12 Common Wedding Guest Complaints and How to Avoid Them

Common Wedding Guest Complaints and How to Avoid Them

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event filled with fond memories of family and friends coming together to celebrate. However, no wedding goes without wedding guests’ complaints. Some guests may have a negative wedding experience that taints their memory of the event.

It’s critical to keep your guests happy and comfortable because, while it’s your special day, they make time for it to become part of it. So, make sure you keep your guests happy. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top 12 wedding guest complaints and how to avoid them.

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1. An inconvenient date

The most common complaint from wedding guests is an inconvenient date. As a result, it is critical to avoid holidays and annual social events when planning your wedding date. Many people have traditions and travel plans centered on holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, etc. Most people prefer not to miss these plans. It is good to plan your wedding when there are no such holidays or festivals in such a situation. And, if you’ve got your mind made up on a particular date (that may be a busy date for others), send out a Save the Date card well in advance.

2. There wasn’t enough information in the invitation

Another common wedding guest complaint is that you did not provide them with enough information. It’s critical to manage your guests’ expectations and provide them with a clear picture of what to expect at your wedding. If the ceremony will be held on a beach, include that information on the invitation so that guests can dress accordingly.

You cannot have your guests making assumptions. For example, if your reception only includes small nibbles and hors d’oeuvres, make that clear on your invitation. You don’t want your guests to arrive expecting a full dinner and then leave hungry. In your invitation, you must include all pertinent information about your wedding. This relieves a lot of your stress.

The best is to check, re-check, and re-check all of the details in your invitation before sending your invitations. This way, you can ensure that no important details have been overlooked.

3. Uncomfortable weather

Whether you host a summer outdoor wedding or a winter indoor wedding, it is critical that your guests are at ease. You can’t have your guests burning up in the sun, choking from extreme cold, or getting soaked in the rain. Nobody knows what the weather will be like. As a result, make sure to account for temperature changes by using air conditioners, fans, or heaters as needed.

Make arrangements for air conditioning, fans, soft drinks, and so on for summer weddings, and heaters, blankets, hot beverages, and so on for winter weddings. And, if you’re getting married in an area where it can rain at any time, make sure you have umbrellas and an indoor setup in place. It will ensure their comfort and allow them to enjoy your wedding fully.

4. Long wait between ceremony and reception

Wait – this is something that nobody wants to do no matter what. If your guests have to wait for too long between your ceremony and reception, they’ll get annoyed. So it’s best to schedule your cocktail hour during that time. Your guests will be preoccupied with their drinks and mingling with other guests. Meanwhile, you can schedule a couple photo shoots during this time.

5. There is a huge distance between the ceremony hall and the reception venue

Traveling to and from locations is another major complaint that your guests may have. Yes, your guests will be exhausted and stressed as they travel long distances from your ceremony hall to the wedding reception venue. Make sure to book a reception location close to your ceremony hall. If you have multiple locations at the same venue, but the distance between them is more, offer a shuttle service to avoid the hassle of walking and parking.

6. No proper transportation

If you’re hosting a destination wedding without arranging proper transportation for your guests, you’re sure to have a real tough time with your guests. Of course, your guests will be annoyed if there is no transportation to drop them off at the venue. So, the best is to book a transport agency to make your guests’ transportation comfortable. Make sure to give the guests’ arrival details to the respective cab drivers so that there is no chaos later.

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7. No assigned seating

Would you like to be seated anywhere as a guest at a wedding?

Probably not.

Similarly, your guests will appreciate assigned seating so that they know where and with whom they will sit. Guests are frequently irritated and frustrated when couples fail to assign seatings. If this is not what you want, make sure to assign seating to each guest who will be attending your wedding ahead of time. Remember that your wedding guests should be comfortable, happy, and entertained. Allow them to feel the same way.

8. Uncomfortable seating arrangement

Another common complaint from wedding guests is erroneous seating. No one wants to sit at an uncomfortable or overcrowded reception table. Make sure your tables aren’t too crowded; otherwise, all you’ll see is your guests bumping elbows while eating. When determining how many guests will fit at each table, consider the formality of your place settings. Also, make sure that your centerpieces do not impede the view around the table.

9. Cash for cocktails

Your wedding guests may anticipate an open bar. After spending money on travel, a hotel, and a wedding gift, the last thing guests want to do is pay for their drinks at the bar. If you don’t want an open bar and want to have happy wedding guests, stick to a custom alcohol menu with a small selection of beer and wine, along with a couple of signature drinks. This way, you can stay on a budget and have happy wedding guests at the end.

10. Food was not good

One of the most common wedding guest complaints is that the food was not good or sufficient. You’ll have more guests complaining about the food if you don’t hire the right caterer. Food is an indispensable aspect of your wedding. Even if your wedding decor or other arrangements are subpar, your guests will be fine. But if the food is bad, you’ll have to listen to their complaints for the rest of your life. So make sure that you hire the right caterer.

Besides, keeping the dietary needs of your guests in mind is also essential while designing your menu. Your guests list may have people with food allergies or vegan choices. Seek clarification with guests ahead of time about any dietary restrictions so that you can prepare a proper meal for them rather than a last-minute plate of side dishes. You can ask them about the dietary restrictions on their RSVP cards. And accordingly, include foods on your reception menu.

11. Extended customs

As said earlier, nobody likes to wait. And if your wedding customs get extended due to reason, your guests will start to feel agitated and annoyed. Make sure everything, from your wedding vows to dances, toasts, speeches, and cake cutting, is not extended. Keep your speeches short and sweet. Moreover, give every person a time limit for their speech. Let your guests have time to socialize and enjoy by keeping the timing of these rituals to a minimum.

12. Couple did not make time to meet personally

Meeting each person personally at the wedding may seem a task. However, it is crucial because your guests made time for you so that they can be part of your celebration. Now, it’s your duty to let them feel welcomed for the same. Your guests might want to congratulate you personally on your special day. Make time to speak with each of your visitors individually. If there are only a small number of guests, consider going to table to table to thank everyone for coming for a more personal touch. If you have a large wedding with a lot of guests, you might want to have the receiving line. In addition, have your photographer follow you around and take photos of you greeting each guest, so you have a record of who was present.

Wrapping up…

There you have it: the top 12 wedding guest complaints. Make sure you follow the advice given above to eliminate all complaints in order to have happy guests and a memorable wedding. Furthermore, the most common post-wedding complaint is “no thank you note.”

So, after your big day, don’t forget to send out thank you notes. Guests spent time and money to celebrate with you and provide you with a special gift. Take the time to thank them for attending your wedding and making your celebration even more special. You can send thank you notes even after your honeymoon. It’s never too late to send a personal, meaningful thank-you note!

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺


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