With Having Soft Drink In The Same Glass:

    Though an old idea but not old fashioned yet, share your soft drink while you guys have it with two straws, perfect theme to capture your engagement indoors.
    Capturing those subtle details is the best way to capture a couple’s love story, which they will cherish all their lives.


Well, this is something which depends on the intimacy you two people share with one another. Also, how you guys are in person matters. As sometimes these photos of sharing kiss can look disheveled, yes, you may feel Goosebumps. But to have some intimate shots of your engagement kiss shot is good to go. The only thing which you have to keep in mind is stare in your partner’s eyes. Have cozy candid shots of your engagement with your partner.

  • Sweet Heart Talks:

    Tell your sweet heart how much you love in her ears, murmur it in her ears and feel the feels of the moment, your photographer will get a perfectly intimate photo of you two.

  • Listen To Her Breathe:

    Go so close to her that you can listen to her breathe also, a perfect capture of the day it would be. Try out!
    These are few poses you can try to have intimate shots portraying your love story on the day of your engagement.


Meandering together hand-in-hand, how is the idea of having a perfect moment captured? Whether you stroll along a wooded path, along a sandy beach or in the market nearby—​walking shots are amazingly magical and can make for a perfect shot. As walking is natural and a sort of automated process in everyone’s life, so such shots are in comfort zone of any couple.

  • A Walk In The Nature:

    How about walking and posing in the nature. The beautiful greenery and you two in the center will make for a stunning photo.

  • A Walk By The Beach Side:

    Beach weddings are too much in trend these days, go different wed somewhere else and get your engagement beautiful candid poses by the beach side.

You can add to your pictures by selecting the location which is close to your heart, maybe the place where he first proposed you, or the beach side where you spent your first holiday. Hold your partner’s hand, bob along happily and let your photographer capture those delightful moments.


Don’t be static for your photo, reveal your true self, let the photographer capture true you in your engagement rather to have ordinary pictures for the lifetime the best would be to go funny and playful. Add spice to your photos, have some funny pictures added to your engagement album to have a good dose for laugh later. There is no harm in having amusing and candid reactions in between, you will surely want to harbor them in your engagement album.

  • Click While You Gambol:

    Wow, that’s what is needed for natural pictures, just ask your photographer to capture the moments in between the ceremony, when you are yourself, no artificiality, only you as you are.

  • Capture While Having Fun

    Oh your other half cracked a joke and you laughed out loud, the way you always did. Here is the perfect joyous moment to be captured for the album. Get it clicked, because you can’t fake the natural laughter!

For such poses you need to have a lot of fun, be relaxed, let your family admire your silly side as well.


Displaying affection in public will make for a sweet love story captured. These are for those who want to have a classy shoot. The ones who don’t mind to get a bit personal in the public. Who are hard core romantic can think of such engagement photo shoot as kissing shots are not for everyone. Big No for a shy couple.

  • Sexy, Bikini-Clad Kisses:

    Avoid your photographer, pretend he is not watching, have an eye contact with your spouse to be and get going. Showing off some public displays of affection always makes for a sweet and candid photo.

  • If You Feel Shy:

    Than best is hold a giant cotton candy and get you two clicked.

This is a nice method to romanticize your engagement photographs. Try out!


Have pet at home? Wow, that’s great! Get few of your engagement pictures with your pet to have your long lasting memories of the day with your loving pet. No, it hardly matter which pet you have these pictures will just add to your lifestyle photos and will be a great mix in the overall album of your engagement.

  • Capture Caressing Your Pug:

    Only pet lovers know the charm of having a pet at home and how these pets add to their life. Just let your pet also be the part of your wonderful engagement photo shoot.

  • Caress Your White Kitten:

    If you have a furry white kitten, let her be the part of your photo alongside your partner.

If you want to have few cute pictures of your engagement then your pets can help you accomplish the target. When you will upload these in your instagram profile, your pets will also grab the entire attention of the public for sure. Give your engagement photo shoot much personal touch!

Now there is no need to have run-of-the-mill shot in your engagement, just try these poses and get a perfect album of your engagement which you can cherish all your life. Also, there are people who love to have an intimate ceremony on their engagements and they miss all the fun of engagement photo shoot. Worry not! You can always re-stage the scenes after your engagement and get your album ready.

Go and get ready for your engagement shoot in a new and stylish way!