Quick Tips To Select The Best Wedding DJ/Music Band

The Best Wedding DJ/Music Band

Choosing a DJ or music band for any event, including a wedding, can be vexing. More often than not, people end up selecting a poor DJ service company that just spoils the whole fun element rather than adding to the event. This is because most people are unaware of where to begin.
If this is the case with you, too, read this post. Here in this post, we will share some of the best and quickest tips to select the best wedding DJ/Music Band.

So, let’s get started…

The majority of searches begin online when it comes to selecting the best DJ service for your wedding. There are some critical questions that you will encounter while selecting a DJ service. The questions are as follows:

  1. When is your event taking place?
  2. What is the time of your event?
  3. How long will your event last?
  4. Where will your event take place?

Majorly the DJ service and its pricing will be determined by these questions. Yes, these questions play a significant role in hiring a music band for your wedding.

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So, let’s see how these questions will impact your final decisions. BUT, before we move ahead, let’s take a closer look at why do you need to hire a DJ service for your wedding.

Here we go…

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Why do you need a DJ at the wedding?

Entertainment is an indispensable part of your wedding. Good music can just add to your wedding reception. It will simply make your event memorable. Of course, all your guests would want to dance, enjoy, and have fun. And music is the best way to add to your wedding reception. It sets the tone of the event and makes everybody feel happy and enthralled. It’s important to have a Band or DJ at the wedding reception.

So, if you haven’t yet planned to have a DJ at the wedding, plan NOW!

Factors that Impact the Pricing of Wedding DJ

1. Season and Day of the Event

When your event takes place plays a crucial role in determining the pricing of the DJ service. It basically includes the day and season of the event. Obviously, the time of day and even the season have an impact on how much you will pay.

This implies that a Saturday or Sunday night event will cost more than any other night of the week. Aside from that, an event in the peak season will be costlier than the one in a regular season. Peak seasons are the busiest time for DJs; that’s why you end up paying more during that time of year.

2. The Time of the Event

Another factor that impacts the overall cost of the DJ service is the time of the event. For instance, if your event is in the late evening or at night, you’ll have to pay more.

3. The Duration of the Wedding Reception

How long you want your DJ to play at the event will also impact the cost. The standard booking duration is four hours long. If you’re going to hire a DJ for more than four hours, you’ll have to pay “overtime,” which is usually 1.5 times the hourly rate.

4. The Location/Venue of the Wedding Reception

Actually, when we say the event’s venue or location, it means the distance. If you hire a DJ service in your town, there will be no travel fees. However, if you intend to hire a specific DJ vendor for your destination wedding, you will be responsible for their travel expenses as well.

Tips To Hire The Best DJ

1. Set Wedding DJ Budget

Music is one of the most critical parts of your wedding. It is that one thing that can either make the event or break it. So make sure you set a separate budget for your wedding music. Usually, wedding music is 7 to 10% of the total wedding budget. For instance, your wedding budget is $10,000; your music budget will be 7-10% of the $10,000. So the music budget will be $700 to $1000.

2. Scour, Scour, Scour

This is the first and foremost thing that you should do when you start your process to hire a DJ. The best way is to go online and scour through the internet for the best DJ service in your area. You will come across numerous DJ services, don’t be overwhelmed to see them. Select the top five of them.

3. Ask for Reference

If you have somebody known or you liked the DJ at your cousin’s wedding, ask him/her for the contact information. More often than not, references work really well. You are highly likely to hire a reliable DJ service provider.

You can also inquire if anyone knows of a DJ or DJ service that they’ve used in the past. Believe it or not, word of mouth still works wonders.

4. Read Through Their Websites

Don’t ever put your trust in someone without reading through their websites. Go through the websites of the potential DJ service providers. It will give you a good amount of information on DJ service providers.

5. Read Online Reviews

It matters what their previous clients say about them. So, don’t miss reading reviews on their website. If you find a lot of negative reviews on their website, it’s a red flag! Just start searching for another vendor.

You can even request references from their previous customers or ask people you know. This way you will be able to gather enough information about them. And know that information is power!

6. Collect Quotes

When you hire a DJ service provider, make sure you collect quotes from at least three of them. Compare their cost, services, and finally choose the one that fits your needs well. Your decision should not completely depend on the prices of the DJ service. Selecting a cheap DJ service for saving some money is not a great idea, especially when it’s your wedding.

7. Meet the Vendor in Person

Most often than not, couples book their DJ services without meeting their vendor. It’s the biggest mistake you will ever make. So, make sure you meet the DJ service company in person. Interview them and understand each aspect of their work, such as their timing, duration, prices, etc.

Make sure you get your questions ready in advance. Meeting them in person and collecting direct information will help you make the right choice.

8. Sign the Dotted Lines

Only when you’re satisfied with the services and prices of DJ Services finalize the vendor. Make sure you sign the dotted lines only after reading the contract thoroughly. Ensure that your contract has everything that you and your vendor have agreed upon (including prices and discounts). It will save you from all the chaos that may happen in the absence of a contract.

The Cost Of DJ Service

The cost of wedding reception music can vary greatly depending on the type of musicians you hire, their level of expertise, and a variety of other factors. However, the average cost of wedding musicians is $500.

Many DJ services want the business, so don’t be afraid to tell them how much you’re willing to pay for the service upfront. If your budget is $300, start the conversation with that, so they are honest with you about their ability to do it.

Don’t ever book your DJ based on the pricing. There is no point putting your hard-earned money in inferior quality services just to save a few dollars. Remember that the DJ is in charge of the atmosphere at your event. Usually, couples spend thousands of dollars on catering, venue, and décor, but only $250 on music. Don’t forget that music will make your event memorable and jazz it up. A bad DJ can ruin a good night! So, don’t make that mistake; it will simply ruin the fun element!

When selecting a DJ, be careful. Budget DJs are also in it to make money, so if they accept a low-paying gig and then find a higher-paying gig, they may cancel at the last minute or, worse, not show up at all!

Also, don’t ever miss having a contract. The contract is essential for your records. A contract is a deal between you and the vendor. If anything goes wrong, then you can use the same contract to sue the person/company.

Aside from that, never pay the whole cost upfront. Of course, you don’t want to have surprises at the last minute. Often vendors take full money in advance and never show up. Don’t become yet another victim!

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Here are some tips by professionals to save money on your wedding DJ:

Pro Tip 1: Save money strategically. Rather than putting your money on a bad DJ, put your money on the right DJ. You may end up saving some dollars but spoiling the whole reception ceremony – BAD IDEA! You can always plan an off-season wedding or host a wedding on weekdays. An off-season wedding is always less expensive. This way, you will save money on DJ and other wedding vendors as well.

Pro Tip 2: End your event before 11 p.m. Ending your wedding reception before 11 p.m. can help you save a significant amount on DJ. So, the best is to book your DJ for 4 hours for your wedding. By that time all your guests will be gone, only the closed ones will be there. If you want to enjoy your night with them, have a music system arranged in advance so that once the DJ has left, you can have your own music and enjoy your night.

Pro Tip 3: Exercise Caution. Don’t just sign the contract; read it thoroughly. Determine what is included in the price. See what all services are included in the package. For instance, wireless microphones, lights, and so on are included in the package. Be clear and ask upfront. You don’t need to pay for the things that should be included in the DJ service.

Pro Tip 4: Negotiate. You always have the privilege to negotiate with the vendors. Of course, you can always ask for some discount, or to play for an extra hour. This way you can end up having a good deal and make your wedding reception memorable.

Wrapping it up…

So, these are the quick tips to select the best wedding DJ. Hopefully, this article has been enlightening for you. Following these tips will allow you to make the best choice. So, follow them and make the best decision ever!

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺