20 Long-Distance Relationship Gifts Ideas

Gift ideas

Well, the most important gift that anybody who is in a relationship wants is the time and love of the partner. However, gifts are a great way to say that you care, especially when you are in a long-distance relationship. Here I have put together a list of 25 romantic long-distance relationship gifts to send to your sweetheart.

Here we go…..

#1. Bond Touch – Bracelets That Bring Long-Distance Lovers Closer Than Ever

Long-Distance Lovers Closer Than Ever

These long-distance touch bracelets are a great gift option for your honey and you. They will get you two even more closer; when you touch it, they feel it. Irrespective of your locations, you can feel each other’s touch with natural vibration that mimics your partner’s touch. Whenever you send a touch, your partner’s bracelet will light up in the color of your choice. You can buy this amazingly romantic gift from Amazon.com.

#2. Shining Diva Fashion Distance Couple Natural Stones Beaded Bracelet

Stones Beaded Bracelet

Distance between partners creates pain. These healing natural stone beaded bracelets can subside that pain to a great extent. These handmade bracelets are specifically meant for couples who live far apart. They are made with love and positive intention. Both of you will feel uplifted, inspired, and reminded of your daily choices. Buy this on Amazon.com.

#3. Hugging Pillow ODDCLICK Satin a Big Hug for You Cushion for Your Partner

We know how painful it is when we are unable to hug our loved ones. But don’t worry, you can send the sweetest hug to your partner with this pillowcase! A great way to say that you care! Buy it from Amazon.com; it can make a great gift for a long-distance relationship during the festive season.

#4. Bold N Elegant Long Distance Relationship Duo Pendant Chain Necklace

Duo Pendant Chain Necklace

Speak your heart out via a beautiful, bold, and elegant pendant chain necklace. These two pendants combined together – symbolizes the heart to heart love affection between you and your best friend. Now only will it gently hug your neck, but also it will give you a classy look. A perfect gift item for your honey this anniversary. You can buy this elegant necklace from Amazon.com.

#5. iKraft® You & Me Forever Love Infinite Symbol Printed Coffee Mug

This inspirational lettering motivational mug makes for a perfect long-distance relationship gift idea. It has a subtle message printed on the mug “You & Me” in an infinite symbol that is enough to say a lot about your relationship. You will be missed each time your honey will use it for hot drinks. You can buy it from Amazon.com.  

#6. Telepathy – Talk Through Internet – Long Distance Touch Lamp

Long Distance Touch Lamp

Telepathy – talk through internet touch lamps will keep you and your partner connected. These lamps are a cute way to make you feel close to each other when you are in different locations. Each person’s lamp will be connected to WiFi, and whenever you touch the lamp, your partner’s lamp will light up. The cutest way to say, “I miss you.” They come in a set of two; you can buy them on Amazon.com.

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#7. Romantic Why I Love You with Reasons Cards

As a human, we all want to know why our partners love us. Some people are good at expressing their emotions, while others are not. If you fall in the latter category, then here is a set of 48 romantic why I love you with reasons cards to make any special occasion extraordinary. Your partner will be more than happy to know why you love him/her. Buy them online at Amazon.com.

#8. Travel Duffle Bag Set

Travel Duffle Bag Set

Travel duffle bag set is a great gift option for the weekender couple. The bag has everything that you need to have your weekend stuff during your travel. It has a shoe compartment at the side that keeps your extra pair of shoes separate from the other stuff. Besides, you also get a toiletries bag for keeping your essentials organized and in place. Buy it online from Amazon.com.

#9. Personalized Engraved Photo Plaque Wood

For that personalized touch, consider giving personalized engraved photo plaque wood. This makes for a perfect anniversary gift. To get this done, all you have to do is send your photo and message to the vendor and get a romantic photo plaque wood. A perfect gift item for your partner that he/she can keep on the bedside table to feel the love you two share. Buy it from Amazon.com.

#10. Photo Frame

Photo Frame

Photo frames are another wonderful gift idea, especially if you have not gifted any to your partner. Your partner would love to wake up next to the frame each morning. You can buy this one online at Amazon.com.

#11. JJTZX I Love You More Than The Miles Between Us Long Distance Relationship State Map Keychain

This stainless steel and alloy USA state map pendant keychain is a perfect long-distance friendship gift! It comes packed in a beautiful red velvet gift bag, and it’s excellent for any occasion. Buy this on Amaozon.com.

#12. Personalized Cuff Bracelet

Personalized Cuff Bracelet

With a tiny heart symbol between latitude and longitude on the outside, this cuff bracelet makes a very personalized and romantic gift for your long distance partner. If you want, you can even personalize the inside of the bracelet with a sweet message. You can buy this romantic long-distance relationship gift from Amazon.com.

#13. Heart Lock and Key Couple Bracelet Pendant Set

A heart-shaped bracelet and key necklace is a beautiful way to express your love for your significant other. It looks classic, and you can gift it on any occasion, from a birthday to an anniversary. You can buy it on Amazon.com.

#14. Letters to Open When…..

Letters to open when are specifically designed for special moments, such as open when you need to make a decision, open when you need a pep talk…, open when you need a good laugh… etc. You will get 12 letters, which you can fill with pep talks, advice, and good cheer for long-distance love. A great way to let your partner know that you’re always there to support! Buy them from Amazon.com.

#15. Personalized Red Heart Shape Fur Pillow

Personalized Red Heart Shape Fur Pillow

Let your significant other have a soft, furry warmth of your love each day. This personalized red heart shape fur pillow is a wonderful gift idea for your partner to make any occasion special. You have to give a photo and a beautiful, romantic message to personalize the same. Your partner will love to sleep with the wonderful memories of you two. Buy it at Amazon.com.

#16. A Digital Photo Frame

The digital photo frame is again a great long-distance relationship gift if you love sharing photos. The Miracle Digital Photo Frame gives you control over your photos, videos, audios, etc. Gift this frame to your significant other; it is an excellent gift idea for people having a long-distance relationship. Get it from Amazon.com.

#17. Cloth Fusion Celerrio Mink Blanket

Cloth fusion Celerrio mink blanket is to relax your body and mind. Your significant other will feel like being hugged while sleeping. It is a perfect gift for winters so that your partner can fall asleep faster even if you’re away. Get it from Amazon.com.

#18. Personalized Coffee Mug

Printed Coffee Mug

If you and your partner are in a long-distance relationship, you miss intimate talks over your morning coffees. Then get personalized mugs for yourself and your partner. You can have each mug featuring your pictures with a beautiful quote. Or you can personalize however you want to according to your needs. This makes a perfect gift for any occasion. You can buy it online from Amazon.com.

#19. Celebr8 Message in a Bottle 52 Reasons Why I Love You Gift

The cutest gift ever for your significant other! Make your special occasion even more special with a Celebr8 message in a bottle of 52 reasons why I love you gift. You get 52 handmade paper scrolls in the jar, printed with one different message each—an excellent way to brighten your partner’s day, especially when they need a little cheering up. Let your partner know in 52 ways why you love him/her. Buy it from Amazon.com.

#20. Vintage Letter In A Bottle

It’s a unique way to make your partner’s day. A great gift idea! Express your emotions and feelings for your partner via vintage letter in a bottle nestled in a handcrafted pinewood box. Sometimes you need to go that extra mile to make your partner feel more loved and cared. A few occasions demand more than a simple phone call or a casual greeting in person. Get this beautiful vintage letter in a bottle from Amazon.com.


To sum up, these are the 20 romantic long-distance relationship gifts that you can consider for your partner. Besides these, you can consider gifting anything that reflects your true emotions and feelings properly for your partner. The idea is not just to give something; in fact, it is to make your partner feel special and more loved.