Planning Honeymoon? Find The list of Exclusive Tips

Planning honeymoon, Find the list of exclusive tips

The honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime trip for couples, as it is their first trip together as Mrs. & Mr. SO & SO. However, honeymoon is a much needed break for couples. Well, the word sounds romantic and enchanting, the only thought of honeymooning makes couples happy. But, it is a task, yes, honeymoon planning is a task and needs time, research and efforts. It can be stressful if not planned properly.

Here is the list of best tips for planning your honeymoon:

› Work Together

First thing first, your honeymoon should be a joint effort. You two are involved in the process and it is meant for both. So, it is good that both of you work together in planning your honeymoon. This way you will know each other’s choices and preferences and accordingly you can decide the location, number of days etc. for your honeymoon. Also, working together on your honeymoon plans will give you two chance to know and understand each other better. Honeymoon should not be forced, it should be planned with each other’s consent.

› Decide whether to honeymoon in the country or abroad

Well, it is important to decide whether you will honeymoon in some part of your country itself or will travel some international location for your honeymoon. This is the first thing which you should know because rest of the things will depend on this only. Discuss with your spouse to-be and accordingly decide. Consider the interest and the preference of your spouse to-be.

› Set a budget

Once you know honeymoon is going to be in the country or abroad, you need to set your honeymoon budget. Yes, like it is essential to set a budget for your wedding, same ways you need to set a budget for your honeymoon too. It is crucial that you decide your honeymoon budget well in advance.

› Decide number of days for your honeymoon

It is also important to know the number of days you want to honeymoon. Accordingly you will do all the bookings and arrangement. You cannot behave like a backpacker as your honeymoon is a period in which you two would want to have a decent respite and a romantic holidaying.

› Decide your location

Once you know that you are traveling abroad or in your country only, now is the time to decide the location. Which part of the world you want to travel. While deciding location see what your interests are, the type of honeymoon you are looking forward. For instance few couples will love to go on adventure trips for their honeymoons, while some prefer a location to respite and get romantic, some will prefer hills, and for some exotic beachy honeymoon is what attracts them. Likewise, there are many things you need to consider while finalizing your location.

› Do all the bookings well in advance

It is essential that you book all your tickets, accommodation, etc. in advance. Don’t just wait for the last minute, no honeymoon is planned on last minute. Also, the benefit of doing all the bookings in advance is that you can get best deals or good honeymoon packages. More often than not, when you book air ticket in advance you may get good deals. On the contrary if you sit for the last minutes ticket prices also go high.

› Don’t copy your friend’s honeymoon itinerary

You may be very exhausted because of your wedding planning and so you would want to copy your friend’s honeymoon itinerary for your honeymoon, which is a bad idea. It’s very simple you and your friends are two different individuals and your interest will not necessarily match with theirs. Also, it’s not only you who is going for honeymoon, your spouse to-be is also there. Your honeymoon should be yours absolutely, not to be copied or influenced by other’s ideas of honeymooning. However, taking tips from already honeymooned couples is no problem, but make sure it is customized according to your tastes and preferences.

› Keep the school holidays and season in mind

This is crucial, before you book your honeymoon, do check if school holidays will be there. More often than not, people prefer to vacation during their kids’ holidays. Plan your honeymoon in some such location which is less explored. Avoid a location which will be over crowded in a particular season and then you end up seeing people everywhere.

› Keep the weather in mind

While choosing your honeymoon destination keep the weather in mind.Remember, every location is not meant for traveling in every season. You may be great fond of some location but then you have to see you are not traveling the destination in a wrong season. Some places get heavy rainfalls, some are hurricane prone zones, so you have to consider all this before you finalize your destination.

› Read about rooms you have booked

Book your accommodation only after enough research not just based on few pictures in hotel web gallery. While you research your hotel room, read reviews and see if your room has everything you need or not. Ask your hotel or resort to provide you some pictures of your room. Also, if you are looking for some specific feature in your room like a window facing sunset or beach view from your room window etc. do let your hotel know in advance.

› Tell your hotel you are on honeymoon

Make sure you tell your hotel that you are on honeymoon. As some hotels provide special perks to their honeymoon couples, some provide honeymoon packages that includes couples massages and other perks that you will end up paying otherwise. Don’t let yourself treated casually, let them treat you special when you are on your honeymoon!!

› Don’t depend completely on web research

Well, ever since we have got the facility of internet and Google, for any search we jump into Google and that is fine absolutely. While searching online you will come across varied reviews and feedback about the place, which may influence your plan. It is better that you ask someone who has already been there to that location. Or else you can post your honeymoon plans on your FB and ask for recommendations or feedback. People do give genuine feedback there also.

› Take a professional help

For that extra guidance while planning your honeymoon you can consider a travel agent or a trip planner. There are many in the market already and they are perfect at their work. They can easily help you plan your honeymoon or if you want they can give you a customized honeymoon package. They are perfect sources to get the first-hand destination knowledge. If you have time constraint or if you really want some professional help then travel agents or trip advisers are best. Look for a good travel agent, they can help you choose the perfect destination with the right fit, all the planning and researching will be done by them, and also they will provide clients service while you will be honeymooning. Basically they take care of everything.

› Schedule Surprises

Who doesn’t like surprises in life? I think everybody loves lovely surprises, you can also plan a surprise for your spouse to-be, like you can arrange for a candle light dinner on the beachside or maybe a couple massage, anything you think your spouse will like. Though you two are planning together but plan a surprise for your spouse to-be. Trust your spouse will love the idea.

› Beware of hidden costs

Your wedding is already a pricey affair, and your honeymoon will also cost you something. While planning your honeymoon be aware of hidden costs such as visas, airport transfers, taxes etc. can cost you extra. Make sure you know in advance what is included in the cost of your bookings, for instance, knowing in advance whether your resort includes your airport transfer or not or the breakfast is included in the package etc.

› Don’t just start your honeymoon very next day of your wedding

Unless your wedding is a destination wedding and you are planning your honeymoon in the same location. Don’t start for your honeymoon the very next day of your wedding, if you have to travel to some other location. You two need some time to breathe just after your wedding is over. It is recommended to wait at least for a day or two before starting your honeymoon. If you want you can wait even longer. But just next day after your reception will be a tiresome job for you two.

› Have a mix of adventure and relaxation

Your honeymoon should not be tiring, in fact it should be relaxing. So, the best you can do is include time for both adventure and relaxation in your honeymoon. While honeymooning you have perfect reason to explore the place together, get into some adventure and fun activities, but at the same time you need not to exhaust yourself.

› Don’t hop from one location to another

When honeymooning it is important that you have time for each other rather to hop from one location to another. Couples who are more adventurous types, they love to hop like this – one night stay here and then to some other location, which is not good at least when you are honeymooning. Remember that your honeymoon is different from other vacations of your life. Your honeymoon is the period in which you two need to understand and know each other better, spend quality time. Your honeymoon is the time to create best memories for your life, which you will cherish all your life.

› Enjoy every bit of it

When honeymooning keep everything aside and just relax and enjoy every bit of it. Explore the place together, savor on local cuisine or specialty of the place, do shopping, buy some décor or a keepsake, get massages, do whatever you wish to or dreamt of doing with your significant other, and create some wonderful memories of your honeymoon which you can tell your kids in future. Simply go crazy and enjoy every bit of your honeymoon, don’t leave any stone unturned.


I hope these tips help you plan your best honeymoon. Remember, your honeymoon is the most important period of your life, be it a seven days honeymoon or two week honeymoon. All the time which you will spend together just after your wedding will be precious. Make every moment of your honeymoon precious, memorable, filled with love and fun. Even if something goes wrong just ignore the situation, or handle it coolly. Some couples are habitual of raising old issues whenever they have time, please keep your issues aside and just enjoy your honeymoon period as it is not going to come again in your life. You will have enough time to raise issues and fight on them later. But this is your honeymoon… enjoy it!!

Also, make sure you keep a gap of one day between coming back from your honeymoon and resuming your work. As, one day rest is needed after coming from traveling and getting back to work mode.

Happy Honeymooning!