How to Uninvite Wedding Guests Due to COVID?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives profoundly. People around the world have faced myriads of negative situations and problems. And one such situation was the cancelation of the wedding. Yes, the most couples had to grapple with changes and even cancelations of their weddings.

The biggest problem that couples had to face was downsizing their guests’ list due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Trust me, dealing with any situation is easier than downsizing a guest list. Of course, inviting guests is easy, but uninviting them is a hell lot of a task. There is always a risk of making them unhappy and annoyed about uninviting them. A matter of fact is nobody likes to be uninvited, especially when they were already making preparations for your wedding.

If you are also thinking about how to uninvite wedding guests due to Covid, this post is for you. Here in this post, we share ways to politely uninvite your guests without making them feel awkward.

Here we go……

Steps For Uninviting Your Guest List

Step No. 1: The first and foremost step to uninvite your guests is to downsize your guests’ list. Know that it’s the most harrowing task of all. But still, you have to do that!

Step No. 2: Now, know the current wedding guests limit imposed by your state. Only when you know how many people you can invite, you would be able to downsize your guest list.

Step No. 3: Create a new guest list. Yes, sit with your parents, partner, and extended family to create a new guest list.

Step No. 4: Decide how many people at the most you can invite from both sides at your wedding.

Step No. 5: Of course, it’s not easy to make cuts in the list. And if your find yourself grappling with making cuts, then the best is to break it into different categories: VVIP (which will include your parents & siblings), Close Friends (include only the closest ones).

Know that a wedding in corona can be an intimate celebration. And intimate weddings are always limited to family and very close friends and loved ones. Besides these, everybody else you will have to uninvite.

Step No. 6. Now, it’s time to make a list of guests who you want to uninvite. It’s easy; anybody who is not on your latest guest list has to be uninvited.

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Once you have decided who to invite, it’s time to let them know. There are myriads of ways to give your guests notice. You can call them, send them a polite email or a WhatsApp message, or an e-card. But make sure you are not mass messaging them. It will be very impolite on your part. You’re already going to hurt some of your guests, and mass messaging can lead to no connection in the future with them.

Use the most personalized way to communicate your message. Of course, you would never want to annoy people. They should feel that you’re compelled to take this action. They will certainly understand your position in this current situation.

Steps to Notify your Guests:

Personal Calls:

Make personal calls to the ones who are very close to you. Tell them your position and how you decided to make your wedding an intimate celebration. Also, do let them know that you really care for them and how badly you’re going to miss them at your wedding.

Send Cards:

Just like your wedding invites, you can get wedding uninvite cards designed to notify your guests. Get uninvite cards designed by your stationer along with a message of regret that you have to repeal. And yeah, don’t miss to sign it with a little note.

You can even send them an invite to attend your virtual wedding instead of attending it physically. If you decide to send each guest a note about the change of plans, make sure you use the right wordings. Of course, you will need to clear your stand along with the right reasons and explanations so that none of your former guests feel bad about being uninvited.

Here are some of the samples to write a personalized note to your former guests notifying them of a change of plans:

Sample 1: Simple Uninviting Note.

Dear [Name of the guest(s)],

Due to the State Government’s coronavirus restrictions, we are compelled to change plans for our wedding. Keeping your safety and the protocols in mind, we have decided to limit our guest list to an intimate number. Kindly accept our apologies for not having you with us on the biggest day of our lives. We have planned to host a reception at a later date; we cannot wait to celebrate the same with you!

Thanks & Regards,

[Your Names]

Sample 2: Inviting for Virtual Wedding

Dear [Name of the guest(s)],

Keeping the current circumstances and everyone’s safety in mind, we have a change of plans for our wedding. We have limited our guest list to our family members only, and we will be hosting a virtual wedding for our guests. Kindly accept our apologies for not having you with us on the biggest day of our lives.

However, we would love to have you at our virtual wedding. You can have all the details of the virtual wedding on our wedding website. We are looking forward to celebrating with you!

Pro Tip: Mention the link to your website at the end of the note. Also, don’t miss to update your website with the details of your virtual wedding.

Thanks & Regards,

[Your Names]


These are the ways to uninvite wedding guests due to COVID. You don’t need to worry about what they will think, as everybody worldwide is aware of the present scenario. People themselves want to avoid events and functions with a huge gathering. So, without getting worried about your former guests, just focus on your wedding planning and making it the most memorable event of your life.

Happy Wedding…. ☺ ☺