COVID-19 Wedding Planning Advice, Guide and Safety Measures

COVID-19 - Wedding planning advice guide and safety measures

Are you stuck amidst your wedding planning journey? Well, we know how heartbreaking it is when you are set to say your vows and suddenly things go topsy-turvy. There are many couples who were set to get married during the months of March, April, and May. All the weddings during these three month have already been postponed. If your wedding was also planned for April or May, it is good to simply postpone or push the dates for some other months. Make sure you push it for at least six months. Because you never know how long this situation of the coronavirus will continue. So, it is better not to take any chance.

If your wedding is scheduled for winters this year, then you have plenty of time to make arrangements for your wedding. Of course, there are many couples who are already worried about their weddings even when it is planned for winters or six months away from now. Fear and disgust is natural as you may have several plans to execute during these months, but because of COVID – 19 outbreak you couldn’t do things as planned. We know you may be feeling sad about it, but not to worry things will change for sure!

If you are also wondering how you should do all the planning for your wedding, then this post is for you. The purpose of this post is to discuss wedding planning tips and safety measures during COVID – 19 crises.

Here we go…

1. Stay Home

Yes, stay home! You must be wondering how you will do things if you will stay at home. Well, we understand that your wedding is an important event of your life, and you already had too many dreams associated with it. Still your health is more important than your marriage, and you should always keep this in mind. You can achieve your dreams any time if you are healthy and alive. So, right now it is the need of an hour that you stay at your home and keep yourself safe and alive. Only when you are healthy and safe, you would be able to stand on your feet and say your wedding vows. Therefore, it is essential that you adhere to Government’s directives and keep yourself and your family safe.

2. Use Technology

The best thing is we are in the era of technology. So even if things are not good outside, you can manage things inside. Utilize technology for your wedding planning. There are several apps you can download and start using them for your wedding planning. If you are not able to meet people face-to-face you can use Skype or Whatsapp calls to meet online. Remember, technology is the safest way to plan your wedding right now. If you try to move out of your house, you may get infected, there is no point doing so. We understand that you feel stuck and helpless at home. But, it’s not like that, you can do things SMARTLY, by using technology and making all your wedding arrangements at the comfort of your home.

3. Gather Inspiration For Wedding Venue Decor

Of course, you cannot go out because of the lockdown due to the corona virus spread. But you always have the privilege to do things at home. You are not going to work, you have plenty of time to gather inspiration for your wedding. Consider this time as an opportunity to create a wonderful wedding event. So, instead of getting upset about the situation, be happy and think positive. Utilize this time in gathering inspirations online and create your wedding. You have the internet 24X7, go online, and search for wedding ideas. You can visit Instagram, Pinterest, and other digital platforms for gathering inspirations. Online you will find ideas for everything from wedding venue décor to bridal attire etc.

4. Gather Inspiration For Bridal Look

Each bride wants to look her best in her wedding. Now is the time to decide your look. Go online, see pinterest, and gather inspiration from there. You can even have a pinterest board, where you can save all your inspirations. Check out wedding gowns, wedding hairstyles and see which one will suit you the most. Trust me, selecting the right gown and right hairstyle for your wedding takes a lot of time. This is not something that you can decide in a day or two. You have to be mentally prepared with what exactly you are looking for at your wedding. For that you need to spend a lot of hours online gathering inspiration and information across all digital platforms.

This lockdown is the great opportunity for you to do all those things. Spend your time seeing different wedding gowns and hairstyles and select a few for yourself. So that tomorrow when you go to buy your gown and hire a makeup artist for your wedding, you know exactly what you want.

5. Vendor Development and Management

Of course, developing and managing vendors is not that easy. Also, it is a time taking procedure, you really need to spend a lot of time online searching for vendors. Utilize this COVID – 19 lockdown period to prepare your vendor lists. Scour for wedding venues, wedding vendors, like wedding decorators, photographers, florists, caterers etc. Make a list of the best vendors and venues in the town, visit their websites, and contact them over the phone. Start sending them the mails. Ask for their proposal and pictures, like in case of a decorator you can ask him to send you the pictures of his best wedding venue decorations. Similarly in case of wedding photographers and other vendors also you can ask for a proposal. There are many vendors who are still working from home, so you can contact them on phone. Of course, this is not the right time for a personal meeting. You can set a Skype call or video conferencing with your vendors keeping your partner in loop.

If you find their services satisfactory, if they have more positive reviews from past customers, if you believe they can create your wedding exactly the way you want. You can book them by giving them initial payment. See there is no problem, you do similar kinds of things in case of destination weddings, especially when it is planned in some foreign land. Hardly any couple visits his wedding venue or meets with wedding vendors in case of destination wedding. Most couples finalize their vendors over the phone and the internet only. So, you also do the same, make best use of technology to plan your wedding. Isn’t it cool!

6. Beauty Regime

Undoubtedly, you cannot visit parlors right now. But there is nothing to worry about it also. There are thousands of ways to keep your skin healthy and maintain a beauty regime. Ask your mom, what she used to do when there were no professionals out there. And she will tell you thousands of home remedies to maintain your beauty and get the bridal charm. You can do myriads of things at home, and look beautiful. Like, perform CTM (cleaning, toning, and moisturizing) every night before hitting your bed. Eat healthy food only, drink plenty of water, practice yoga and meditation, scrub twice a week (use homemade scrubs, like honey and sugar), do fruit facials at home (you can use any fruit from papaya to banana), so on and so forth. For your hair – you can go for an oil massage twice a week (good for maintaining strength and shine of your hair), use homemade hair masks (you can use bananas and curd along with honey for hair mask), etc. See what all suits you and accordingly maintain your beauty regime with natural and organic products.

7. DIY Wedding Decors

Well, optimistic people do not ever feel any dearth of ideas and opportunities. An optimistic person can find ways even amidst the worst situations. You always have two ways to tackle the situation; either you crib about the situation or you find the solution to tackle the situation. Positive people do the latter one. So, you also stop cribbing about the situation, you can utilize this time in DIYing wedding décor items. Yes, there are so many things that you can DIY, like table centerpieces, wedding favors, backdrop for your wine tasting, photo collage, paper lanterns, votive candle holders for your reception, designer napkins for your reception etc. All these you can do at home without you having to move out.

8. Do Exercise

Believe it or not, exercises are not only meant for losing weight, in fact, one can also stay positive by doing exercise. This is the most crucial time of your life, you can either use it or waste it. Better you use it because you will never get to stay at home for this much time once the things are normal. Start a regular exercise regime. You do not need any equipment to have a routine. You can practice Yoga, Yin Yoga, Zumba, etc. And if you find a problem in doing all this, you can dance. Dancing also burns calories and helps you stay positive.

9. Practice Meditation

It’s not just this lockdown, but this entire life is unpredictable. You have to be mentally strong to face the challenges that life throws. Wedding planning is already a stressful journey. And, marriage in such times will again put pressure of its own kind. So the best thing you can do these days is – practice meditation. You can practice any kind of meditation, like Mindfulness Meditation, Focus Meditation, Meditation on Thought, and Mantra Meditation. All these meditations are quite easy to do and the results are amazing. Practicing meditation will help you stay calm and peaceful throughout this difficult time. Besides, you would be able to do all the planning related to your wedding without any stress. Also, practicing meditation on a regular basis will strengthen your relationship with your partner to-be.

10. Learn Cooking

Why should you go out for a crash course to learn cooking, instead utilize this time and learn at home! Yes, this is the best time to do whatever you wanted to do. After your wedding you will definitely need to cook for your family. You may think that you can get your food cooked by a maid, of course, you can. But, the food that is cooked by the lady of the house is incomparable. Nothing can beat the taste of that food, because you will put additional ingredients in that – that’s your love and emotions! So, this is the best time to learn the art of cooking. Even your partner will be happy to know this. No matter how modern a man becomes, he always loves to eat homemade food. So, for your love and happy family, spend time cooking. You will never regret learning this beautiful art!

11. Stay Happy

You may be finding it difficult to be happy at home! For many people it is very difficult to stay at home for the whole day that too for so long. It’s okay, even if you are not fond of staying at home, stay at home. It is for your safety and health. And when you know you do not have any choice, then what is the point of feeling sad about it? There is an old saying, “Accept what you cannot change”. This is the perfect time to learn acceptance and patience. Whatever you will learn today will go with you lifelong. Moreover, staying happy will become your nature and you will look very beautiful in your bridal look. Of course, everybody wants to see a happy bride, nobody likes sad or frustrated brides. If you keep getting frustrated or impatient about the situation, you will look frustrated even in your wedding also. Remember that even your makeup artist won’t be able to hide those expressions under makeup. So, it is better that you keep yourself busy in things that give you happiness. You can engage yourself in reading, music, painting, drawing etc. As these activities are stress-busters and you feel happy when you perform any of these activities.

To Conclude…….

So, these are things that you can do during COVID – 19 lockdown and keep yourself busy and engaged. Understand that we are the luckiest of all races so far, because we are in the era of technology. Even when things are not good around us, we are able to manage our lives properly. We are still connected to people virtually, so there is no problem in wedding planning also. You can easily plan your wedding online. You can meet your vendors online over Skype, utilize this time in doing more constructive and positive things. The time spent in learning and doing positive things will never go waste. Be positive and trust that everything will be fine soon!

Stay Home, Stay Safe!