7 Tips for Planning a Courthouse Wedding

Courthouse Wedding

The wedding day is the most awaited and cherished day for any bride and groom. An extravagant ceremony with tons of people and out-of-the-world décor is something like a dream of any engaged couple. But that’s not always the case. Some people like to keep it small and personal and get married in a courthouse.

Courthouse marriages are a perfect way to celebrate and make your love official with your really close ones. This kind of personal nuptials is becoming a thing in today’s time. Apart from having a personal ceremony, courthouse weddings are also a great way to save money. Couples don’t want to spend a fortune on the wedding ceremony and want to save it for their honeymoon or other future plans.

Well, having a courthouse wedding does not mean that it is supposed to be monotonous and uneventful. You can have a courthouse wedding and still have all the fun and spark of a traditional wedding. Trust me, it can get as beautiful as you can ever imagine!

If you and your partner are considering getting married in a courthouse, here are some tips to make your special day a memorable one.

This article talks about all the things you need to keep in mind while planning a courthouse wedding and also some tips to turn your courthouse wedding into a jovial celebration like a traditional one.

Let’s get started.

Tip #1 Decide the courthouse and collect information

You can have a destination wedding even if you want to make your love official in a courthouse. Sounds amazing, right? It is not compulsory to get married at a city hall that is the nearest to you. You can choose any city hall that feels personal to you and can officiate your wedding there. Make sure to call that particular city hall you want to book and get all the necessary information way before the date you want to get married. While it is not upon you to choose the date of your marriage, you can still manage to get it if you plan in advance.

Collect all necessary information like how to make an appointment, how many guests can attend the wedding, what kind of documents are required, what costs are to be paid, and so on and so forth.

Tip #2 Get your marriage license and book an appointment

It might sound tricky but in fact, it’s not! Research about the courthouse marriage license in the city you want to get married in. Keep in mind that the laws vary from one place to another so it is essential to follow the required process of that particular city hall you choose.

There’s a line of couples waiting to get married in the courthouse so it is very rare that you can get the desired date or date which is very near. So, you can come across a waiting period. The courthouse marriage license is only valid up to a certain period so it is advised to obtain the license near to your date otherwise there’s a good chance that it will expire and you have to go through the whole process again.

Wondering how to obtain a courthouse marriage license? It’s pretty simple!

You need a state-issued ID or any other ID such as a Driver’s License, certified copies of birth certificates of both parties, and social security numbers. In case it is your second marriage then you must also present the divorce papers of the previous marriage. Another thing to keep in mind is that the papers must be signed using a black ink pen. Additionally, check the acceptable modes of payment of that particular city hall as they can vary.

Tip #3 Make a list of guests and send out invitations

Making a list of guests can be a hectic task especially when you have to trim it down to the minimum number of people. While you’re collecting information from the city hall you should ask the specific number of people allowed in the courthouse as you don’t want to invite guests beyond the permitted number and later leave them hanging. Normally, the number of guests that can attend a courthouse wedding range from 10-15 at the most. This number includes everyone from family members to the photographers and the officiant. This can be a difficult decision to make but isn’t courthouse marriage all about tying knots in front of the people that mean the most to you?

Tip #4 Choose your wedding outfit

Having a courthouse wedding ceremony does not have to mean that you can’t get dolled up for your big day. It is the most special day of your life and it should reflect the same on your wedding outfit. Go out of the way to choose that wedding attire you have dreamed of getting hitched in and wear It to your courthouse wedding ceremony. Don’t miss out on hiring a good photographer to capture some beautiful moments that you can cherish forever. As the courthouse wedding ceremonies don’t cost much, it gives you an opportunity to spend the money on other things that really matter to you. You can preserve your wedding outfit for years and probably re-wear it if you decide to renew your vows.

Tip #5 Complete the formalities on the day of your wedding

There are certain requirements to get legally married in the courthouse. Obtaining a marriage license is just the first step. Then you have to pay for the application and the ceremony. The official site reports that normally the fees for a marriage license cost between $10 to $115. The exact cost varies from city to city. Apart from this, there is also a nominal charge for the ceremony fee.


Many times, there is also a requirement of the signature of two witnesses to testify for the wedding ceremony. Determine the witnesses beforehand and ensure that the witnesses appear to testify on your wedding day.

Tip #6 Courthouse wedding ideas to make it special

A courthouse wedding creates a perfect opportunity to make the couple and guests both happy in a very personal way. It saves you the effort to choose the venue, décor, officiant, etc. and so you can put more effort into creating things that can bring a smile to each person present in the ceremony. The couples can write vows for each other, the invitations can be personalized to showcase the love The courthouse wedding is an intimate ceremony so it is possible that you know all the guests that are going to be present there. You can create customized corsages for all your guests to make them feel special.

Tip #7 Plan out a courthouse wedding reception

A wedding reception is a celebratory reflection of the wedding and is the best way to finish your matrimonial celebrations in the most fun way. You can plan a reception at a place that feels comfortable to you such as your backyard or you can throw a grand reception in a majestic hall. You can freely invite all the people who couldn’t come to the courthouse and allow yourself a lovable toast as a happy couple. Your courthouse wedding reception can be a cocktail party or an intimate dinner whichever suits your mood.

Weddings can bring boundless joys and this is your chance to have it in your own way. These tips can help you be ready for everything you need before and on the day of the wedding and you can achieve a dreamy courthouse wedding that will forever remain in your heart.

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