Catchy Wedding Taglines and Slogans

Catchy wedding taglines and slogansq

After the wedding, posting wedding pictures is A MUST ritual. Every newly-wed couple or their relatives or their friends share their wedding pictures. Just sharing wedding pictures is not enough, there has to be some catchy wedding taglines and slogans to give those pictures a sense of completeness.

Whether you want to share your wedding pictures on Instagram or on Facebook, here in this post we are sharing with you 125 wonderful catchy wedding taglines and slogans.

Here we go…

1. YOU and ME together and forever!

YOU and ME together and forever!

2. Just Married

3. Finally, I got the opportunity to change my last name

4. All set to embark on the journey called “marriage”

5. We are set for the new adventure of LIFE

6. Better we were alone, BEST WE ARE TOGETHER

7. Love is only essence of our relationship

8. “I do.”

9. You are the one I would love to spend my life with

10. Yyyyyy… I got the husband

11. Finally, I got someone to listen to me


12. He asked me if I would marry him. I said, I’m dying to do that

13. My answer to his question was “What took you so long to ask this!”

14. They said it’s ethereal, we say it’s eternal!

15. He is the one I have been waiting for

16. She is the one I have been waiting for

17. Meet Mr.

18. Meet Mrs.

19. It is not only the bond of marriage that connects us, we are connected by LOVE

20. The moment I saw you, I knew you are going to be my soul mate

21. To love you is my passion!

To love you is my passion!

22. Now I have one more day to celebrate each year

23. I always dreamt of marrying you, but never knew it will happen

24. Now I know the law of attraction. I manifested love in my life in form of you

25. You are the one who made me believe in love at first sight.

26. You complete in every sense and in every way

27. All I wanted is you

28. All I prayed for is YOU

29. It is just the beginning…

30. JUST Beginning…

31. I can’t imagine my life without you

I can’t imagine my life without you

32. I couldn’t ask for anything better than this

33. In all my thick and thin, I would want to have YOU

34. There was no second thought after finding you

35. Our love story begins from here

36. Loving you has always been my dream

37. I always wanted to be your BETTER-HALF, and now I AM

38. I have decided to be by his side

39. I have decided to stick to him throughout this life

40. We are all set to create wonderful MEMORIES

41. He is the one I want by my side all my life

He is the one I want by my side all my life

42. She is the one I want by my side all my life

43. Love is the only language we speak

44. In her, I found my other half

45. In him, I found my other half

46. I will be there for your all my life

47. I am happy I got my permanent one to savor on my cooking experiments

48. You are my CONSTANT

49. Now I will be able to see this beautiful smile every morning

50. Now on I will wake up by your side

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51. Having you by my side is the loveliest feeling

52. I am at cloud 9

53. I have all the good reasons to celebrate my life

54. Now the celebration of life begins from here

55. From the school library to the same home….. Journey so far

56. Love that I saw day one is still there in his eyes

57. I always wanted to have someone to listen to me, now I have him

58. I never knew marriages are so beautiful

59. They say marriage is like walking in Jurassic Park, nobody knows I love adventures

60. It’s a war they say, but I told them I am a warrior

61. I did not know what happiness is until I got him

62. I did not know what happiness is until I got her

63. It is never too late to say “I DO”

64. You don’t need to leave your crazy side to be married, in fact, it is needed to have smooth sailing

65. She convinced me that happily-ever-after really exists, I think she was right

66. He convinced me that happily-ever-after really exists, I think he was right

67. We share too many things in common, one is our LOVE for each other

68. He said, “You are crazy, and I want some craziness in my life too.”

69. What I always liked about her is her CRAZY, BUBBLY nature. So I thought to have a crazy ride with her.

70. We are set for a crazy ride together. Stay Tuned!

71. Now we are stuck with each other forever and always.

72. I chose to marry him, because he is the one I can’t live without

73. I chose to marry her, because she is the one I can’t live without

74. We were united by love so thought to get hitched

75. With this ring, we tie our hearts and souls too.

76. Thank you for making my life special

Thank you for making my life special

77. Thank you for making me feel special every day and every moment

78. He is my Mr. Right

79. Together we embark to start our family

80. Yesterday we were lovers, today we are a family

81. A family is the greatest gift one could have, here I got mine

82. Now I have two families to love me

83. I always wanted to be a part of this family, now I am here. #crazinessoverloaded

84. I can’t and won’t imagine my life without you.

85. Now we don’t need to fight on phone, we can do that face to face ☺ ☺

86. I was bored of fighting on phone, so decided to marry with him

88. Not only in this life, but also in all the other lives I would choose you

89. Every time I see you I fall more in love with you

90. I became yours the moment I saw you, marriage is just a stamp on it

91. Without any doubts, I will always choose you.

92. After meeting you, I couldn’t imagine my life without you

93. I want to fall for you all over again

94. Here we strengthen our friendship with the bond of ‘marriage’

95. I am thankful to him for being a great friend, loyal lover, partner, and soul mate

96. I married him because I know only he can cheer my mood up when I am upset

97. He challenged me to what extent I can go in friendship, I married him

98. There is no other place I’d rather be but your arms

99. He wrapped me in his arms and I decided I am not going anywhere now

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100. My love for you is eternal and never-ending

101. It’s time to have the sweetest cake, the cake of my wedding

102. No wonder why cakes in wedding are so cherished

103. Thank God, now I won’t be sleeping alone anymore

104. Of course, I am happy about my marriage, but cake was yummiest

105. We were very happy alone, so thought to make each other happy

106. I am excited to see my wedding gifts

I am excited to see my wedding gifts

107. After gazing each other a lot, we decided to look into the same direction

108. The woman by my side is truly magical, that’s why I married her

109. He said he needs somebody to control him, I thought to take advantage of the opportunity

110. Love isn’t finding a perfect person. It’s seeing an imperfect person perfectly and I saw him

111. We married because we were bored of all the other adventures

112. They say, where there is love there is life. We had love so thought to have life

113. I knew he can only help me have life in my life

114. True love stories do not have endings

115. I want to do everything in the world with you

116. She looked so amazing the very first time I saw her that I decided to marry her

117. She makes me want to be a better man

118. Love is the greatest refreshment in life, so we chose to stay refreshed always by marrying each other

119. All I needed was love

120. Now I have someone to come back to

121. Now I have a reason to leave office dot on time

122. I am proud to have you

123. We always believed in miracles and today we are married

124. Miracles do happen, see I got her

125. She is the one I always wanted to grow old with

126. He is the one I would love to grow old with

Enjoy… ☺ ☺