21 Wedding Planning Tasks You Can Do From Home

Wedding Planning Tasks You Can Do From Home

If your wedding is scheduled for this year and if you feel exasperated as you cannot do all that you wanted to do, then don’t feel that way. Yes, you don’t need to take stress about your wedding planning as there are so many things that you can still do from your home. And trust, all those things are really very important. Here we are detailing the number of wedding tasks you can do from home. You really need to take care of a lot of stuff, so, stop worrying and just go through the list…..

1. Develop your wedding vendors

If you are not planning to hire a wedding planner, then this is the task which is going to be harrowing if not done on time. So, start developing wedding vendors for your BIG DAY. After all they are the people who will help you create the day of your dream. Fortunately we are in the era of technology so there is no problem. All you have to do is make the best use of your internet and start searching for your wedding vendors. You will come across thousands of them. You have to find the ones who fit in your budget and are locally available. Make a list of 4 – 5 wedding vendors for each of your wedding aspects, like catering, decoration, wedding photography, wedding venue, florist, etc. Also, check with your wedding venue if they have their own vendors or have contacts with some. It will reduce your work a tad bit.

2. Prepare your guest list

Such a harrowing task, which takes a lot of discussions and arguments, how can you forget this? Yes, this is one of the most important wedding planning tasks that can’t be ignored at all. It doesn’t matter when you will send you invites, your guest list should be ready. Also, make two lists List A and List B. List A will have all the people that you can imagine your wedding without. List-B will have names that you can consider inviting if too many guests from list A won’t attend your wedding. It is important that you make your guests list with your partner and his family and your family. However, it won’t be easy to meet. No worries, you can always make a video call and discuss names accordingly.

3. Create your wedding website

Since you have enough time to do things related to your wedding, why not make your wedding website. It will help your guests to have all the details about your wedding. Create a beautiful wedding website, let your wedding guest stay updated. Keep updating your website according to the developments that take place.

4. Organize your Pinterest board

You may feel that you are helplessly sitting at home, but that’s not the case. You can prepare your Pinterest board for your wedding. You need to fasten some important decisions, like, the theme of your wedding, your bridal look, your bridal attire, your reception attire, wedding décor, floral décor for your wedding venue, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. You need to start organizing your boards and the moment things are normal you can finally go visit your suppliers and venues.

5. Coordinate with your wedding planner

If you have hired a wedding planner for your wedding, then coordinate with him/her. Keep him/her updated about the wedding theme, décor, etc. that you want at your wedding. Of course, meeting is not possible, but you can always meet him/her virtually. Yes, make a video call and just start your meeting. Know what all your planner has planned for your wedding. And also tell how you want your overall wedding to look like.

6. Design your wedding invites

If you are really feeling bored, then get creative. Yes, take advantage of self-isolation time and just get creative. There are many online wedding e-invites apps and websites, where you can create your wedding invite absolutely free. So what are you waiting for? Don’t underestimate this very important part of your wedding planning. This is a time taking procedure! You can create a wonderful wedding invite online. Create it matching with your wedding theme. The best thing is you can even add some pictures of your engagement in the form of collage. Or you can write a romantic poem by yourself and add it in your wedding invite. You can go as creative as you want!

7. Learn cooking

If you do not know cooking, then this is the time to learn it. It is a skill that each person should learn. You can learn to cook all that your partner-to-be likes to eat. Trust, men like homemade food, especially when it is cooked either by their mom or their wives. Food is the best and the easiest way to break the ice. So, don’t think what you shall do during self-isolation, spend your time learning a new skill set. You will love this art!!

8. Practice your wedding dance

Wedding without dance…….. Ahaa… Not happening! Be it a simple affair or a grand celebration, no wedding goes without bridal/couple dance. You have a lot of time to practice your dance for your sangeet or reception. You have enough time to perfect the dance move that you were trying for a long time now. Yes, take advantage of this lockdown and practice your wedding dance. It will help you shed some extra pounds as well. Trust, dancing is another form of exercising. Daily dance practice will help you achieve great results.

9. DIY your wedding favors

Whether you host a small wedding or a big fat wedding, wedding favors to your guests are a MUST now! But it is not always necessary that you have to spend fortune on your wedding favors. In fact, you can give anything that is usable and make a perfect keepsake of your wedding. The best thing is you have time to DIY your wedding favors. Don’t think too much, it is a great opportunity to show your creativity and save some money. Make wonderful wedding favors at home and kill your time. You won’t feel bored at all. Also, involve your siblings and niece and nephews in the task. They will also love DIYing your wedding favors. But don’t miss to thank them with a chocolate or ice-cream.

10. Decide gifts for bridesmaids

All your girlfriends have always been there in your thick and thin. Now also they are standing by you and helping you to organize your wedding. They surely deserve a gift, a gift that they can cherish all their lives. This is the time when you can decide gifts for each bridesmaid according to their taste, liking, and individual nature.

11. Scour for a romantic honeymoon destination

Remember, the virus will subside sooner or later. You cannot give up on your wedding dreams. Now is the time when you can scour for a romantic honeymoon destination. Even if you are planning to have a delayed honeymoon, a destination would be required. Find out the honeymoon destination that fits in all your needs. You may probably have desired to go to Malaysia because you liked your bestie’s honeymoon pictures. But there are several other places that you can consider. Know that the world is full of beautiful places. Find out the best destination place for yourself. Find out the place that suits your needs. Your honeymoon should be your choice, not influenced by some outsider.

12. Create your wedding playlist

Creating a playlist may seem a tiny task, but it is not! You really need to spend a lot of time deciding and selecting the songs matching your wedding events. Of course, you cannot run the same songs in all your events. You need to have different songs for all your wedding events. For instance, in an Indian wedding there are several functions that take place, like haldi, mehndi, sangeet, main wedding, reception etc. Now imagine the same songs running in all the functions, how would it look? Of course, boring! So, start creating a playlist for all your wedding functions. Also, make sure you store those lists in at least two locations. You never know if one file gets corrupted at least you have backup to rely on.

13. Plan home pre-wedding photo shoot

Sounds weird?? But it is not! In normal situations you will need to plan everything for your pre-wedding, like taking off from work etc. But now you don’t have to do all that. Plan your pre-wedding shoot at home, trust this is going to be different, unique, and memorable. Yes, you will love it! You may find it weird, but it is actually a perfect shoot idea. It is an opportunity for you two to look your natural. In your own den you can be so real and natural. Just call your photographer, ask him to come alone. Make sure he/she is not infected, takes all the mandatory safety measures, and you are good to go. Get some poses clicked in your bedroom, some on the terrace, some in the living room couch, and some while you are making coffee for your partner and he is holding you from back. This is going to be a romantic and mesmerizing photo shoot. There is a lot that you can do over your pre-wedding photo shoot at home. Just use your creativity!

14. Plan your wedding look

There is no point going to a wedding store with no clear idea. Most brides-to-be do this, they go to stores with umpteen options in their mind. However, pre-planning all your looks from haldi to reception, through a mood board is a great idea. You can Pinterest your wedding look, create a board and gather everything from bridal jewelry to ideal bridal look there. There are plenty of online platforms and websites. You can browse through these online platforms for wedding outfits, makeup looks, bridal jewelry, hairstyles and many more. Of course, this is not going to be your final look. You can always make desired changes according to your wedding theme. Like you can fix the colors, type of attire, etc. according to your taste and liking. The idea is to gather inspiration so that when you go to the store, you go with a solid clarity.

15. Learn makeup tricks and tactics

If you feel you lack makeup skills, then it’s time to do something about it. Why not give a try to Make-Up and Hair Tutorial. There are myriads of online make-up and hair tutorials that you can take advantage of. You will be invited for lunches and dinners post wedding. You need to prepare yourself for the same. There will be no make-up artist or hairstylist to do it for you. You will have to do everything by yourself. So, start practicing basic party makeup, office makeup. You will be surprised to see different kinds of make-up. Also, learn different makeups for different times, like day time makeup, night time makeup etc. Believe it or not, right makeup not only enhances your look, but also it gives confidence.

16. Draft thank you note

What most couples detest doing after their wedding is – writing thank you notes. So, why not to prepare the draft right now. Yes, it will save your time and efforts later. Later can send them to all your wedding guests without making much changes. Also, it won’t look like a big task then, when you already have your thank you draft ready with you.

17. Create your food menu

Whether you have finalized your wedding caterer or not, you can always create your wedding food menu. This is also a time taking procedure as half of the dishes will be unknown to you. Scour online, see which all food items can be arranged at the wedding. Get accustomed to the different foods from other countries. You can always incorporate famous foods from other regions/states/countries in your wedding menu. So, when your caterer will ask for your food preference, you don’t have to put in a lot of effort.

18. Practice mindfulness

The time that we are living is not favorable. Many people have already started to feel depressed and stressed. Before you also start feeling the same, it’s better to do something. And the best way to keep your frustration at bay is practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness is a great meditation technique/practice. In this technique you have to practice being aware of everything that you do. This means your entire focus should be on the thing that you are doing. For instance, you are eating, then just eat, concentrate on eating only. Most people do not just eat, they check their phones/emails while eating, or watch TV while eating, or talk while eating. All these are not good practices. Practicing mindfulness on a regular basis will help you have a calm mind and go within. This is the time when each one of us needs to inculcate something that helps to keep stress at bay.

19. Build connection with your partner

You may not be liking the whole situation much, but that’s okay. You cannot do anything about it. However, you can spend your time thinking and doing positive things. This is the time when you can build a strong connection with your partner. If you are unable to meet physically, meet virtually. Tell your partner about your feelings for him. Let your partner know how much you love him. All this will make your connection and bond stronger.

20. Spend time with your partner to be

That’s alright you cannot go out for a date. But nobody has stopped you from having a quality evening together at your home. Invite your partner to be for a cup of coffee or for dinner. Cook all his favorite foods. Let him also know that you have utilized this period in a great way – by learning cooking. Make your evening romantic. Why not to simply organize a candle light dinner at terrace and make your time memorable! You will cherish this evening all your life for sure!

21. Stay happy

Last but not least, no matter how situations are today! Trust that everything will fall in place soon. So, stay positive and happy always. It will help you have less worries and less stress, which is a must. Also, it will help you look your best at your wedding and post that.

The Bottom Line……

Whether your wedding is scheduled for next month or for the end of this year. All these wedding planning tasks you can do from home are imperative. You can utilize your self-isolation in the best way without getting bored or stressed. So, don’t wait much, just start doing… there is a lot to take care!

Happy Wedding…. ☺ ☺