Want to Look Photogenic on your Wedding Day?

Want to look Photogenic on your wedding day We have the best advises for you

A wedding photo album holds a significant place in any couple’s life just like a wedding is an important event of their lives, same ways the wedding photo album is the most indispensable collection of memories of their big day. After all the days spent in preparing for the big day, after exchanging rings, after tying the knots, after saying the wedding wows, after enjoying the reception, what is left behind for the lifetime is the Wedding Album! Once your wedding is over, your wedding photo album is the biggest keepsake from the biggest day of your life that you and your generations to come will cherish forever.

There are many brides who really worry about how to look photogenic on their wedding day and why not, after all these photos are going to stay forever. Wedding photos are the most precious items of your special day and hence they should be perfect undoubtedly! If you are also looking for ways to look photogenic at your wedding day, then surely you have landed at the right page!

Here in this article, I am sharing with you the best tips to get gorgeous photographs on your wedding day! Here we go…

1. Speak to your photographer

First thing first, it is crucial to speak to your wedding photographer well in advance and make sure that you and your photographer are on the same page. Make sure you discuss everything in detail with him/her, such as the time frame of the day, the poses, the type of photography, and the number of group pictures, candid shots etc. Your photographer should know each and every detail prior to the wedding itself, also he should be well versed with all the wedding functions. Talk well in advance with your photographer and let him/her know your fears of the camera (if any), if there is something which makes you uncomfortable. Also, what do you want from the photographer and how your wedding pictures should look like. If you have something specific in mind, tell that too to your photographer.

2. Set aside a separate time slot for bridal & Couple photography

Undoubtedly, your wedding day will be filled with people, functions, rituals and what not, still you have to allow enough time for the most important thing and that is the couple photography at the wedding. You will never want to see your frustrated pictures in your wedding album. But, if at all your wedding photos are rushed your wedding pictures will be spoiled. Hence, it becomes important to set aside a separate time slot for your couple photography at the wedding.

3. Choose a separate place for your bridal photography

Once you are done with all the wedding pictures, group wedding pictures, it is crucial to have couples pictures. While you set aside time slot for your couple photography, make sure you choose up a separate place also for your photography. There should be no disturbance, your place of couple’s photography at the wedding should be some area where no or too less people come. The place should be a perfect photography location so that you can get the best couple pictures out there. You can choose the best part of your wedding venue for your couple photography. Ambiance matters, trust me!

4. Check lighting of the place

Lighting plays important role in photography, it is the key to good pictures. Good lighting helps to set the mood for your pictures. Besides ambiance, lighting of the place should be considered important. You would definitely want to see your clear faces in your wedding pictures. So, make sure you check your light sources well in advance before the big day. Also, for perfect photogenic pictures, the time of the day should be equally considered. Accordingly, your photographer will make arrangements.

5. Hair and Make-up trial before the wedding day

Well, that’s fine that you have booked the best make-up artist and hairstylist for you wedding day. Also, it is not necessary the way you have decided to get your style at your wedding will look good on you. Sometimes, brides are influenced by the style of stars and actresses, which is good but it is not necessary the same style will go with you too. So, it is crucial that you get a trial make-up and hairstyle so that you know how you are going to look at your wedding. Discuss what will look best with your make-up artist and ask for the test make-up. Once you get to test your make-up and hairstyle, take some test shots to know how your pictures will be like. Your make-up and hairstyle should go well with your wedding attire, it is imperative for those gorgeous pictures of your wedding.

6. Get hairstyle which make you feel gorgeous.

Remember, some hairstyles look beautiful, but may make you look like you are missing your hair in a photo. So, it is important that you have a bit of volume on the sides or on top. You can wear a side swept style or an up-do so that your hair are visible from every angle. Still, if you are not certain about your hair, you can get the natural wave, it looks perfect. No matter how do you want to look at your wedding, wavy locks go really well with any bride, and make you feel gorgeous.

7. Do not over-do anything

Yes, it is your wedding but it is not compulsory to get a heavy make-up in the name of wedding day. Sometimes, heavy make-up doesn’t look good at all, and it affects wedding pictures also. Make sure you go for a nice yet subtle make-up for your wedding and not over doing anything. For an instance, if your wedding outfit is heavy or with lot of work on it, a light make-up will make you look stunning. Bright lipsticks accompanied with neutral, subtle eye make-up makes for the perfect pictures at the wedding. Make-up actually add dimension to your face, make sure you choose a color that goes with your skin tone. Also, don’t forget blush, as blush highlight your cheekbones and add to the color. Good for blushing bride pictures!

8. Practice your smile and poses

It may sound bizarre to you, but practicing your smile and poses in front of the mirror will help you to get an idea about the way you will look in your wedding photos. Practicing in front of mirror will help you get the perfect smile, which you can duplicate on your big day. Also, you can practice your poses as well. Do see the small details, like how your eyebrows look, your teeth looks, how much mouth to open when smiling etc.

9. Perfect jawline instantly

Have you ever noticed that when you stand with your chin pulled inward, suddenly your double chin appears? So, make sure you do not stand like that in your wedding day especially when your photo session is going. For more flattering angle and perfect jawline for your wedding pictures, try to stick your chin out and move it downward. This way, you’ll be able to avoid any double chin and will have a perfect jawline in your wedding pictures.

10. Don’t look straight at the camera lens

It’s a trick to get best pictures, do not look straight to your camera lens while getting clicked. Because, if you do so, you will have surprised look in all your wedding picture. So, try to look slightly above the lens or the way your photographer tells you.

11. Stand in a way that you look thinner

It doesn’t matter much whether you are bulgy or slim, sometimes your pictures make you look wide, just like when you stand straight on. For your shoulders to look narrow, try turning them at a slight angle. And for the waist, turn your body slightly as well, and stand on your back foot and bend your front knee slightly and make your bumps look instantly smaller. This is just a tip, but make sure you check your angles while posing for your wedding photos.

12. Add to your statement

Don’t hesitate to try out or add your style statement to look a little different! For your best wedding pictures it is not at all necessary to go by rules or by what your photographer ask you to do. You can try out anything which suits you best, looks unique and will reflect your true self in your wedding pictures. What matters the most is YOU in your pictures!

13. Look towards the light

For that flattering complexion in your wedding pictures it is advices that you look towards the main source of light. Whether your photo session is going on indoors by a window, or outdoors in the sun, looking to the main source of light will help you flatter your complexion in photos and will give you an impeccable glow.

14. Find which hairstyle looks best on you

There are many hairstyles which you might be inspired by, you might have gathered a nice collection of hairstyle in your folder too but not necessarily they will look good on you too. So, it is important that you try out different hairstyles before the big day and see which goes best with your bridal style. This way you will have fair idea about your hairstyle and you will be able to get the best hairdo at your wedding.

15. Choose your accessories carefully

For those perfectly gorgeous wedding pictures, it is essential you choose your accessories carefully. You may like anything but choose the one which goes well with your attire and face cut. Don’t just buy anything, just see if it suits your wedding style or not.

16. Flaunt your wedding outfit

Make the most of your wedding outfit, after all you will wear it once only. While going for your dream wedding gown, see that you are comfortable in it, and also it makes you feel beautiful and confident. Your wedding outfit should be comfortable and a nice fit, because if it is not comfortable then definitely the discomfort will be visible on your face too, which will impact your wedding pictures. Hence, it is crucial you see that it is a nice fit, and the design and other details are not only beautiful, but also looks good on you. Also, make sure your hair and your make-up complement your wedding outfit.

17. Go Candid

You don’t have to have all the pictures prepared. Sometimes, candid poses make the best photographs. Candid style of photography is perfect and you will be amazed to see your real and natural pictures from your wedding. Candid shots are random shots, shots where people are caught off-guard. Just imagine your natural expressions and moments captured as they are, you will fall in love with them. So, while selecting the style of photography make sure you have candid style of photography as well in the list.

18. Perfecting your smile

Well, for that the most important thing you can do is to stay relaxed and calm. You will get a natural and real smile by being calm at your wedding. However, the trick for perfecting your smile is to give a three-quarter smile than a full smile, but make sure it doesn’t look fake. For that, you need to smile gently and hold your smile for the duration of the photo session. Keep interacting with people close to your heart so as to stay calm and relaxed. Laughing in between is no harm as the best smiles come when you laugh and captured candidly.

19. Relax and enjoy your day to the fullest

Besides tricks and tips, the most important thing is to stay relaxed and calm at your wedding. For those perfect pictures of your wedding, make sure you enjoy your day to the fullest without getting worried about things which are beyond your control. Certain things do not really work out at the wedding, but you don’t need to spoil your mood for those things. Remember, it is your day – a very important day of your life. Things which are beyond your control, or are not to be taken so seriously, learn to ignore them or handle them calmly. Let all the issues or situations not disturb you at all, if at all they do, remind yourself it’s your wedding and you need to look best and stay calm. Also, trust people around you, they will tackle if anything goes off track, you need not to worry or pay heed to, unless it is worth worrying.

20. Be yourself

Don’t copy anybody, it is your wedding – your special day. Feel special, be special, be confident and most importantly be yourself. Remember, you are the only version of yourself, nobody else can be like you. So, be yourself and have a great time! It’s YOUR day don’t leave any stone unturned!

Final thoughts…

Follow these tips and tricks and get the best pictures of your wedding. Happy Wedding!!!
It’s your day make the best out of it. Smile a lot, enjoy a lot and laugh it off. Be Comfortable, Be Confident & Be Yourself!! ☺ ☺