Find out Why Couples Prefer Honeymoon Sessions Over Engagement Sessions

Find out why couples prefer Honeymoon sessions over Engagement sessions

Flytography is trending these days, and has gained popularity in past few years. Flytography is the term, I have used here for the photography sessions which takes place during your travel be it your honeymoon session or any other trip such as a mother daughter first trip to some remote place. Photography has now advanced a lot, gone are the days when you could have only black and white pictures of any event of your life. Now you have different types of photography to choose from. In fact you can even hire a honeymoon photographer to make your honeymoon a memorable one.

However, flytography can be an expensive photo session, but when it is done, it leaves the long lasting marks. In fact, couples these days are preferring their honeymoon sessions over their engagement sessions. Though there are many reasons for that, like in an engagement two people only exchange rings. If the wedding is arranged by families then the couple is so new to each other that they take time to break the ice; however, the rapport they build from engagement to their wedding help them have great pictures of their honeymoon. Also, when you spend so much to commemorate your honeymoon in a distant location, they why not to have the best memories of the trip or of your first vacation as a married couple.

Honeymoon means a lot to any couple, and it is the way or chance to build wonderful and priceless memories of the vacation just after the wedding as a couple. Here are some reasons couples choose honeymoon sessions over engagement sessions:

Here we go…

1. Getting priceless memories of your honeymoon

Yes, that’s the primary reason couples are preferring to choose honeymoon sessions over engagement sessions. Couples want to capture their honeymoon trip in the same way they did their destination wedding in Santorini. Hiring a honeymoon photographer or a flytographer is a wonderful way to celebrate your first vacation as a married couple. With a honeymoon photographer you will entirely eliminate the burden of capturing every picture perfect moment, with the photographer you will be able to relax and let the photographer click your pictures perfect for you.

You must have seen many couple’s pictures, only few will come good. Most of their pictures are overwrought, awkward poses, forced smiles, and poorly angled pictures taken by some random stranger. Hiring a professional to shoot your honeymoon photos for you gives you a lot of freedom as a couple to relax and have a lot of fun.

2. Couples are getting more adventurous

Unlike old couples, couples these days are more advent ours and fun loving. Couples want to leave no stone unturned especially when it is about their wedding and honeymoon. As, they believe in making long term memories to cherish all their lives. They want to capture all the moments of their honeymoon in the most professional way, rather to carry their own camera and asking strangers to take their photos together. Hiring a professional give them the privilege to capture those candid photos, which are authentic and genuine. A professional photographer who will be there around to capture your precious and beautiful moments will help you memorialize this beautiful time of your life and create lasting memories that you can cherish throughout your life.

3. Varieties of shots with a flytographer or honeymoon photographer

With honeymoon photography sessions you can have variety in your honeymoon photo album. Otherwise, you know how most of the honeymoon albums come to be. Half of the pictures will be solo and only few will be there where you two will be. Because mostly it is difficult to get a good selfie or photo together. But honeymoon photographers help you have the most enchanting photos of your honeymoon, that too with lots of variety from candid shots to black and white pictures. For an instance you are in Japan for your honeymoon and want to get yourself clicked in the local attire, a professional photographer can only justify that shot for you.

4. Variety in poses

Flytographers help you have best poses in your honeymoon album. With honeymoon photographer you always have the privilege to get beautiful and cozy poses together, which you will admire all your life. Like you don’t have to ask other or strangers to click your picture together, when you have a honeymoon photographer with you. You can have best standing shots, kissing shots, cozy poses, some romantic poses (which you will surely miss in your old days  ).

5. Convenience and ease

Hiring a professional photographer will give you freedom to stay free of your selfie sticks and camera tripods ad enjoy every bit of your honeymoon. When you have a professional with you, you will not require to carry around your bulky digital camera or click your pictures with your smart phone.

6. Quality of your photos matter

Though with smart phones these days we have an ease to capture our random and spontaneous moments, but that doesn’t ensure best and perfect pictures. Hiring a professional at your perusal will help you have the quality pictures of your honeymoon. You will not have to worry about those blurry pixelated images anymore. As, the professional photographer will be there to click your clear, and crisp shots of your honeymoon. Professionals always make sure that you get the best and most amazing images of your special vacation as couples after your wedding.

7. With professional at your honeymoon you will have enough time to have fun and relax

Your honeymoon is meant to enjoy and have total fun during that period. But it is quite often noticed that people end up stressed and tired as they do multitasking. Half of their time goes in taking pictures of their and the surrounding, which kills most of their time. However, having a professional photographer help them have freedom from all the stress. Couples can enjoy their honeymoon immensely. As, by hiring a professional honeymoon photographer they completely eliminate the pressure and stress which comes with clicking your pictures on your own. In fact, the time which they might spending on clicking their pictures, they can spend it in relaxing, enjoying and having fun together.

8. Chance to be in the present

Today, couples are too busy in posting their pictures across all social media networks, which ultimately kills their time, which they could spend in enjoying themselves otherwise. Focusing too much on social media somehow will take away the charm of entire vacation, which is not good. There is no point in spending most of the time clicking pictures and later posting them on social media rather to enjoy in the honeymoon. But, if you have a professional with you, you will not have to worry about your social media posts also, as he will take care of your posts also. And this way you can be completely present in the moment and enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest, and can create the best of the memories of your vacation.

Final thoughts…

Your honeymoons are as memorable as your actual wedding ceremony.Hiring a professional honeymoon photographer for capturing the perfect moments of your honeymoon can help you create the best memories of your vacation as partners. Also, it is the best way to gain a wonderful experience and enjoy, relax, and have complete fun at your vacation. Having a professional will let you have an unforgettable time to cherish all your life.

Happy Honeymooning!!! Happy Flytographing!!!