Wedding Corsage Etiquette For The Special Day

Wedding Flower Corsage Etiquette

A corsage is commonly a tiny flower bouquet worn around the wrist or on clothes during special celebrations. For instance, girls who attend their prom often receive a corsage from their dates.

Nowadays, giving a corsage during a wedding ceremony isn’t uncommon. It’s a beautiful gesture that can make the special day more meaningful. If you’re worried about the proper wedding corsage etiquette, you can keep the following tips in mind:

⇒ Use The Same Flowers As Your Venue

Flowers are commonly used to decorate a wedding venue, bringing life to the wedding ceremony or the reception. If you’re following a theme for your big day, it’s best to stick to the same elements when getting a corsage.

For instance, if your reception is decorated with pastel-colored flowers, try to purchase small bouquets with similar shades and appearances. This’ll ensure the corsage worn by your loved ones won’t clash with the rest of your venue.

You can also try to base the corsage design on the season. If you’re holding your ceremony before winter, you can look up corsage ideas for fall to see which arrangements will look good.

⇒ Check If The Wearer Has A Preference

Some people may be surprised to receive a corsage during a wedding ceremony. They may not know how to wear it or feel uncomfortable wearing it on their wrists. Hence, it’s best to bring the topic up before the big day.

You can ask your guests and bride if they have preferences when wearing a corsage. Also, you should think about whether it matters if they wear it on their body or clothes. If you don’t mind them wearing it anywhere, you can let them decide how to put it on.

Alternately, if one of your wedding day gift ideas is giving a corsage to your special someone, it may be difficult to ask them about their preference. If you wish to surprise them and ensure they’ll wear your gift, it’s best to let them wear it on their arm. After all, corsages are commonly placed on the left hand of the receiver.

⇒ Use A Small Cloth-Friendly Pin

If you plan to give away several corsages for everyone to wear during the wedding, it may be best to prepare cloth-friendly pins. Some guests may hesitate to wear it once they receive it since it may damage their clothes. For example, if someone wears a thick coat or a suit or tuxedo, they may think the pin will leave a visible hole on their clothes and choose not to use it. Hence, if you wish your loved ones to use the flower arrangement you’ll hand out, make it easy to attach to clothes.

Wedding Corsage Flower pin on suit

You can try to look for small pins or ask your florist if they provide flower clips for clothing. This way, the wearer won’t mind putting it on their jacket or dress. You can also use a magnet to attach it safely. Attach one piece on the flower bouquet and attach the other one under the clothes to secure the corsage in place. This leaves no marks and also keeps the flower in place.

⇒ Match The Buds You’ll Use

It’s common for couples to match their flower ornament to signify they’re together. If you plan on wearing one with your special someone, it’s best to pick the same flowers for the corsage. This’ll let people know you’re together and ensure your look won’t clash with your partner.

For instance, if you’re wearing a white rose, you should prepare the same corsage for your other half. Also, you can set aside corsages for couples for your guests. You can hand them out to partners so they can also match.

Your wedding ceremony will look more harmonious if everyone follows the dress code and wears the corsage correctly. Furthermore, taking your time to think about this minor detail shows you want to make the ceremony perfect. It shows your sincerity to your partner and lets them know you want to be actively involved during the entire process of preparing for the big day.

⇒ Use Fresh Flowers

Some wedding ceremonies use fresh flowers for all the parts of the venue, like the table centerpiece, aisle design, and reception backdrop. After all, fresh ones have a different vibe from synthetic ones. If you want people to wear corsages during your big day, it’s best to use fresh flowers. They have a unique appeal that will surely impress anyone who receives them.

You can ask your flower supplier if they make wearable flower bouquets. This way, it’ll be less stressful for you to source all your needs for the big day. Furthermore, it’s best to check whether the flowers have bloomed once you receive them. If the arrangement has wilted or looks unappealing, it may affect the wearer’s appearance. Hence, it’s advisable to check the quality of each piece you’ll hand out during the ceremony.

Some flowers may be sensitive to heat and may lose their vibrance after being exposed to high temperatures or the sun. So try to find a cool place to store them if you don’t intend to hand them out immediately.

Final Thoughts

You shouldn’t overthink the proper wedding corsage etiquette during your big day. After all, it’s just one of the many things you need to prepare to ensure the ceremony goes smoothly. If you’re worried about giving small flower bouquets to your loved ones, it’s best to follow the tips in this post.

For one, you should ensure the types of buds you’ll use match the rest of your venue. This way, it won’t clash once your guests and partner wear it. You should also consider the pin you’ll attach to it since others may not prefer to put it on their clothes. Lastly, you should check the quality and appearance of the flowers to ensure they look good and fresh.

Keeping these guidelines in mind will guarantee you won’t encounter any problems during your wedding ceremony. Remember that as long as you put your mind and heart to it, your loved ones will surely appreciate the kind gesture you’ve prepared during the special occasion.