How to Combine Wedding with Your Honeymoon

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Honeymoons are often a highlight of the wedding for couples. However, many people are now looking to combine honeymoon and wedding with helping save cost and time. This is understandable and makes sense, both financially and practically, on many levels.

You may believe in destination weddings, or you have decided to combine both wedding and honeymoon, but there are certain things that you are not sure of. You have invested a lot of energy and time into finding a fantastic wedding destination. So, you may as well decide to stay back there for your honeymoon and soak up everything it offers you.

Couples often choose a wedding destination that has a special meaning to both of them or because they are attracted to it for specific reasons. However, if you are willing to stay back for your honeymoon, then there are a few things that you must do and others that you must not do so that you can enjoy your perfect blend of wedding and honeymoon.

→ Here are some dos and don’ts to note:

Dos: These are some of the things you should do:

  • Choose realistic locations

Rather than go for an exotic location that may be costly and more difficult to arrive at, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to settle for more realistic locations. For example, you may want to consider smaller markets within the US.

Looking at it from a time and cost-saving perspective, these smaller markets give you an intimate setting to cover your entire wedding.

One thing you must always consider when deciding on a location is your guests. While you may have been saving up for this day and have a large budget, they are unlikely to have a large budget to cover the travel expenses and others. So, you must be considerate towards them.

  • Set up your post-wedding plans

You do not want to find yourself carrying your wedding gifts, clothing, and accessories around. So it is wise to carry your family members or wedding planner along with your travel plans. Let them be the ones that are responsible for packing up and shipping the wedding luggage home for you.

The thing with destination weddings is that they have several pre-event and post-event shippings, and you want to ensure that none of it affects your wedding and the honeymoon afterward. So, you need to plan to take away some of these from your hands. This will give you more room to enjoy your post-wedding bliss much longer without getting yourself involved in any of the logistics that are required for appropriate shipping.

  • Have a bucket list for the things you have to do

Your destination wedding allows you to create traditions and make memories at the same time. So you must leverage the beauty of the surroundings where you have decided to not only tie the knot with your partner but also to enjoy your honeymoon.

Suppose you are visiting Tuscany; for instance, check out the closest vineyard and join in the harvest. You may also pre-order the vintage to remind you of your wedding in the future.

Participate in activities that you will be able to come back and repeat many decades later if you and your partner decide to revisit that location to commemorate your wedding anniversary or for other reasons. Build memories that you can hold on to forever.

Don’ts: These are some of the things that you should not do.

  • Arrive too early

You will be making a mistake if you arrive at your wedding destination too early, apart from the fact that you are staying back at the exact location for your honeymoon. Ideally, you should spend more days at the location after the wedding, and not before it. Working with a professional event planner not only makes this possible, but they also make it easy too, as they are going to ensure that they get everything under control.

This is not to say that you should arrive late at the location too – the same day the guests arrive. On the contrary, you must be at the location before the first guest gets there. However, you also want to ensure that you are saving most of your time in that location for the honeymoon. The truth is, it is unlikely that you are going to get fully relaxed and settled into the location until the wedding is over. So, make sure that you reserve more than enough time for you to shake off the wedding’s stress and also enjoy yourself after it.

  • Invite your best friends to stay

You may want to organize a small post-wedding event for a few of your guests – very close friends and family – and that is okay. However, it is a bad idea for you to invite your friends to remain with you for the remainder of the time you have to spend at the location. Although it sounds like you are going to be having a lot of fun having them around, it also means that you are losing sight of why you are staying back at the location in the first place. You are staying back for your honeymoon, and they came for the wedding. They should leave after the wedding so you can kick off your honeymoon.

  • Use the same hotel

While planning your trip, you should mark out two different hotels for the pre-wedding and honeymoon period. You want things to feel slightly different post-wedding. Lodging in a different hotel can give you the feeling of being in a new location entirely. Ideally, you should reserve a better hotel for your honeymoon period. This is the time when you should spoil yourselves with some luxury.

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Combining both wedding and honeymoon makes sense practically and financially, but there are a few things that you must do or avoid to make it enjoyable. A few of these are discussed in this article.

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