5 Great Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas for Modern Couples

5 Great Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas for Modern Couples

Have you ever thought about having a non-traditional and somewhat different wedding? There are really a lot of great ideas on how to celebrate your love and that most beautiful day when you get married. Some couples use their imagination and decide to get married in frozen caves, in a treehouse, jumping from a plane or even underwater. Here are a couple of fun ideas to make your wedding day unforgettable.

Interesting Jewelry

unique nameplate jewelry

The wedding bands are the most important pieces of jewelry at any wedding but no one says you can’t add something extra. Why not get a couple of interesting nameplate necklaces or charms to spice things up. This unique nameplate jewelry can spell “husband” and “wife”, or the names of the bride and groom. You could even get ones for the bridesmaids or groomsmen. Nameplates can also be a great gift for the whole wedding party. They could spell “best man”, “father of the groom”, “college friend”, etc.

Make a Unique Dance

Why not make the wedding different and memorable by having some crazy and interesting choreography like breakdance instead of the classic first dance. On the internet, you can find a handful of interesting videos from various weddings around the world. In them, the newlyweds decided to surprise their guests and prepare something for them that will be talked about for a long, long time.

Hobby or Lifestyle

If you have a favorite hobby or something that is very meaningful to you, why not incorporate it into your wedding in some way? If the newlyweds are bikers, they could get married in biker boots. Many people around the world prepare thematic weddings because of their favorite movies or TV shows. It doesn’t have to take over the whole wedding. For example, if you are a Harry Potter fan, you could get married wearing a Hogwarts themed scarf, or have some appropriate mugs your guests could drink out of. This way your wedding will be remembered for a long time.

Make Your Dress Unforgettable

Plenty of traditional weddings feature the expected white wedding gown. Why stick with the traditional if you want to be unique? Select a dress in a different color that you would like. Red, green, purple, anything goes, whatever color is your favorite. Another thing you could do is select a dress that is made out of two parts. It could be a full gown during the ceremony and later on, when the time comes to dance and move around, you remove a part of it and it becomes a cocktail dress, perfect for dancing.

To Cake or Not to Cake

Wedding cake

We have nothing against cakes, but also against trying something different, especially on such an important day in your life as a wedding. If you would like to deviate a little from the beaten path of wedding desserts, here is a little inspiration.

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Ice cream. More modern couples choose a refrigerator with the ice cream of different flavors served by a waiter, while those who like retro choose an ice cream cart.

Donut cake. Whether sprinkled with candy, icing, or chocolate, donuts are everyone’s favorite candy. Instead of a three-tiered cake, make a bowl of donuts, put them on a string, or stack them on a stick.

Buffet with pies. They can be both sweet (from apples, blueberries, vanilla cream) and salty (with cheese or vegetables), and even if you allow the guests to cut them themselves and serve them as they wish, they will be very satisfied.

Buffet table with muffins. Why cut a cake when you can serve bite-sized cookies? This option also leaves you the opportunity to serve cakes of different flavors.

Pancake cake. If you are organizing a wedding that takes place before noon, pancakes or waffles are a great choice. Pour syrup over them, sprinkle with fresh berries and voila.