10 Unique Ways To Show Off Your Wedding Rings In Photoshoot

Unique Ways To Show Off Your Wedding Rings In Photoshoot

So finally your dreams came through and you got married to the love of your life. You walked down the aisle, surrounded by your loved ones. Happy tears were shed as you waved goodbye to single life.

Pictures were taken of you in your lovely dress and matching wedding day diamonds or jewelry. Definitely, you will want pictures of your wedding ring to be taken as well. But truth be told, even after the random wedding pictures, you will still want a special photoshoot to show off your wedding ring.

Wedding rings have been known to represent love and commitment. It shows a transition from being single to married. Diamond wedding rings for women, however, are such a big deal. Whether it’s engagement rings or wedding rings, women love their rings grand and noticeable. They’ll flaunt it in any way possible.

For this reason, most women will arrange for a special photoshoot to display their rings, especially if it’s a diamond wedding band. Wedding ring photoshoots have to be well planned out. Both the photographer and the bride or couples must have their chosen styles in mind.

A good wedding ring photoshoot must be well lit, there have to be good backgrounds too and all parties must understand the right angles. But even with the best camera and background, if you lack styles, there’ll be no solid content for the pictures.

Below is a compilation of some unique ways you can showcase your ring in a photoshoot. With these steps, you will get classy and attractive pictures.

1. Wedding Ring on the Spotlight

A nice way to show off diamond wedding rings in a photoshoot is to put them in the spotlight. How can you achieve this? Create a dark background with a mini spotlight for the rings.

Place the rings in the spotlight and make sure they are well seated. You can add the engagement ring too and snap from a good angle. This way, the ring is well highlighted because of the dark background.

2. Ring on the Wedding Date

You might be thinking of romantic dates, but we actually mean calendar dates. A nice picture concept for showing off your wedding ring is placing it on your wedding date. Get a calendar in a plain color and place your wedding ring on the date of your wedding.

Let’s say your wedding date is July 16th, you will place the ring on that column of the calendar. Let the date and the ring be in focus. This showcases both the ring and the date of the wedding. It shows off the ring while putting the date in perspective.

3. Rings With Reflection

Another unique way of showing your ring is by giving it the multiplier effect. Place your wedding rings vertically on a mirror, or any other reflective surface.

This will give you a beautiful and catchy result. Also, the reflection will show other sides of the rings that may be hidden.

4. Introduce a Glass of Champagne

Wedding rings are for celebration and so is a glass of champagne. The idea behind this concept is to get a picture of a splash in the champagne glass. This can be achieved with water or any safe liquid.

Drop the rings in the champagne glass and capture them before they sink. You can also decide to put the rings in empty glasses if liquids won’t work for you.

5. Ring in a Jewelry Box

Showing off your wedding ring in a ring box may seem common, but there are ways to spice it up. To make the shoot exceptional, you can get a fancy ring box. There are several ring boxes with unique designs. It can be a transparent ring box or a ring box with light.

6. Hand on Your Partner’s Thigh

Placing your hand on your partner’s thigh while wearing the ring is a great show-off. This way, a snippet of your partner is associated with the picture. Place your hand diagonally on your partner’s lap and make sure your nails are nicely done.

7. Accessorize

You can snap your wedding rings with other accessories like earring studs and tennis bracelets. You can arrange your diamond earrings and tennis bracelet behind the wedding rings.

Put the ring in front of the other accessories. The picture should have the wedding rings in focus and the accessories as background details.

8. Hand With a Tall Object in Front

This is a trendy and unique wedding ring show-off style. This concept entails a stretched-out hand wearing a diamond wedding ring, and facing a tall building or object in front.

One of the popular objects for this concept is the Eiffel tower. The picture is taken with the raised fingers in focus.

9. Ring on Locked Fingers

Lock your fingers with that of your partner and show off the wedding ring. You can lock fingers while walking on the beach, or place the locked fingers on a fine surface. This concept shows deep intimacy and love for your partner.

10. Put the Ring on a Pet

Pets are really adorable creatures, and they can help you showcase your wedding rings. You can place your wedding band on the head, body, or paws of your pet.

This will be best if the fur of your pet compliments the ring. Putting a gold ring on a pet with deep gold furs may not be a good idea. The ring will not be visible, rather it’ll camouflage with the furs.


We all love weddings, but no one loves a wedding more than a married couple. Taking good shots of wedding rings is a beautiful act. It shows off the ring and keeps memories that can last for a century.

Pictures of your wedding ring will constantly remind you of your love and vows. However, it’s important that they are unique and well taken. You can try out any of these concepts for your wedding ring photo shoot.

Make sure you get a good photographer who has the right equipment. Also, share your ideas with them in detail before proceeding with the shoot. If you are doing the shoot yourself, also make sure you have the required skill and equipment.


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