How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Avoid‌ Unwanted‌ Wedding‌ Stress?

How‌ ‌to‌ ‌avoid‌ ‌unwanted‌ ‌wedding‌ ‌stress?

Stress and wedding go hand in hand. I am not saying that one has to go through the stress all the time, all I am saying is with wedding preparations lot of stress comes automatically. Stress can be normal and unwanted. Unwanted stress comes when there is no proper planning or when things go haywire. Of course, there are a lot of things to be taken care from wedding venue to wedding outfit, wedding guests’ invitations to wedding music, etc. So, looking after every big and small thing in your wedding causes stress by default However, if things are planned properly and strategically, one can easily avoid unwanted wedding stress. Here are ways to avoid unwanted wedding stress…

1. Hire a professional

Hiring a professional may seem an expenditure at first, but trust that they can help you immensely in your wedding. These professionals are skilled and experienced people who can handle everything related to your wedding easily, without letting you affected by anything. You can leave all your wedding related tensions and stress on the professionals. They can handle everything at your wedding from soup to nuts and you can enjoy your wedding thoroughly.

2. Take a break

Well, we understand that your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, but you also need to understand that you cannot exert yourself too much. You need to take breaks in between. Keeping yourself engaged in your wedding related things all the time can cause irritation and unwanted stress. Therefore, it is essential that you engage in some activities to de-stress yourself. You can meet your friends, go for a night out with your friends, grab a coffee with your colleague, go for a movie, take a trip to a nearby location, join a dance class, or do anything that makes you happy. Because it is essential that you are happy. Believe you me, happy brides make for the best wedding pictures. If you will be stressed throughout your wedding pictures will reflect that too.

3. Follow a regime

You may be very busy bride to be, but following a regime will help you de-stress exponentially. Following a regime simply means to indulge yourself in some exercise or yoga practice. You can have a yoga regime, exercise routine, you can go for a walk daily, or you can even try cycling or swimming. Or if you want you can even have a combination of all these. Believe it or not, exercise helps us to change our mind as it releases happy hormones in our body, which help us stay cool and happy. Doing exercise on a daily basis can help you de-stress yourself and stay calm all the time.

Especially, practicing yoga regularly not only helps you to become more flexible, toned, and healthy, but also you can gain inner peace with it. Because, every action we perform while doing yoga activates nervous system – brain, muscles, bones, and emotions all at once

4. Pranayam & Meditation

Performing pranayama every day is considered good for health. Pranayama is an art of conscious breathing that helps you to release any kind of anxiety or stress along with strengthening your energy positively.

You can perform Anulom Vilom and Kapalbhati:

Anulom Vilom or Alternate Nostril Breathing Exercise is a simple breathing exercise, which is known to balance the Tridoshas (three doshas) in the body, namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Usually, imbalanced tridoshas causes ailments in the body. Anulom Vilom is the easiest and the most effective way to stay healthy and have a calm mind.

Kapalbhati Pranayama is another effective way to detoxify the body, as, the technique helps in expelling carbon-dioxide from the blood. This breathing technique needs minimal effort; however, comes with a plethora of benefits.

Then comes Meditation. Meditation is an amazing way to have a calm mind. Besides, meditation also helps one to get rejuvenating skin. You can opt for any type of meditation as there are many techniques to do – such as mindfulness, focusing on a particular object, focusing on a thought, on an activity or on your breath, etc. Make sure you practice meditation for at least 10 minutes, it will help you achieve a calm and stable state of mind.

5. Hire well-organized vendors

However, you will get huge list of vendors online. But before you hire any of them, make sure that the vendors that you hire are reputable in the market. Of course, there will be many vendors who will give you services in the most competitive prices in the market, but then how are their services, matters the most. Hiring a wrong vendors can lead to immense stress and tension. So, it is always good to read their reviews online, if possible try to talk to their previous clients, doing all this will help you have a clear picture of the vendors and accordingly you can decide whether to hire the vendor or not. Moreover, try to hire your vendors well in advance, waiting for the last minute will not only cause stress  but also you will end up losing the best vendors. As the best vendors are booked first.

6. Go for destination pre-wedding shoot

Pre-wedding shoot is wildly trending. Almost every couple go for a pre-wedding shoot. If you are also planning to get your pre-wedding shoot done, then it is recommended you go for destination pre-wedding shoot. Going to another location may add to your cost, but trust it will be the most deserved break for both of you before your wedding. Pre-wedding shoot is a time which is for you and your significant other. Going to some other location will work as a perfect vacation for both of you. It will also help you rejuvenate and refresh, which you actually need to de-stress yourself.

7. Learn to avoid things

Remember, ‘NOT EVERYTHING NEED YOUR ATTENTION’, yes, this the greatest mantra of all time. If at all you will learn this philosophy of life, half of your stress will go away automatically. More often than not, people tend to take everything very seriously, and then they spoil their mood and mood of other people. See, you have to accept this fact that not everything can happen according to you. Once you accept this, everything will become easy.

For instance, your mother-in-law said something, which of course you didn’t like, but at the same time you couldn’t even respond, all this together will spoil your mood and in turn you will spoil your partner’s mood. Now imagine a situation, where in your MIL said something, but you know that she tend to speak sarcastically and you accepted her as she is – only acceptance will make the whole thing easy for you. Always remember that it is not about other’s peace – it is about your peace of mind. So, always choose to stay at peace, people won’t change but you can learn to deal with them.

8. Do not over-expect

Expecting too much from others will always put you into trouble. Wondering how well, for instance; you expected your sister to come along with you for your wedding gown shopping, but somehow she couldn’t come. Even if she couldn’t come you don’t need to spoil your mood or get stressed due to it, instead find a solution. Call your friend and ask her if she can accompany you at your shopping. It’s that simple!

9. Be a problem solver

Half of the tensions in our lives are without any reason. And the moment some small thing happens, we start to take tension and get anxious. What is the point! Taking unnecessary tension will lead to more tension, it’s better to find a solution for your problem, instead of giving too much heed to something that you cannot control.

10. Keep your wedding low

Another best way to avoid unwanted stress is to keep your wedding low. Keeping it big will cause you more stress. Keeping your wedding low simply means, less people, less preparation, less chaos, less stress, and MORE HAPPINESS! So, why should go for big celebration when LESS IS MORE!

11. Delegate tasks

Well, this is crucial – you need to know that you are just an ordinary person as others. So, you also have certain limitations. We all know that a wedding comprises of unlimited tasks, and doing everything all by yourself is like taking all the burden on your head and getting anxious. Why not simply delegate all your wedding related tasks to people who you trust, like your siblings, family and friends. For instance, you can delegate vendor coordination to your friend who is great in handling or dealing with people, delegate DIY décor thing to your friend who is good in arts and crafts. Likewise, you can delegate tasks to the people who you can trust completely.

12. Consider mini-vacation

How about having a mini-vacation with your significant other Yes, plan a vacation with your partner and enjoy your days at some remote location. It will not only help you create wonderful memories, but also days spent together will help you come closer. Vacations before the weddings are really helpful when it comes to de-stressing yourself.

13. Go for referrals

Instead of hiring new vendors altogether, go for the ones who your friend or a relative knows already. Yes, if you have liked your cousin sister’s wedding photography as lot, then why do you need to search here and there, instead hire the one whose work you have seen and loved. Take referrals from your friends and relatives, see how you can work out with these vendors referred by people you know.

14. Be organized

Organization is A MUST in everything that you do! When you are organized half of your stress is gone. Being organized is not a task, it’s a skill than can help you avoid unwanted stress to a great extent. So, if you also want to have a smooth wedding celebration, make sure you are organized in the first place. Believe it or not, unorganized behavior can lead to immense stress and pressure. According to studies, people who are organized to achieve their goals effectively and more easily than those who are unorganized.

To conclude…
Follow these steps and avoid unwanted stress completely. Believe you me, following all these steps can really help you have an amazing wedding celebration that you will cherish all your life. Moreover, brides with no or less stress look more beautiful in their weddings than those who are stressed throughout. Remember, stress can affect your wedding pictures greatly and it is not wise at all. Your wedding pictures are the memoirs of your BIGGEST DAY. Hence, make sure you create the best memoir of the day!

Happy Wedding…