25 Best Surprise Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Husbands

Best 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Husbands

Anniversary Gifts For Husbands, Anniversary celebrations are typically memorable occasions for married couples. These are the best occasions to commemorate their special days in their own distinctive manner. 

There are numerous ways you can make your wedding anniversary extra special. You can host a marvelous party for your beloved husband or organize a trip with him. And a thoughtful wedding anniversary gift for husband will be like a cherry on top. 

So, if you’re planning to commemorate your special day in a stylish way, then opt for a thoughtful wedding anniversary gift

Of course, we understand that choosing the right anniversary gift may seem like a task. However, with our list of top 25 anniversary gifts making the right choice will become a breeze.

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Why should you choose a wedding anniversary gift for your husband?

Every woman anticipates receiving a thoughtful present from her husband on their wedding anniversary. However, contemporary wives are different; they opt to take charge. 

To that end, wives often go to great lengths to plan unique surprises for their husbands on crucial days like their wedding anniversaries.

Getting your husband a gift is a romantic thing to do as it will make him feel very special. This is one of the coolest ways you can demonstrate to your husband how much you care about him and how wonderful it has been that the two of you have been on this trip together. 

The vast majority of males are not nearly as emotional as women are. It is important to commemorate the wedding anniversary, so do something special for your husband on this special day. Aside from buying a wedding anniversary gift for husband, you must also spend quality time together. 

If you’re struggling to choose the right gift, then this is the post for you. We have compiled a list of the 25 best thoughtful presents for you to give to your husband this wedding anniversary.

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25 Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Husbands


1. Deodorants

Your husband is probably like a lot of other men in that he takes pride in how he smells, and of course, he is not an exception to this rule. 


It’s not a bad idea to get him a nice-smelling deodorant of good quality. Give him a deodorant that he likes the most or the one that he wishes to buy. This is a present that, without a doubt, your husband will adore.

You can buy a great deodorant at www.byrdie.com. They sell both scented and unscented so that you can buy them as per their liking.

Pricing: $14 to $60

2. Wears 

When thinking about what to acquire for your husband, you might give some thought to purchasing him some high-quality clothing. 

When it comes to acquiring presents for your spouse, you have a number of options accessible to choose from, including a selection of different outfits. 

The clothing could be something from the native culture, a T-shirt, pajamas, sportswear (if he is a fan of any football club), or anything else. 

You might also get him a sport coat or a blazer.

Pricing: As per your budget

3. Wristwatches 

Wristwatches make for the best wedding anniversary gifts for husbands. It is because the majority of guys are huge fans of wristwatches.


Wristwatches make for excellent accessories for males.

If your husband also loves to wear watches, then you should gift him a distinctive wristwatch that features the very best design.

You can buy him a smartwatch or an analog watch on your wedding anniversary.

Pricing: Starting from $160

Available at: www.fossil.com

4. Wristbands

Another type of accessory that the majority of men enjoy wearing is a wristband.

If your spouse is someone who enjoys showing off fashionable accessories as much as you do, then you should purchase him a stylish bracelet that he can wear to parties or when he is traveling. 

The fact that these bands are available in a wide number of styles and configurations is undoubtedly their greatest selling point. You can shop taking into account the preferences of your hubby.

Pricing: Starting from $9

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5. Gents Wallets 

Gents’ wallets are perfect wedding anniversary gifts for husbands, especially if you’re looking for a thoughtful gift item.

Gents Wallets

There are numerous brands selling high-quality wallets. Leather wallets look awesome; they make for a fantastic gift option. You can buy an amazing gents’ wallet online. 

Pricing: $29

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6. Pair of Shoes

Pair of shoes is another wonderful wedding anniversary gift for husband.

When it comes to purchasing shoes, you should be aware of the particular style that your husband prefers the most.

Pair of Shoes

It would be thoughtful to present your husband with footwear on the occasion of your wedding anniversary.

Get him the most stylish pair of shoes you can find, and check to see that they are of high quality. There are a variety of styles available in the market, from leather shoes to sneakers. 

Make sure the shoes you buy are long-lasting and something he will enjoy wearing.  

Pricing: Starting from $45

7. Leather Belt

This is an excellent present for your spouse to receive on your wedding anniversary.

Leather Belt

It should come as a complete surprise to him. It’s up to you if you want to adorn it with any other sartorial accouterments that guys favor.

Pricing: Starting at $16.99

8. A Romantic Vacation 

It’s a common misconception that only women like going on romantic vacations. In fact, guys appreciate the gesture just as much.

A Romantic Vacation

Your spouse has put in a lot of effort recently, and he certainly deserves a reward of some kind.

When you take your husband on a trip to celebrate your wedding anniversary, it will come as a wonderful and unexpected surprise to him. You can plan a vacation to any place of your husband’s choice. He will surely love the idea! 

Pricing: Depending on your budget.

Available at: www.travelandleisure.com

9. Suit Accessories 

Suit accessories are a great way to demonstrate to your husband how much you care for him on this anniversary.

Suit Accessories

Both ties and cufflinks are essential components of a well-put-together outfit.

When you and your husband are spending your wedding anniversary together, this is yet another excellent present idea that you may give to your husband. You might look for a set of cufflinks and ties that each has their own distinctive pattern.

Your husband will definitely appreciate it as a wedding anniversary gift. 

Pricing: Ties (Starting at $21), Cufflinks (Starting at $9)

10. West Coast-style IPA Beer Brewing Kit

If your husband enjoys winding down with a beer, consider purchasing him a beer kit as a gift.

West Coast-Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit

Your husband will understand that you appreciate his interest in beer and passion for the beverage.

This home-brewing kit provides him with everything he needs to create his own brew beverage by combining malt extract, hops, and other components. He will surely love this as a wedding anniversary gift. 

Pricing: $41.99

11. Mark & Graham Men’s Tech Folio

This leather tech folio is exactly what your husband needs to help him keep track of all of his electronic devices.

Mark & Graham Men’s Tech Folio

If you agree, then Mark & Graham Men’s Tech Folio is the best gift that you can buy for your husband.

The exterior is constructed from vegan leather, and the interior is both attractive and roomy enough to accommodate his iPad as well as a laptop computer.

The best thing is that it comes in a variety of colors. You can choose any shade you believe he will find appealing from the available options. This is one of the nicest gifts you could buy for him because it is both long-lasting and useful.

Pricing: $99

12. Customized Notepad and Pen 

This will be an excellent present for your spouse if he is the type of person who likes to jot things down and keep a record of everything he learns.

Customised Notepad and Pen

Personalizing the notepad and pen is a great way to give it a more memorable touch. He will surely love the idea. You can customize it with his name or can add both of your names along with the date.

Pricing: $5.01

13. Personalized Gifts  

Have you given any thought to what other things you could buy for your husband? If not, then give a thought to a personalized towel or bathrobe as an additional gift.

This present will always remind him of the love that you have for him, and he will feel that love whenever he looks at it. 

Your spouse, like all men, enjoys being the center of attention, so do everything you can to make him feel that way.

Pricing: $49.99

14. Ceylon Skincare Set

Shaving is something that every man enjoys doing. Your spouse would appreciate receiving a gift that he can put to good use, such as a Ceylon Skincare package.

Ceylon Skincare Set

This product comes in a set that includes a facial cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer that are all wonderful for the skin. 

With this skincare set, you can make your husband’s skin feel revitalized and refreshed. This is a routine for the males designed to be used twice a day.

It will help your husband attain a tone and texture that is even and smooth across their face. Highly efficient for pigmented skin and appropriate for individuals who struggle with common skin issues.

Pricing: $80

15. Razor Shaving Kit

If your top focus is to improve your husband’s appearance, then a razor-shaving kit is a perfect gift.

Razor Shaving Kit

He will most likely enjoy having a clean shave on a regular basis. This is a gift that will not only be appreciated by him but will also come in handy.

In addition to being long-lasting, this luxury razor shaving kit comes in handy, making this present truly special.

This kit has everything a person could possibly require to keep their face as smooth as silk or simply trim up that beard so that it is nice and tight.

Your husband will love it for sure! 

Pricing: Starting at $34.99

16. Beard Grooming Kit

Best Beard Care Kit for Men is an excellent wedding anniversary gift for husband.

Beard Grooming Kit

This complete men’s grooming kit has it all that your husband would need to look flawless at all times. So, if your husband is fond of beards and you want him to stay trimmed always, then buy him this kit.

It contains Shavette Straight Razor, Hemp Beard Oil, Beard Scissors, Beard Balm, and Bamboo Beard Comb & Brush. All these come in an elegant presentation box.

This kit includes everything your husband would need to keep his beard looking great.

Pricing: $109.95

17. SlumberMee Mens Fleece Plush Robe

The SlumberMee Mens Fleece Plush Robe with Hood is a Luxurious House Coat that is Ultra Soft, Fluffy, Full Length, and Features Pockets.

SlumberMee Mens Fleece Plush Robe

This robe is wonderful and toasty, and I’m sure it will appeal to both you and your husband. It has a beautiful design, and you have the option to have it monogrammed.

In addition to being long-lasting, it is made of high-end polyester fabric known as Shu Velveteen. This fabric is incredibly silky and cuddly to the touch.

It will securely wrap your husband in warmth when he is sleeping, lazing around, or even before or after he takes a bath. If you buy it for him on the occasion of your wedding anniversary, he will absolutely adore it.

Pricing: $69.99

18. Rockin Gear Mug Mrs.Always Right & Mr.Right Set

This is yet another option for an anniversary present that you might take into consideration purchasing for your hubby.

Rockin Gear Mug Mrs.Always Right & Mr.Right Set

If you and your husband love to enjoy coffee together, then this is a perfect gift option. It comes in a beautiful color combination.

If you buy this set – your husband will always choose this mug over any other mug there is to choose from. Isn’t it?

Pricing: $24.99

19. Jambys Boxers with Pockets

The vast majority of guys enjoy donning this particular type of boxer because it is among the comfiest clothing available.

Jambys Boxers with Pockets

It comes in a variety of patterns, as well as color options. The best thing is that this boxer comes with pockets.

On the occasion of your wedding anniversary, it is a thoughtful gesture to present your husband with this gift.

Pricing: $35

20. Sorel Men’s Manawan II Slipper

Another possibility for a present that you might get for your husband is a set of Sorel Men’s Manawan II Slippers.

Sorel Mens Manawan II Slipper

It is available in a variety of sizes. He can always wear it inside. Buy him this pair of slippers and make him feel special. 

Pricing: Starting at $61.03

21. Adirondack Chair

There is a proverb that asserts that a pair who lounges together will continue to be together forever.

Adirondack Chair

So, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind wedding anniversary gift for husband, then this is the one. An Adirondack chair is sure to make your husband’s eyes light up with joy.

Relaxing in the backyard, especially in the evening, will become his favorite thing for sure. It comes in a variety of colors, and in addition to that, it is long-lasting.

It is up to you whether you want to buy one of these seats for yourself or a set of two to relax together! 

Pricing: $139.99

22. Nautica Waffle Robe 

No matter where you spend your day to relax, it will provide your husband with an additional level of comfort.

Nautica Waffle Robe

Made of cotton, this waffle robe will provide your husband with amazing comfort during summer. This Nautica robe provides enough warmth to the wearer from the bedroom to the breakfast nook to the couch, anywhere you go.

This is an ideal wedding anniversary gift for husband that you can consider buying. It comes in many different hues, so you can choose the one that your husband likes the most. 

Pricing: Starting at $24.64

23. Luxury Personalised iPhone Case 

You can also get a phone case that offers protection for your husband’s device. It is one of the most thoughtful wedding anniversary gifts for husbands.

Luxury Personalised iPhone Case

It will help him protect his device from any wear and tear, especially if he frequently throws his phone on the ground by accident. 

This phone case is one of a kind since it incorporates both a travel card holder and a wallet for the user to store their cash and cards. It would be a wonderful present!

Pricing: $23.99

24. 3 in 1 Charging Station for iPhone

This is one of the most useful wedding anniversary gifts for a husband that he will like for sure. Yes, if your husband’s phone drains too quickly, then this is the gift you must consider for him.

It will help him charge his phone whenever he wants to. It comes in a pack of three; it contains Wireless Charger for iPhone 14 13 12 11 X Pro Max & Apple Watch – Charging Stand Dock for AirPods.

So, if your husband has an iPhone, then this is the best anniversary gift you can think of.

Pricing: $29.99 (after a 57% discount)

25. Men’s Messenger Bag

We conclude our list with yet another wonderful wedding anniversary gift for husband, and that is Mens Messenger Bag. It is a beautiful gift item that your husband will love for sure.

This stylish and durable men’s messenger bag is crafted from top-quality materials, including crazy horse cowhide leather and water-resistant canvas.

Wrinkles and scrapes give the surface a worn and rustic appearance. It has 9 compartments that your husband can use to hold all of his essentials, such as cards, wallet, etc.

The shoulder strap of this canvas messenger bag is removable and may be adjusted to the perfect length for you. The magnetic latches and zippers on this laptop messenger bag provide extra security.

So, if you think it will bring immense joy to your husband, then buy it now! 

Pricing: $49.99

Wrapping it up… 

So, there you have it: the top 25 wedding anniversary gifts for husband. We hope that this list will help you make the best anniversary gift choice for your husband.

So, there you have it: the top 25 wedding anniversary gifts for husband. We hope that this list will help you make the best anniversary gift choice for your husband.

Make sure the gift you buy is one of a kind. Aside from the ones listed above, there are many different presents that you can consider. Make sure the one you give should be memorable and distinctive. Give it something that will always bring back good feelings and make him smile. 

Always make sure that the present you choose to buy for him is one that will last a long time. It is imperative that you always get him the very best because it is supposed to be something that he will use for a considerable amount of time.

Another essential consideration that you need to give attention to is your husband’s interests. You can use this as a guide to determine what he will love and appreciate the most. 

Keep in mind that one of your goals is to make him feel unique and cherished. 

Since you are the one that knows your husband the best, you should place a high priority on catering to his requirements. 

Make your wedding anniversary memorable with a unique gift for your husband! 

Happy Wedding…