Tips On Choosing a Wedding Florist

Tips on choosing a wedding florist

Flowers plays very, really very important role in a wedding, be it the bride’s look or wedding decoration. Flowers are used in almost everything in a wedding. Every bride dreams of having the most beautiful flowers in her wedding. But the truth remains, that flowers are pricey and not every flower is available in every season. Moreover, when we talk about flowers in a wedding it becomes really crucial that we choose the right florist for wedding to do the needful. Choosing the right wedding florist is not only crucial, but also it can be a very exciting part of your wedding.

The right selection of flowers, which are designed beautifully by the right wedding florist, can really add to the overall decoration of your wedding and can make your wedding the most unforgettable day. But the question is how to choose the right wedding florist for the wedding.

Well, you don’t have to worry about it now as in this post, I am sharing with you the top 10 tips to choose the right wedding florist for your wedding.

Here we go…

1. Set the wedding floral budget

Set the wedding floral budget

First things first, in a wedding it is kind of crucial to set budget for everything so that you don’t end up spending lavishly and unnecessarily. However, it is very difficult to estimate the total cost of flowers that you are looking for your wedding. But you can always set a portion of your wedding budget for the floral part of your wedding. More often than not, 10 percent of the total wedding cost is spent on flowers and décor, from the boutonnieres and bouquets to the ceremony, cocktail hour and wedding reception details.

Deciding a floral budget well in advance will not only help you spend within your pocket, but also it will allow your florist to recommend flowers and styles within your price range. Of course, there is no point in wasting your time or their time in simply seeing different types of flowers which are not in your budget or are not going with your theme. If you have a general idea of how many reception tables and how many bridesmaids you’re going to have at your wedding can help you set your floral budget.

2. Do a lot of research

This is very, really very important. Of course, you might not be aware of flower names in the first place. And secondly nobody initially have any idea what kind of flowers they are looking for their wedding. So, a proper research and good homework can really help you get exactly what you are looking for. Also, your wedding florist will be able to understand your needs well, if you know the name of the flowers well.

Let me be frank with you, this is not going to be an easy task. Because, you can’t simply pick any flower and ask your florist to add to your wedding décor. You will need to spend time in researching the kind, type of flowers you want for your wedding, to have an understanding of the names of the flowers you like, to know whether the flowers you are looking for would be available in the season when you are getting married, and the floral terms like types of bouquets, arrangements and other details. All these information beforehand will help you when you will finally meet your florist to discuss the details of your wedding décor and flower requirement.

3. Get your inspiration Pinterest

Yeah, Pinterest your inspiration. There at Pinterest you can find tons of inspiration photos, and you can make your own inspirational flower board with them. All you have to do is simply save all the pictures you like. From there you can have nice idea about the type of flowers, shape of flowers, hues and texture of flowers etc. All that you like can be added to the inspirational board. This will help you communicate your vision and style to the wedding florist more effectively.

4. Ask for recommendations

Asking for recommendations from other brides, your friend who got hitched recently, or from a review sites, or bridal magazines etc. can really help you make your final decision regarding the wedding florist. Besides, if you have hired a wedding planner they can help you with some wonderful suggestions regarding wedding flowers. In fact, sometimes these planners have their own wedding vendors who can do a really great job. Also, you can ask from the wedding venue they also have contacts with wedding vendors who can help you arrange things in your wedding.

5. Search online

Search online

Searching online is another method to find out your wedding florist, in fact, it is the most popular method today. Online you will find numerous florists. You can finalize some of them, actually the ones whose profile have attracted you. Go through each website you have finalized, select the best ones from there and then step ahead.

Before you finally make a list of potential wedding florists make sure you read reviews of their clients in their review sections. Getting enticed by just their colorful website won’t be enough, reading customer reviews can really help you find the best florist for your wedding. For instance, you might like some florist’s website very much, because you found your favorite flower there. But after reading the reviews you got to know that he arranged all poor quality flowers in one of the client’s wedding. What is the point of spending money on poor quality flowers? Remember, your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and you really need to pay heed to every detail. So, don’t miss to spend time looking for each florist websites, reading customer reviews and finalize only when their style matches your overall vision.

6. Consider the style, theme and color scheme of your wedding

Another most important thing to consider before you finally book your wedding florist is – your wedding style, theme and color scheme. Knowing all this can really help you choose the right flowers for your wedding. For instance, if your wedding is going to be an outdoor ceremony and the venue already has natural blooms around it, then you will need fewer wedding floral arrangements. While, in case of wedding indoors you will need to spend in brilliant flower details that will make your wedding day bright and captivating. Knowing wedding color scheme in advance can help you arrange the right flowers for your wedding. Because not every flower can match with your wedding color scheme. It has to go according to the scheme.

7. Get quotes from wedding florists

Now is the time to contact your wedding florists, the ones who you have selected. Tell them your requirements and ask them to send you the proposals based on your need. You can contact them either on the phone or via email. Ask each florist to send you a detailed proposal for your wedding, based on what you’ve told them about the flower vision and budget. You can also ask them to prepare a “high” best-case proposal and “low” bare-minimum proposal. So that you can mix both and customize your package.

8. Compare the proposals

Once you have all the proposals from all the florists, you can compare their prices and finalize the best wedding florists from them. Choose the one which suits your requirement and is in your budget. Also, if you want, you can choose two – three to meet in person.

9. Meet your wedding florist in person

Meet your wedding florist in person

It is important that you meet your florist in person, once you have finalized which one to go with. Meet the florist and discuss things. Ask what all things would be included in the package. Tell them to include everything in the package. Get a formal contract that has every detail in it. Also, don’t miss to ask your wedding florist to include the delivery time and cost for the arrangements in the contract, set up and breakdown.

10. Sign the contract

Once you have formal contract from your wedding florist, do read it thoroughly and see if everything is included in the contract or not. If not then ask them about the same. And if you find everything fine, it’s time to sign the final contract and be free from one task!!

Thanks for reading, I hope these tips help you choose the right wedding florist for your wedding!!

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺