How to Live Stream Your Wedding Ceremony

Live Stream Wedding

Live streaming is not the newest trend; however, it has started picking up the pace ever since the coronavirus outbreak. Undoubtedly, live streaming is one of the most significant innovations and the most useful one that has come from the use of the internet. More and more people are chalked up to make their events available to the public online. And the percentage is expected to increase further in the coming years. Here in this blog post, not only will we share why live streaming your event is crucial, but also we shall discuss how to live stream a wedding.

Here we go…….

Why do you think streaming your moments to the world online is that important?

Undoubtedly, there are numerous advantages associated with the live video streaming platform. One reason is that by making your event live, you can be able to engage with people. These people are those who are unable to attend your event in person but can watch it through the streaming service. So, arguably, in a way, they are part of your event. And the other reason is, of course, having increased attendance at the event.

What type of events can be live-streamed?

Well, the type of event to be streamed depends on your needs. You can showcase anything from a music concert to a wedding ceremony on the online platforms. The live streaming of the wedding ceremony is rapidly growing in popularity. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, people are not able to travel or attend weddings. There are several restrictions on attending an event; that’s why most people prefer to avoid attending. Besides, couples can also invite only a few wedding guests. In such situations, making weddings available to your guests’ live is the best way.

Where can a wedding be live-streamed?

There are infinite ways to live stream a wedding. You can use live broadcasting to Facebook, broadcasting live to Facebook using Zoom, Go Live Broadcast, and other social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, and Periscope.

Most live-streaming platforms are progressively integrating various social media handles for instant live streaming across multiple platforms. This means broadcasting across Facebook live, Twitter Live, YouTube Live, and Periscope can be done using live broadcasting platforms and live streaming devices.

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Out of all, Facebook Live is considered the best when it comes to live-streaming an event. It is an increasingly widespread platform for going live because of its massive popularity amongst people. More and more people use Facebook. According to the recent statistics of 2020, 2.6 billion people use Facebook worldwide. That is a considerable number, of course!

How to live stream a wedding?

For live streaming a wedding, you will first need to identify the platform or application and sign up. According to your need, you can choose any platform with plans such as – basic, premium, or enterprise. Some platforms even offer free trials; you can even opt for them. However, the free trial versions will have limited features and functions, and thus, you may feel constraints while broadcasting. Once you have signed up on the platform, you will need the following to go live:

  • A high-performance smartphone or computer.
  • A reliable internet connection.
  • A webcam in case you are using your computer.

Here are the steps to live stream a wedding using Facebook Live Stream Service:

Step 1: The first and foremost step is to sign up for the Facebook app.

Step 2: Now, connect your device to any video source or the camera. After connecting to your mobile device or computer with a camera, go to the news feed on the Facebook app. There you will find a “live” option; click on that. You can also live stream a wedding through your Facebook profile.

Step 3: If it is the first time you are going live, Facebook will request your camera access. Click on the ‘Allow’ option. Other subsequent access to the camera will automatically take place when you live stream.

Step 4: You will now be asked to choose a privacy setting. Choose preferred privacy settings, from live broadcasting to your friends to the public. It is recommended to try “only me” option when you are new to the service and test it. It will help you avoid any embarrassments that may happen in the process for the first time.

Step 5: After choosing your preferred privacy setting, you will be asked to describe your live broadcast. Make sure you give it some enticing title!

Step 6: Choose an activity and location, and tag your friends.

Step 7: Before clicking “Go Live”, make sure you set up your camera in the right direction. After that, you can click on Go Live; you can then interact with your viewers.

Step 8: It’s time to click “finish”. You will find the option of posting the video for the ones who could watch even after the broadcasting has finished.

Step 9: You can save your video for future use, watching it again, etc. You can do anything, from modifying your event title to tweaking it according to your requirements.

Wrapping up…..

So this is how to live stream a wedding. Believe it or not, technology has helped us strive and thrive. Today, we can use technology for anything, from doing business to live-streaming your wedding. Streamlining your wedding will allow all your guests to attend your wedding virtually. And you can have more fun and enjoyment at the biggest event of your life.

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺