18 Ways to Boost Your Relationship During the Lockdown

18 Ways to Boost Your Relationship During the Lockdown

Ever since the COVID – 19 outbreak, things at every level has changed drastically. Due to the lockdown, people are compelled to stay at home, which is, of course, different from normal life. As couples are spending more time in the same space during the crisis, it’s not surprising that tensions between them are also rising. Tensions like lack of social connections, work-related issues, convulsed routines, and child care issues, household chores, etc. are causing them to vent their frustrations on each other. Here in this post, we are sharing with you 9 ways to boost your relationship during the lockdown.

Let’s get started…….

1. Accept the situation.

ACCEPTANCE IS A BLISS! You must have heard this adage many times before, and it is right to date. We all know that we are amid the pandemic worldwide. This clearly means the situation is the same everywhere. So, there is no point in whining about the present condition. However, if you accept the reality that it is like this, you can have a peaceful and calm mind. A peaceful and calm mind can help you have a reduced level of stress, which in turn will boost your relationship.

2. Take care of yourself.

You cannot take care of your loved ones unless you take care of yourself first. Of course, if you really wish to boost your relationship with your partner, it’s better to take care of yourself. Engage in activities that are meaningful and act as a stress buster, like meditating, exercising, reading, writing a journal, or talking to friends on Zoom. There are myriads of ways to take care of yourself. All you need is a determination to do so.

3. Let go of your past.

Undoubtedly, due to the lockdown, you have plenty of time to discuss anything and everything. However, I would want to tell you to stay away from negative topics. There is no point in discussing uneventful things from the past with your partner and adding to the frustration.

4. Express your emotions rather than reacting.

Anger is nothing but one kind of emotion. However, most people do not understand that and start reacting to the situation, which simply worsens the situation. Now when everybody is going through a bad time, even your partner is dealing with the same mess. So, instead of getting angry or frustrated with your partner, express your feelings. Let him/her know how you feel, talk to each other, and try to find out the solution to the problem. Know that reactionary mind is not a good mind, it knows only destruction. So, develop a mind that responds to the situation, not reacts.

5. Respect each other’s time and space.

You may get some level of relief by interrupting each other’s time and space. But the real fun lies in taking those interruptions to a minimum during the day. In the evenings, however, you can have a balance of doing things together and spend time on individual interests. Together, you can sit in your balcony and talk, or watch a Netflix’s series, or you can just enjoy your coffee with each other. And separately, you can indulge in activities like reading, doing a puzzle, painting, or playing video games. Like this, you will have less to frustrate about and more to be happy about!

6. Divide your responsibilities.

If both of you are working from home, and your house help is also unable to come due to lockdown, then divide your responsibilities. It will not only divide the burden, but also it will develop a sense of security and togetherness. Each person should behave responsibly when it comes to boost relationships.


And if you have children, then you two can take care of responsibilities as a team. Perhaps you can divide household chores and take turns home schooling your children. Making a plan and executing it will help you have a sense of control and accomplishment during these uncertain times. If you haven’t divided your responsibilities, then it’s time to start doing it NOW!

7. Keep things light.

Always remember that not everything is meant to be taken seriously. You may find yourself in a situation where things are not happening your way, but it is absolutely fine. Perfection is not the solution to everything, determination is! For instance, if your husband has taken responsibility of cleaning, then let him do his own way. Don’t expect perfect cleaning just at once. You have to keep in mind that he has never been doing that.

8. Appreciate good things.

Complaining about everything is not good. You may not be aware that the more your complaint about things, the more reasons you get to complaint about. Instead of complaining, appreciate good things. Learn to admire your partner, his/her efforts, his/her love/emotions, etc. When you start to appreciate things, you start to get many more reasons to boast about.

9. Take a break.

Have you noticed that each time you listen to the news coverage, you start to feel distressed? Yes or No? I assume yes, because it happens with me quite a numerous times. So, I thought to take a break from conversations and news related to the coronavirus. The thing is COVID – 19 is there and as yet, we don’t know how long it will sustain. So, what is the point in talking and listening to something that only adds to negativity? It’s better to spend your time in productive things or activities.

10. Involve in meaningful activities.

Indulging in activities that keep you positive and energetic are the key to successful relationship. There are so many things that you can do during the lockdown, like learning a new skillset. Of course, if you will focus on something that adds to your talent today, you will be benefitted tomorrow.

11. Love yourself first.

As said earlier, you cannot care for other if you don’t care for yourself. Similarly, you cannot love others unless you have love and respect for yourself. Have love and respect for yourself, so that you can shower the same on your partner and kids. The one who knows love can love even in the worst of the situations.

12. Carve out individual space if you’re both working from home.

Make sure both of you have enough privacy to concentrate on your work while working from home. You can split your home into different work zones so that you have enough privacy during work hours. It will help you concentrate and conduct your business smoothly, and have a peaceful mind.

13. Learn to let go.

Clinging on to something bad won’t help you anyways, but letting go can! Keep in mind that this time is tough for everybody, not only for you. So, if there is something or some situation that is unavoidable or uncontrollable, let it go. It’s okay to let go sometimes. Not everything is meant to be cling to.

14. Stop assuming that the other person knows what you’re thinking.

Some people are actually not open, but they should know that closed mind can create bigger mess. Know that none of us has lived through a pandemic before, so nobody has past experience to guide us through. Assuming that your partner knows what exactly you are feeling during the pandemic is mere wastage of time. Instead, talk to your partner about your feelings and tell him/her about your worries. If you don’t do that you will only end up reacting to the situation. Know that people cannot read your mind, you have to speak it out!

15. Don’t be too serious.

Don’t let this pandemic spoil your true nature. Let your sense of humor be alive. Injecting humor and keeping things light whenever you can will help you avoid adverse situations. Just laugh on silly things, crack jokes whenever you can, do something that makes your partner happy. Watch a comedy movie with your family and laugh out your distress.

16. Stay connected.

Social distancing does not at all mean to be isolated from the world. You can always stay connected to your family members and friends via zoom call or whatsapp call. Reach out to your friends or the people you love. Talk to them, laugh with them, and share your things with them. Staying connected will act as stress buster, which will help you have improved relationships with people at home.

17. Plan a date night.

Lockdown doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy at home. Even at home you can plan a special date night and make each moment memorable. All you have to do is to cook a special dinner together, set the table and get dressed up. And yeah, don’t miss to play a romantic music in the background. Date nights like this will not only help you to have a great time together, but also it will help you boost your relationship.

18. Practice gratitude.

Have you ever heard that when you are grateful of what you have, you get in abundance? Yes, it is true, so, don’t miss to show gratitude and appreciation for your spouse or partner. Instead of criticizing your partner for what didn’t get accomplished, appreciate him/her for his/her efforts, irrespective of the size of the effort. A sincere “thank you” not will be enough to boost your relationship during the lockdown.

Summing it up…….

So, follow these 18 ways to boost your relationship during the lockdown. Remember that life doesn’t happen your way. It has its own ways to happen. Sometimes things are favorable and sometimes situations go topsy turvy, which is okay as long as you understand the importance of others in your life and show respect to them. Like any other bad situation, COVID – 19 pandemic is also temporary, it is not going to stay forever. Things will change for sure, so try to focus on the good things that are happening around you.

Stay Safe, Stay Happy!!