Guidelines for Attending a Wedding for The First Time

Guidelines for attending a wedding for the first time

Are you going to attend a wedding for the first time? Well, you must be excited for sure, seeing your first-ever wedding invite is a matter of great delight. Of course, you will need to prepare for the day, but the question is how to prepare yourself for attending the first ever wedding ceremony. Well, if you are also thinking the same, then here in this post we are sharing with you the ultimate guidelines for attending a wedding for the first time.

Here we go…..

1. Read the invite thoroughly

Before you send back the RSVP card, it is crucial that you read the invite fully. It is your first ever invite that’s okay. Don’t send the RSVP in excitement.

2. Know if you can go along with your date

Of course, it won’t be a good sign to attend with an uninvited guest. So, before you actually commit your date also for the wedding, take a very good look at the invite and understand who it’s addressed to. If it is just your name, then it is understood that only you can attend. But, if the invite is addressed to your name “and Guest,” then you can bring your plus one.

3. Send RSVP on time

Each couple has to take care of several other things, sending RSVP on time will help them make arrangements accordingly. So, do not miss sending the RSVP on time, they will surely appreciate your effort.

4. Follow the dress code

If the invite clearly says about the dress code, then simply follow that. But, if there is no mention of dress code in the invite, then check the couple’s wedding website (more often than not, the URL is mentioned on the invite). Still if you do not find any detail about the dress code, then simply wear a cocktail dress of a suit. That will go very well with the wedding ceremony!

5. Decide on wedding gift

There are several ways you can give a gift to the couple. First, you can choose to give them a check in a nice envelope with a card. Cash or check gifts are given on the day of the wedding, so don’t forget to bring it along and drop the card in a box meant specifically for check gifts.

But if the couple has given registry details, then instead of giving cash, you can also choose to give something from their wedding registry. Choose something in your budget, and ship it to their address. Make sure you ship the gift before the big day.

6. Be on time

Wedding ceremonies are different from casual parties, where you are allowed to get late. In a wedding ceremony it is important to be at the venue at least 15 minutes before the ceremony starts.

7. Keep your phone on silent during the ceremony

It is crucial that you keep your phone on silent. Of course, you will never want to create a disturbance when a couple would be saying his vows, or during the toast!

8. Sit on the side meant for you

More often than not, the bride’s guests sit on the left side of the aisle and groom’s guests sit on the right. If the same is followed in the wedding that you are attending, then make sure you sit on the side that is meant for you. However, if you know both bride and groom closely, then you can choose to sit anywhere.

9. Follow others

There will be times when you will need to understand. Since, it’s for the first time you will be attending the wedding, it’s better to follow the other people. Sit when they sit and stand when they all stand.

10. Sit on the assigned seat at the reception

At the reception, you might have an already allotted seat for dinner. The moment you enter the reception venue, you will find a table with escort cards. Each escort card will have the name of the guest along with the table number. Yours will also be there, see that and simply sit on the seat assigned to you. Do not try to shuffle to sit with people of your choice. It’s okay! It takes a lot of time to create the seating chart, everything will be disturbed if you try to shuffle.

11. Enjoy the party

As you are there, it’s time to enjoy and have fun at the party. But make sure you do not overdo anything, especially drinking. It is always good to maintain the decorum and not create any embarrassing situations for anybody!

12. Congratulate the couple in person

Since the couple would be overly occupied with other wedding guests as well. Expecting them to notice you and say hello to you won’t be wise, instead meet them, say hello and congratulate them for the wedding. Do not try to talk too much as there will be other people waiting to congratulate them. Chat for a few minutes and that’s all!

Once the party is over, leave for your place. But make sure you are not dead drunk, especially when you have to drive back home!

To conclude…..

Follow these wonderful tips and you would be able to attend and enjoy the first ever wedding ceremony of your life!

Enjoy….. ☺ ☺