Busy with Your Career? Here are The Tips to Plan your Pre Wedding Shoot

Busy with Your Career Here are The Tips to Plan your Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre-wedding shoot has become popular these days, every couple wants to have the best pre-wedding photos. Each couple wants to create the best memories of their wedding and why not after all their wedding is an opulent momentous. 

Yeah, even if you are busy with your career, you can still manage to have a wonderful pre-wedding photo shoot. Pre-wedding shoot is a kind of mandatory photography for every couple these days. And believe you me, every photograph of yours be it from your pre-wedding shoot or final wedding shoot, is going to give you beautiful reminiscence to rejuvenate you forever in the years to come.   

So, even if you are very busy with your career do not give up on your dream of having the best pictures of your wedding! Here are the best tips to plan your pre-wedding shoot even in your busy schedule.

But before that let’s talk about why you should definitely go for a pre-wedding photography.

Pre-wedding Photography

However, pre-wedding photography is quite a new trend. Unlike the olden days when only wedding shoot used to take place formally, with the advent of various styles and techniques of photography, pre-wedding shoots have come into existence. Nothing has spread like wildfire in wedding photography than pre-wedding photography. A trend that is only seeing the upward curve since its inception. 

And why not, gone are the days of those shy brides and the bewildered grooms, this is the era of knowing and owning your partner completely be it a love marriage or the one which is arranged, and nothing could be better than a pre-wedding photography. Pre-wedding photography is shot before wedding in some prime location giving that some theme depending upon the mood, emotions and likings of the couple. Pre-wedding shoot gives couple a privilege to know each other in a better way. It allows couples to wear nice outfits, picking their favorite poses and locations freely without any interruption as this shoot is only meant for the couple. Pre-wedding shoot is absolutely there time to win each other for the life time. 

Why pre-wedding photography is important?

No matter how busy you are, a pre-wedding shoot is as important as your wedding. Yeah, pre-wedding shoot is kind of mandatory these days, how can you even think of ignoring the fun that comes with a pre-wedding shoot. Besides, pre-wedding shoots help to build the confidence in the couples for the final wedding photography. It is however, the newest trend in the field of photography and the best one and is growing as it brings two people even closer. 

During the pre-wedding shoot, couples get the opportunity to know each other, especially when the couple is absolutely new to each-other than pre-wedding shoot is a great option. As, it will help them know each other. On the day of their wedding if they are asked to hold hand they might feel shy or be surprised but because of this pre-wedding shoot they have that bond, they will be comfortable with each other. 

Moreover, the most important benefit of pre-wedding shoot is – your photographer would be able to know you better and will be at ease with you on your wedding day. Pre-wedding shoot will help him have the opportunity to learn about both of you and work in a comfortable way with you two. That comfort between you and your photographer is sort of mandatory for him to produce the best work for you. Surely, you are going to cherish all those photos of your wedding and pre-wedding all your life. 

Best tips to plan your pre-wedding shoot:

Of course we understand it is really tough to take out time from your busy work schedule. But having a busy work schedule never mean that you will give up on your dreams. Your wedding is of course a once-in-a-lifetime event and each couple wants to create the best memories of their BIG DAY to cherish them every day even after their wedding is over. Believe it or not, you can customize your pre-wedding shoot as per your requirements and needs, taste and preferences. Pre-wedding shoot is always comprised of unlimited options, it is more than ‘Smile please and look here,’ your photographer can offer you variety and also, you even have the prerogative to tell your wishes to the photographer and new ideas.

1. Choose the same photographer for wedding and pre-wedding shoot

Choose the same photographer for wedding and pre-wedding shoot

Instead of hiring two different photographers for your wedding and pre-wedding shoot and taking more pressure to handle two different photographers, it’s better to have one photographer hired for both the occasions. Hiring same photographer will help you save a lot of time and money as well. You will need to spend less time on managing things, as your photographer will take care.

2. Choose the location that is suitable to both of you even in your busy schedules

Possibly you two will be very busy to take time out for the pre-wedding shoot in another location or in another city. So, there is no problem as you can easily get your pre-wedding shoot done in your own city as well. Yeah, you can go creative even in a small town. Select a location that suits you best. You can choose the place where you two met for the first time, your college library, or your college canteen, city’s garden, any historical monument in your city, market place etc. You can always go for a place that relates to your story as well. Choosing any such place will let you two have more comfort and great memories.

3. Choose dresses that suits you the best

However, many couples choose to buy new dresses for their pre-wedding photo shoots. But if you have a lack of time or because of busy schedule if you are not able to go shopping, then wear what you already have. Because your pre-wedding shoot is more about your bond and connection than your attire. Of course, you must be having some really cool clothes, everybody does have. Like sarees, gowns, etc. can do real great job.

4. Buy online

If you think you really need to buy some dresses for your pre-wedding shoot but because of lack of time you are not able to go shopping, easy is to buy online. Of course, online shopping is in trend these days and there are several online portals where you can buy amazing dresses for your pre-wedding shoot that too in the best prices. Also, you will not need to go anywhere, everything you will get at the comfort of your home, without even wasting a moment. 

5. Choose a weekend for the pre-wedding shoot

Choose a weekend for the pre-wedding shoot

Couples with ultra-busy schedules still manage to have weekends free. And if you two also have weekends free, use the opportunity and fix your photo shoot for the weekend so that you can get your shoot done without any official pressure or any other pressure. This way you will get time to spend some quality time with each other. 

6. Hire a photographer well in advance

Yeah, it is very important that your hire a wedding photographer well in advance. Delaying a photographer can lead you to severe problems. More often than not, professional photographers get booked first, and if you do not book them on time you will lose on your dream photographer. So, it is advised that you book your professional wedding photographer on time. Hiring on time will help you have no chaos later.

7. Be on time

When you have less time it means you have to be on time. Yeah, it is important that you respect your time, especially when time is the only thing that you are lacking in. Being on time will help you have your shoot done without any hurry. 

8. Avoid coming with friends or family

Avoid coming with friends or family

Never ever go with your family or friends while you go for a pre-wedding shoot. See going with lot many people will only make things more chaotic. Everybody will have their own advice and decisions that will only hamper the free flow of the pre-wedding shoot, that’s not wise. Also, your photographer will not be able to focus completely on his job as disturbance only divert your mind and nothing else.

9. Keep some buffer time for the shoot

Yeah, having some buffer time for the shoot simply helps things go in a flow smoothly. For instance, if there is some technical error having buffer time will help you and your photographer to mend things. If you will have no buffer time, it will simply spoil your mood and getting a photo shoot done in a bad mood is a bad thing. So, keep some buffer time. 

10. Stay happy

Whether you have less time or more time due to any reason, it is crucial that you stay happy always. Yes, staying happy and cheerful will help you two give you the best of the memories of your pre-wedding shoot that you are going to cherish all your life. So, do not miss to be happy!! 

Besides tips to plan your pre-wedding shoot, here are some tips to hire a pre-wedding shoot photographer.

Hiring a Pre-wedding shoot photographer

Booking a pre-wedding shoot photographer and final wedding photographer separately will be quite a monotonous and hectic task. As it takes time to know your photographer and by the time you will know one, the time for final wedding will come and knowing another photographer will take a lot more time from your whole schedule. It is always good to go with the one professional photographer. Therefore, while exploring the right photographer for your wedding, make sure that you see all the parameters there and then only, it will save your time and efforts later. 

Make sure that the photographer you are booking for your final wedding day is skilled in pre-wedding shoot also, it will be a life-savior decision for you. Taking care of two different photographers is no easy task. Also, collecting pictures after the wedding will be easier in case you have only one photographer. Otherwise you will end up chasing both the photographers for the final pictures. 

Do not simply book any photographer randomly, instead before booking see his gallery of pre-wedding shoot and final shoot as well. When you are convinced with his work and when all your queries are answered satisfactorily then you know, without wasting a moment you have to book him. 


Whether your wedding is going to be a large event or a small one, it doesn’t matter much when it comes to finalize the photography for your entire wedding, from your engagement to your final wedding photography which also includes pre-wedding photo shoot. You need to book the best professional photographer and get the best services.

Happy Wedding!!! 

Happy Pre-Wedding Shoot!