100+ Essential Questions to Ask Wedding Venue

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You need to book a perfect Questions to Ask Wedding Venue wedding day, and this is how it is! Yes, your wedding venue should have enough space to accommodate everything you need for a grand wedding celebration. Here I put together 101 wedding venue questions to ask the venue manager before you finalize the one fitting your needs.

Here we go…..

Questions to ask your wedding venue

1. Is the venue available on the day of my wedding?

2. How many wedding guests can be accommodated in the banquet room?

3. Are there any other events scheduled on the same day at the venue?

4. When can we start decorating the venue?

5. Can I have your wedding packages?

6. What is all included in the wedding packages?

7. Is there any other event scheduled for the room at a different time during the same day?

8. How long can we have the room?

9. Which all rooms are included? Main party hall, bridal party rooms, cocktail area, bathrooms, etc.?

10. Do you have enough space for parking? If not, then where can our guests park their vehicles?

11. Is an outdoor area included in the package for the cocktail reception?

12. Would we be able to get a secure area to store our wedding gifts?

13. What kind of seating arrangement can be managed at the venue?

14. How many round tables can we accommodate in the room?

15. How many bathrooms does the venue have? Do we need to rent additional portable restrooms? Are these restrooms accessible for our old and disabled guests?

16. Do you have in-house decorators? Or we need to arrange ourselves?

17. Can we customize our wedding decoration? Or is it standard?

18. Who shall we coordinate to speak about wedding venue decoration needs?

19. Can your venue accommodate the ceremony?

20. Are their separate rooms for ceremony and reception, or are they held in the same place?

21. If the same room, how much time will it need to take down and switch over from the ceremony to the reception?

22. Do you also provide the seating for the ceremony?

23. How much will it cost to have both the ceremony and the reception at the venue?

24. Do you have Valet parking?

25. Is the parking free, or there is a cost to park?

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26. Where do wedding guests park?

27. How many spots are available for parking?

28. Do you have your in-house band or DJ? Or we shall bring in one?

29. What do you have for a sound system? Speakers, microphones, etc.?

30. Is there enough space on the dance floor for accommodating more number of people?

31. When can we set up our band or DJ at the venue?

32. Until what time is our band allowed to play?

33. Do you have a designated smoking area?

34. Do you provide the alcohol and bar service? Or shall we arrange it on our own?

35. Do you have a proper liquor license to serve alcohol?

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36. Are we allowed to arrange our own alcohol?

37. What kind of bar do you provide: a cash bar or an open bar?

38. Which all drinks are included in the package?

39. Will, your people, be working as bartenders, or will you hire a workforce for the job?

40. Do we need to pay separately for the bartending services, or is the cost included in the package?

41. Will we be charged for unopened bottles after the reception?

42. Are there any restrictions on the type or quantity of alcohol to be served at the reception?

43. Will wine be served as a party favor?

44. Is there any corkage fee?

45. Do you provide in-house catering? If not, can you give us a reference for some best caterers you have already worked with?

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46. How do you serve food at the venue: Buffet, family-style, or per plate?

47. Do you also arrange for a tasting?

48. Do we need to pay for a tasting? Or is it free?

49. Can you also provide special diets (in case we need it)?

50. What all drinks do you provide with the meal?

51. Are we allowed to customize our food choices? Or is it standard?

52. Do you have enough wait staff? Or shall we arrange for additional wait staff on our own?

53. Will be provided for a separate place for the cake cutting ceremony?

54. Do you have a separate place for the cake?

55. Do you provide a cutting knife? Or shall we arrange for the same?

56. Is there any cake-cutting fee involved?

57. Are there any decorating restrictions?

58. What do you use for table settings? Centerpieces or candles?

59. Is the decoration personalized according to our needs? If not, then what decorations do you provide?

60. Do you also provide place cards? Or do we need to arrange them?

61. How many people can be accommodated at one table?

62. Do you also provide overnight accommodations for our out-of-town guests? If not, then can we have a reference to a local hotel in the area?

73. What are your room rates for overnight accommodation?

74. Do we need to block rooms, or shall we get them along with the package?

75. What is the cost to block rooms in advance? How much do we need to pay to block rooms?

76. Are there any photographs or video restrictions?

77. Do you allow photographers to visit the venue in advance?

78. Do you have specific suggestions for locations to photograph?

79. Do you have a dedicated place for a couple photography?

80. Do you have power backup, such as a generator?

81. Do you have a back plan in case of any exigency, such as rain (for outdoor locations)?

82. Is your room centrally air-conditioned (for an indoor summer wedding)?

83. Do you have enough space to accommodate outside people inside?

84. Can we have both a rehearsal and a rehearsal dinner at the venue?

85. Can we have a layout of the room?

86. Can we have some pictures to understand how the room will look like on the wedding day?

87. Will you allow us to see the whole set up during another wedding?

88. What all things would you want us to detail you with?

89. Who will be the main point of contact at the venue for the wedding day?

90. Do you have insurance coverage for the venue?

91. What are the insurance requirements for us and our vendors?

92. What is the total cost of the venue? What all it includes, room, food, manpower, wait staff, alcohol, etc.?

93. How much do we need to deposit to book the venue?

94. How do you want us to pay – cash payment or payment via check or credit card?

95. Do you also offer payment plans to your clients?

96. How many days before the wedding date we shall book the venue?

97. How do you structure the whole payment schedule?

98. When is the last possible date we can make changes in our reservation?

99. What is your cancellation policy?

100. Can you provide us a list of approved vendors so that we can use them?

101. When can our vendors arrive for set up?

We hope this list of 101 wedding venue questions helps you choose the right wedding venue! We wish you a great wedding…. Enjoy your day to the fullest and make it worthwhile!

Happy Wedding…. ☺ ☺

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