Wedding Tips for Guests

Wedding tips for guests

Whether you are going to attend a wedding for the first time or you have been attending for many years. There are some tips for the wedding guests to be the best guest at any wedding.

Here are the tips:

1. Send RSVP on time

Send RSVP on time

First things first, send RSVPs on time. It will help the couple make arrangements accordingly. So, it is crucial that you send the RSVP on time, they will surely appreciate your effort.

2. Know about the plus one

Of course, it won’t be a good sign to attend with an uninvited guest. So, before you actually commit your date also for the wedding, or you get your kids ready for the wedding. Know in advance whether the plus ones are invited or not. If it is just your name, then it is understood that only you can attend. But, if the invite is addressed to your name “and Guest,” then you can off course bring your plus one.

3. Choose the right wedding gift for the couple

Choose the right wedding gift for the couple

Off course, it is not compulsory to choose the wedding gift from the couple’s registry online. However, seeing the registry will help you have an idea about what to give the couple on their wedding. There are several ways you can give a gift to the couple. You can opt to give them a check in a nice envelope with a card. Cash or check gifts are given on the day of the wedding, so don’t forget to bring it along and drop the card in a box meant specifically for check gifts. You can choose a gift from the registry in your budget, and ship it to their address. If choosing from their registry, make sure you ship the gift before the big day.

4. Do follow the dress code

If the invite clearly says about the dress code, then simply follow that. But, if there is no mention of dress code in the invite, then check the couple’s wedding website (more often than not, the URL is mentioned on the invite). Still if you do not find any detail about the dress code, then simply wear a cocktail dress of a suit. That will go very well with the wedding ceremony. Do not wear something unusual like, too short dress, jeans and T-shirt. Also, avoid carrying casual style like, wearing sports caps, casual shoes with formal outfits.

5. Reach on time

Believe it or not, wedding ceremonies are different from your casual parties, where you are allowed to get late. In a wedding ceremony it is important to be at the venue at least 15 minutes before the ceremony starts. It will allow you to enjoy the whole wedding ceremony and the couple will also appreciate your timely arrival at the wedding.

6. Keep your phone on silent during the ceremony

Keep your phone on silent during the ceremony

It is crucial that you keep your phone on silent. Of course, it is not good to be a disturbance while a couple says their vows, or toasting! Also, keeping the phone on silent will help you maintain the decorum.

7. Sit on the right side

Traditionally, the bride’s guests used to sit on the left side of the aisle and groom’s guests would sit on the right side of the aisle. However, traditions have changed now, if the same is followed at the wedding that you are attending, then make sure you sit on the side that is meant for you. And if you know both bride and groom closely, then you can choose to sit anywhere.

8. Do not rearrange your dinner seat

Do not rearrange your dinner seat

Every couple does a lot of brainstorming while allotting a seat to their guests. That you will get to know before entering the venue from the escort cards. Your name along with table number will be there on the escort card, see that and simply sit on the seat assigned to you. It is advised you do not shuffle our dinner seat to sit with people of your choice. Rearranging seats will disturb the whole arrangement and other wedding guests as well. So, sit on the seat already assigned to you.

9. Do not get overly drunk at the bar

Of course, you will be enthralled to see your favorite drinks at the bar, but not necessarily you have to get over drunk at the bar. Drink in your capacity, do not go out of control and create an embarrassing situation for the couple and the other wedding guests.

10. Say ‘HELLO’ to the couple

Since the couple would have to attend every guest at the wedding; hence, it becomes crucial that you do not take a long time chatting with the couple. Just say hello to them, wish them good luck for the journey they are embarking on, chat a bit and that’s all! Do not try to talk too much as there will be other people waiting to congratulate them.

11. Enjoy the party

Enjoy the party

Do not wait to have fun. Have a lot of fun, participate in dance or in the games (if any) if you feel like participating. Once the party is over, leave for your place. But make sure you are not dead drunk, especially when you have to drive back home!

Follow these wonderful tips and enjoy the upcoming wedding to the fullest!

Enjoy….. ☺ ☺