101 Creative Wedding Hashtag Ideas to Trend on the Go

101 Unique and Creative Wedding Hashtag Ideas to Trend on the Go

Searching for the best Wedding Hashtag to commemorate your extraordinary day? If yes, then read this post! In this post, we have shared some of the most creative and unique hashtags to help you make your wedding posts memorable.

Hashtags are all over the social media handles these days. They have become an integral part of any post that you put across various social media platforms. Whether you want to announce your engagement or want to send out innovative wedding vibes to your guests, hashtags make things easier.

For those curious about the purpose of a wedding hashtag, the answer is quite simple: they’re in trend! They make your social media posts incredibly enjoyable and unique!
If you’re ready to begin your search for the perfect wedding hashtags to showcase your special day, then read this post. This post has some of the most unique and creative wedding hashtag ideas, along with some tips to create your own hashtags.

So, let’s get started…

Table of Contents

  • Why Are Wedding Hashtags Important?
  • 101 Wedding Hashtag Ideas To Get Some Inspiration From
  • Tips to Craft Unique Wedding Hashtags
  1. Be Creative
  2. Use Hashtags Generators
  3. Utilize Hashtags Available Online
  4. Take Help from the Bridal Party or Friends
  5. Get Professional Help

Why Are Wedding Hashtags Important?

Hashtags are important! Yes, they are important to make your social media posts more accessible. They make it easier for you and your guests to share and organise your wedding images and videos across social media platforms. Wedding hashtags are a crucial part of the wedding planning process. They provide you the opportunity to exhibit your creativity across social media handles. You can create your own hashtags or utilize the ones available online. You can customize your wedding hashtag generators your personal preferences, wedding theme, wedding venue, wedding dates, and so on.

Why Are Wedding Hashtags Important

Optimal hashtags are those that are widely utilized by your wedding guests when they share pictures and videos to commemorate your special day. Utilizing unique and creative hashtags ensures that your cherished memories are neatly organized in the digital realm. A wedding ceremony is a lovely way to solidify the connection between two individuals. However, a unique wedding hashtag can truly encapsulate and represent the essence of that bond.

101 Wedding Hashtag Ideas To Get Some Inspiration From

1. #twosoulsbecomingoneon[date of wedding]

2. #FinallyFoundMyPrinceCharmin

3. #FinallyFoundMrRight

4. #PartyOfTwoBecomingOne

5. #MarriedTo[FirstNameAndLastName]

6. #HereBeginsTheJourneyToHappilyEverAfter

7. #SuccessfullyClosedTheDeal

8. #HappilyEverStartsNow

9. #PromDateToSoulmate

10. #twosoulsonedestiny

11. #meantobetogether

12. #ForeverYoungs

13. #TisTheSeasonToBeMarried

14. #FromTheAlterToTheAfter

15. #ComeAndJoinOurExpensiveParty

16. #AToastToTheTwo

17. #IDoWithAView (If you are hosting a grand wedding by the beach side).

18. #MeAndYouForeverTogether

19. #ReadyToGetOldTogether

20. #CatchMyBouquetOn[date of wedding]

21. #PhotoShootsWithFancySuits

22. #SheFinallySaidYes

23. #MatriMoney

24. #AllOfMeLovesAllOfYou

25. #HappilyHitched

26. #LoveAtFirstSwipe

27. #ReadyToWedOn[date of wedding]

28. #JoinUsInOurGreenWedding (A unique hashtag to promote sustainability and inform your guests about your eco-friendly wedding).

29. #LoveForCherriesAndBerries (This clever hashtag perfectly captures the excitement of your special day and subtly references the anticipation of your stunning wedding cake).

30. #GotMyMrWright (An innovative hashtag for a woman getting married to Mr. Wright).

31. #FinallyMyForever

32. #StruttingWithEleganceDownTheAisle

33. #OneBellOfAWedding

34. #TheRestIsHistory

35. #[YourAndYourPartner’sFirstName]GettingHitched/ #TomorrowIsABigDay

36. #[YourAndYourPartner’sFirstNameInitial]Merger

37 #[YourAndYourPartner’sLastName]2024

38. #[YourAndYourPartner’sFirstName]PartyOf2

39. #LetsMakeItOFishal (If your would-be husband’s last name is Fish).

40. #LoveYouAWholeLatte (This tag is for all the coffee enthusiasts who love to kickstart their day with a delicious cup of coffee).

41. #CanNotWaitToGetHitched

42. #LuckyToLoveHugh (If your names rhyme with the word “you”).

43. # Tonight’sTheNightWe’llMakeHistory

44. #LoveKnowsNoLimit

45. #PairingPerfectly

46. #EternallyMine

47. #TodayTomorrowAndAlwaysYours

48. #FinallyMetMyMatch

49. #TimeStandsStillWithYou

50. #TheEternalBeginning

51. #OneLoveOneLifetime

52. #FlyingHighWithMr.Frye (If your would-be husband’s surname is Frye).

53. #WeddingWithPride (If your would-be husband’s surname is Pride).

54. #CheersToTheBeginning

55. #MeantToBe

56. #IDoForever

57. #TimeToJingleTheWeddingBell

58. #TogetherForeverFromThisDayForward

59. #WeAreAllInThisTogether

60. #OurPerrytaleWedding (If you are getting married to a person whose surname is Perry).

61. #ForeverBeginsToday (A unique hashtag to show the world how excited you feel as you embark on this new journey of your life).

62. #NewYearNewName (This is one of the most creative wedding hashtags for a couple planning to get hitched in the New Year).

63. #WearingWhiteonFridayNight

64. #AllSetToGetGoOnTheRow (If you are planning to host a river-side wedding with some adventure sports).

65. #YouAndMeForeverAllie (If your wife’s name is Allie, which rhymes with the word ally, which means unity).

66. #ItsABeautifulDayMr.Grey (If your would-be husband’s surname is Grey).

67. #WhiteMeetsBlack (It’s a creative hashtag idea for a woman getting married to a person with Surname Black).

68. #LetsSealTheDeal

69. #ItsABeautifulDayToShareLives

70. #FOREeverAndAlways

71. #ClimbingThroughLifeWithYou (If you are planning to host a mountain wedding).

72. #PicturePerfectWe

73. #ATaleOfTwoSassys

74. #PairingUpInParis (For those hosting a destination wedding in

75. #RoyAndRayWeddingDay

76. #WhiteAndBlackMerger

77. #FinallyFergusons (This catchy hashtag is for a woman getting married to Fergusons).

78. #ForeverFazenda (An innovative wedding hashtag idea for a bride-to-be getting married to a person with the surname Fazenda).

79. #HappilyEverDexter (A catchy hashtag idea for a woman getting married to a man with the name Dexter)

80. #HappilyCarsons

81. #FutureIsBrightWithMr.Wright

82. #JoiningTheMannings (Create a catchy wedding hashtag with your partner’s family name).

83. #LuckyToBeLewis (If you feel lucky to get married to Lewis, then it’s a great way to announce your wedding to the world).

84. #LetsBeMurphy

85. #ReadyToBeWharton

86. #MetMyMrWright

87. #AddictedToAddette (If your bride-to-be’s name is Addette, then this is a perfect wedding hashtag for you).

88. #YesToYaleInWales

89. #WeddingOrlandoInOrlando (It’s a catchy wedding hashtag if you plan to tie the knot in Orlando with your spouse, whose surname is Orlando).

90. #NewlyPetersons

91. #JoiningJacksons

92. #ReadyToBeRobinson

93. #ExclusivelyYoursRobby

94. #LoveToBeWithHugh

95. #BethrothedBecky

96. #LoveYourPerryMuch (If your soulmate’s name is Perry or had Perry)

97. #TiedWithTheBride

98. #AfterLongAdoSheSaidIDo

99. #ForeverGarry/#4EverGarry

100. #KentWaitToSayIDo

101. #ForeverMarlows (A simple yet effective hashtag for a woman getting married to the person with family name Marlow).

Tips to Craft Unique Wedding Hashtags

Here are the top 5 tips to crafts unique and very innovative wedding hashtags. Take a look…

#1. Be Creative

Creating hashtags isn’t very easy until and unless you are creative. Yes, being creative is a MUST in the process of creating unique wedding hashtags. You can create your own innovative hashtags, taking ideas or inspiration from songs, movies, or any of your favourite reads. You can even create your hashtags using your own creativity. As you go through this creative process,

keep in mind that the more you personalize your hashtag, the more unique and meaningful it will be for your special day. Consider exploring how your nicknames or shared interests can be incorporated into the final outcome through brainstorming.

In addition, you can use puns or clever wordplay to craft your wedding hashtags. Consider incorporating your names into a saying or phrase to create unique hashtags. You can even use rhyming words to craft wedding hashtags. Here is an example: #RoyAndRayWeddingDay.

#2. Use Hashtags Generators

There are a plethora of hashtag generators online. Most of these online tools are available for FREE. Yes, that means you don’t need to invest any money to use them. You can try creating hashtags using these tools. Most of them are web-based tools, which means you don’t even need to download or install them. It is very easy to use a hashtag generator. The moment you open the tool, it will ask you to enter a few details, such as your and your partner’s names, wedding dates, and wedding year. After you enter your details, press the hit button. The moment you enter the hit button, you will get a wide range of wedding hashtags to choose from. You can use them as they are or modify them as per your needs.

While wedding hashtag generators may be free, quick, and convenient, it’s important to consider the drawbacks associated with using them. Know that hashtags generated by online tools may be too generic and lack personalization. So, be sure to modify them according to your preferences.

#3. Utilize Hashtags Available Online

You can find numerous hashtags online. Yes, there are numerous online wedding websites, including HappyWedding, that offer wedding-related content, including wedding hashtags to help you with your wedding planning. You can utilize the hashtags that are already available online. All you have to do is modify them a bit according to your needs and use them!

#4. Take Help from the Bridal Party or Friends

There is no harm in taking help from the bridal party or your friends. Yes, you can always seek advice from those around you for additional inspiration. Your bridesmaids, friends, wedding party, and family are the ones who know you the most. Engage with the collective wisdom of those who genuinely care about your relationship and come up with unique wedding hashtags. Remember, collaboration is a powerful force. You can use it to your advantage!

#5. Get Professional Help

We know how exhausting it gets to plan a wedding, especially if you are a working professional. The wedding planning process requires a significant amount of effort and attention to detail. Of course, we understand there is a lot to take care of when it comes to planning a wedding. It will be tough for you to manage every aspect of your wedding. However, with the right professionals, it all becomes a breeze. Yes, you can get help from professionals for your wedding hashtags. You can hire a professional writer or a writing service provider for creative wedding hashtags. Professional writers offer a convenient service, providing professional writers who can create personalized wedding hashtags for you and your spouse.

The professional writing service provider can help you with top-notch hashtags for your special day. They put in a lot of effort to ensure that the hashtags are personalized and carry

significance. They consider every aspect of your relationship when creating unique hashtags!

Wrapping it up…

So, these are the top 101 wedding hashtag ideas to get some inspiration from. We hope that you have gotten some inspiration from these wedding hashtag ideas to create your own. You can use these hashtags as they are or modify them as per your preferences. Wedding hashtags are a great way to properly organize and preserve all the precious moments and images from your special day. Creating your own hashtags will make your wedding posts more memorable and unique. Moreover, unique and innovative hashtags will make all your wedding memories more accessible. Have all your guests use your unique wedding hashtag when they post pictures on their social media handles, especially Instagram. Using these hashtags can help you keep all your wedding images organized in one place for you to easily cherish them whenever you wish to.