12+ Best Engagement Gifts for Couples [2024]

Engagements are special occasions. It is the first step to a new life. With an engagement ceremony you announce the arrival of a new person in your life. An engagement ceremony is a significant step in one’s life. An engagement calls for the utmost attention to detail, including the gifts you choose for the couple. If you are going to be part of your friend’s, sister’s, or anybody else’s engagement ceremony, you need to focus on searching for the best engagement gift for couples. Shopping for engagement gifts for couples can be tricky compared to getting wedding gifts. It’s a happy occasion for the couples – since you will be present, buy gifts that will constantly remind them of their enduring love. When shopping, choose gifts the couples will value. We have outlined a list of the best gifts for couples getting engaged. You can take a look at them for inspiration. There are so many options for you to choose from, but we have listed the top best in this post. So, keep reading!

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Best Engagement Gifts For Couples

We have curated a collection of gifts that can be given individually or combined with a selection of delightful hampers. Choose from these lovely gift options for your newly engaged friend or family member. Let’s get started…

1. Couple Mugs

If the couple enjoys having a cup of tea or coffee together, then get an engagement gift they can use daily! The mugs will serve as a reminder to the couple about their new status. A couple of mugs feature “Mr & Mrs” written on each.

It is a delightful engagement gift that any couple will appreciate. Great for newly engaged couples. These mugs will serve as a constant reminder of your thoughtfulness whenever they will use them.

2. Woven Blanket

Help your friend or family member who just got engaged stay warm together under a blanket! Buy a soft woven blanket that will keep the couple warm in bed. Woven blankets come in different styles and sizes. You can even personalize the woven blanket by printing the couple’s initials on it. It’s cozy and cute – this makes it a perfect engagement gift item that couples will love to use.

3. Couples Set Of Two Personalised Terracotta Plant Pots

Does the newly engaged couple love flower plants? If yes, then add a set of two personalized plant pots to your gift item selection. Plants make for subtle gift options, especially for those who follow minimalism. You can also consider buying a plant pot for the couple. The couple can plant any flower of their choice in the pots and watch them grow. It’s a nice engagement gift that every couple will appreciate. For a personal touch, you can customize the couple’s names or initials on each plant pot.

4. Date Night Card

What better romantic engagement gift can you give to newly engaged couples than the opportunity to spend quality time together? If you also agree to this, then consider getting a date night card for the couple. The card will provide them with various date ideas to help them enjoy their time together.

If the couple is short on ideas for how to spend quality time together, a date night card gift will be valuable. Some suggestions include cooking together at home, having breakfast in bed, going on a picnic, and many more. These ideas from a date night card will help keep the newly engaged couple connected and enjoying each other’s company for months.

5. Perfect Match Candle

If you’re searching for an easy gift idea for newly engaged couples, then the candle is a perfect option. Everyone loves the scent that comes from a hand-poured candle. These candles feature warm flames and attractive scents. The candle comes in a stylish box, so it can be given as a gift to the couple. You can also customize the box with the couple’s name initials or complete names. In addition, you can attach a note with your best wishes written inside for the couple for a personalized touch.

6. Place Perfect Pot

For couples starting their marital journey together, cookware is not a bad gift idea. The couple will need a cookware for sure. The pot can be used for different purposes such as steaming, crisping, baking, roasting, braising, and serving. It is very easy to get these pots online. They come in different colors and patterns, so you can choose the one that fits the couple’s taste and style.

7. Picnic Hamper for Two

A hamper gift filled with goodies is yet another wonderful engagement gift idea for couples. It’s a classic hamper gift you can give your friend or family member who’s newly engaged. More often than not, these hampers come packed with everything the couple needs for a perfect picnic. It’s one of the best engagement gifts for couples, and they would surely appreciate it.

These hampers usually include plates, flasks, salt and pepper shakers, mugs, cutlery, cotton napkins, and corkscrews. In addition, it also has a champagne cooler, condiments bag, and freezable wine. You can also add some chocolates to the hamper. With the picnic hamper gift set, the couple can have a perfect date day out!

8. Wedding Fund Money Box

Help the couple save up for their wedding with a fund money box. After engagement, wedding plans begin immediately – so it’s a perfect gift idea. It’s a simple and stylish fund money box. The gift is elegant, dainty, and also perfect in size.

The couple will feel encouraged to save up for their wedding when using such a unique saving box. The gift item is adorable and a must-have for all the soon-to-be-married couples.

9. Wood and Marble Appetizer Serving Platter

For couples who love to spend time together cooking and serving people, get an appetizer serving platter. The platter is made of marble and wood. For a personal touch, monogram the serving platter with their initials or names. This set includes three sets of bowls along with the serving platter. It’s a perfect engagement gift for couples who are about to start a new journey. The serving platter is a must-have for every kitchen!

10. Heart-Shaped Ring Holder

Thinking of a gift couples can use after getting engaged? A heart-shaped ring holder is a unique gift that couples will value every day. The gift is stylish yet carries the symbol of love. Add a personalized touch to the ring holder by customizing the couple’s initials and engagement date.

A ring holder makes for a thoughtful gift option for occasions like engagement or marriage. It will help couples keep their rings safe. Ring holders come in a wide range of colors and patterns. You can choose the one that fits the engagement color scheme or maybe the one that the couple would like the most.

11. Wall Frames

Like any other celebration, following an engagement ceremony, couples will have a lot of pictures from the event. You can help the couple keep their pictures sorted and in place by gifting them a wall frame. A wall frame is the perfect engagement gift idea for every couple. It will help couples create pictures of their love story. The wall frame allows couples to change different photos as they progress together in marriage. The couple can fill up the frame with their favorite pictures from the engagement ceremony.

12. Dinnerware Set for Six

Present the couple with a dinnerware set as they are about to start their marital journey. The couple can use the dinner set to host guests. It’s available in different styles. You can get a gift for the newly engaged. They will appreciate the gift.

13. Wood Photo Album

If you are looking for an eco-friendly gift made from a sustainable material, then a handcrafted photo album is an excellent engagement gift for newly engaged couples. It’s made from high-quality materials such as design paper and plywood. It’s an ideal gift you can consider for a friend’s engagement. Each page of the photo album is made of quality design paper. It can accommodate many pictures from the ceremony. You can customize the wooden box cover with lovely text or couple’s names or name initials.

14. Glass Cookbook Holder

If your friend enjoys cooking or maybe her partner is fond of cooking, then consider a Balsamic cookbook holder for her! It’s a unique engagement gift option you can give your best friend. They might have every appliance imaginable, but a cookbook holder would be completely out of the question. A cookbook holder is a lovely addition to the kitchen utensils. The cookbook holder is made out of recycled materials. It’s a perfect sustainable gift your friend will appreciate! It makes it easier for cooks to keep their cookbooks stable while cooking.

15. Wall Decor

Last but not least we have wall décor. Wall decors make for the best engagement gifts for couples. Give the couple a creative wall décor to help them decorate their dream home. You can even consider giving woven trays as a gift. The woven trays can be used as wall décor or can even be placed on the coffee table. The woven trays are unique art pieces that any couple would love for sure.

Wrapping it up…

So, these are the 15 best engagement gifts for couples that you can consider buying. Make sure to select the best that you think the couple will enjoy together. An engagement gift for couples is a perfect opportunity for you to express your happiness for their union and gratitude as they invite you to the event. Don’t forget to consider their interests or hobbies when getting a gift if you have a close relationship with the couple. Think outside the box when buying a gift for the newly engaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Should be the Cost of Engagement Gifts?

The cost of engagement gifts for couples varies depending on the kind of gift you choose. Undoubtedly, price is an important aspect. However, the most important thing that you should keep in mind is the rapport that you share with the couple. However, you can budget from $50 upwards if you want the best gift.

2. Can You Give Money as an Engagement Gift To a Newly Engaged Couple?

Yes! It’s perfectly fine if you choose to give money to a newly engaged couple. All you have to do is to put some amount in an envelope as a gift to the couple if you’re uncertain about what to buy. Money can be useful for couples as they can use it in their wedding planning or wherever they need to.

3. Must You Buy an Engagement Gift for Couples?

Yes, you should! Presenting a gift to the couple during their engagement is a beautiful gesture that allows you to partake in their happiness and demonstrate your unwavering support. Make sure you buy the gift carefully, keeping their taste and preferences in mind.

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