Stunning Vegan and Vegetarian Menus for Your Special Day

Crafting a dinner that fits your eating style and way of life may be one of the most fulfilling parts of wedding preparation. One excellent way for couples to share their values and favorite meals with loved ones is to prepare a Vegan and Vegetarian Menus at the wedding.

Apart from offering a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative, a vegan and vegetarian wedding menu ensures that customers will be able to sample a large range of delectable flavors. Your dinner, which, with careful preparation, also showcases the beauty of plant-based cookery, should delight every guest.

Complete Guide on the Perfect Vegan and Vegetarian Wedding Menu

Why Choose a Vegan and Vegetarian Wedding Menu?

Aligns with Your Lifestyle

  • Exactly captures your own nutritional choices.
  • Gives the couple and their visitors a real and meaningful gastronomic experience.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Less trash and energy are needed than with diets heavy on meat.
  • Perfect for animal lovers, providing a vegetarian meal choice.


  • Abundant in the health advantages of a diet high in whole foods, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Stresses for healthful, tasty meals, complete products, and natural tastes should be used.

Tips for Planning Your Vegan and Vegetarian Wedding Menu

1. Set the Expectation

Let your guests know beforehand that the meal will be plant-based to control expectations and prevent surprises.

2. Choose Your Style of Meal

Your menu selections will be influenced by the format you choose—plated dinner, buffet, or family-style dining.

3. Choose Foods with Meaning for You:

Put in meals that have particular importance for you two, including those from key dates or your favorite shared cuisines.

4. Think About Seasonality

To guarantee the freshest and most delicious foods are on your menu, use seasonal produce.

5. Stick with Familiar Options

Serve beloved recipes made with plants to please all of your guests, including those who aren’t as acquainted with vegan and vegetarian food.

6. Prioritize Protein

To keep everyone happy, make sure to include meals high in protein made with beans, lentils, quinoa, and tofu.

7. Eat the Rainbow

To make visually stunning and nutritionally dense meals, use a range of vibrant fruits and vegetables.

8. Doctor Up Your Dishes

Using a range of herbs, spices, and sauces to enhance tastes can make every meal tasty and interesting.

9. Focus on Presentation

Make sure every dish is exquisitely arranged to enhance the whole experience and make the food seem as delicious as it tastes.

10. Highlight the Benefits

List the ingredients and emphasize the advantages of your plant-based meals for the environment and health on menu labels.

Vegan and Vegetarian Wedding Menu Ideas

↪︎ Appetizers

1. Fresh Pea Crostini

Crisp sourdough topped with a minty pea mash and almond cheese.

2. Grilled Apricots

Cashew chevre with grilled sweet apricots.

3. Peanut Tofu

Savory peanut chutney drizzles over cubes of grilled tofu.

↪︎ Main Courses

1. Wellington Portobello

Rich red wine is just served with a savory portobello mushroom wrapped in pastry.

2. Lasagna

Layers of creamy tofu ricotta, roasted zucchini, and mushroom ragu make up lasagna.

3. Japanese curry

Seasonal veggies and pan-fried yuba over fragrant jasmine rice.

↪︎ Side Dishes

1. Roasted Carrots

Walnut praline enhances rosemary-roasted carrots.

2. Fried Brussels Sprouts Salad

Crisp Brussels sprouts combined with radicchio and a tart pomegranate vinaigrette make up the Fried Brussels Sprouts Salad.

3. Sweet Potato and Chickpea Medley

Spiced chickpeas and sweet potatoes coated with miso and ginger.

↪︎ Desserts

1. Fig Upside-Down Cake

Rich fig cake smothered in butterscotch sauce is called fig upside-down cake.

2. Blondie Sundae

Chocolate oat milk gelato on peanut butter blondies makes a blondie sundae.

3. Peach Cobbler

Warm peach cobbler with vanilla cinnamon almond milk ice cream.

How to Find the Right Vegan and Vegetarian Chef or Caterer

1. Do Your Homework

  • Look for pictures of the food on the caterer’s social media accounts.
  • To discover the range and inventiveness of their offerings, go over sample menus.
  • To determine the quality and dependability of their service, read client reviews.

2. Ask Questions

  • Make sure the caterer knows what vegan and vegetarian food is.
  • Make sure they can create interesting and filling plant-based meals that go beyond the most basic selections.

3. Sample the Food

  • Go to tastings to assess the food’s taste and presentation firsthand.
  • Make sure, whatever dietary requirements, the food is tasty and pleasurable for every visitor.


Q1. How can I ensure my vegan and vegetarian wedding menu caters to guests with food allergies?

Find out from your caterer about typical allergies including gluten, soy, and nuts. Dishes should be clearly labeled, and people with particular dietary needs should think about having other alternatives.

Q2. What are some creative vegan and vegetarian drink options for my wedding?

If you’re providing creamier beverages, think about presenting mocktails with herbs or fresh fruit juices. Also, unusual non-alcoholic options include specialty sodas and kombucha.

Q3. How can I make sure kids enjoy a vegan and vegetarian menu?

Add kid-friendly options including dairy-free mac & cheese, fruit skewers, and little vegetarian pizzas. Make sure younger attendees find the presentation entertaining.

Q4. Can I incorporate cultural or regional cuisines into a vegan and vegetarian menu?

Unquestionably. Rich plant-based cooking traditions exist in many civilizations. For authenticity and variation, try Indian curries, Mediterranean mezze, Mexican tacos with jackfruit, or Italian pasta primavera.

Q5. How do I handle guests who might be skeptical about a vegan and vegetarian menu?

Give well-known recipes a plant-based makeover, provide a plethora of delectable alternatives, and emphasize the menu’s advantages. Think of doing a taster previous to the wedding to highlight the delectable vegan and vegetarian food.


Offering your guests a distinctive dining experience, showcasing your culinary tastes, and reflecting your beliefs are all possible with a vegan and vegetarian wedding menu. Carefully choosing delectable and aesthetically pleasing foods will guarantee that everyone is happy.

For health, environmental, or just personal reasons, a well-thought-out vegan and vegetarian lunch may be just as delicious and decadent as any conventional feast. Take advantage of the chance to celebrate your big day with cuisine that captures your relationship.