Shopping For Wedding Gifts? 5 Rules Of Etiquette

wedding gift etiquette rules

Getting invited to a wedding can be exciting. It signifies that the bride and groom want to celebrate the day with you on their special day. To show appreciation for the invitation, you may want to get them wedding gifts. Couples may have a wedding registry when getting presents for a wedding, 

If the couple has made it clear that they don’t want gifts, you should consider respecting their wishes. This guide will help you understand the etiquette of picking wedding gifts for the engaged couple. But if the couple has sent you a registry, you can get them items they need, like the classy Von Baer Grand Leather Garment Bag.

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To buy the best wedding gift, consider the following etiquette rules:

1. Honor The Wedding Registry

A wedding registry is a list of gift items that the engaged couple has chosen ahead of time. It is also a service provided by online or walk-in stores. This service helps wedding guests find gifts that the couple wants. The engaged couple opens an account with the store to file their wedding registry and add items they wish to have to the list. The store then makes this list available to all the guests. 

The engaged couple sometimes would rather accept cash than a gift for their wedding. There can be many reasons for this, like the couple saving up for a fancy destination honeymoon or a down payment for a house. Some couples would also rather be gifted experiences instead of actual gifts, such as receiving tickets to their favorite artist’s concert or booking accommodations for them at a fancy resort.

Whatever the couple wants, you will have to honor their wedding registry. If you choose to go rogue and not stick to the registry, you may pick a gift the couple does not need or double-buy products that are then returned to the store.

2. If You Can’t Attend, Send A Gift 

If you’re invited to a wedding and know that you can’t attend, you have to ensure that you still buy them a wedding gift, like stylish suit bags.  Even though you cannot attend in person, you can still be there in spirit, as they will think of you when they look at your gift. It’s the perfect way to show appreciation for inviting you and to honor the couple’s love.

Send A Gift 

Choose the gift from the wedding registry you can afford, and personalize it with a special message for the couple.

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3. Don’t Bring The Gift With You To The Wedding

When the couple registers with the store, the store will deliver the purchased gifts to the couple’s primary residence. It means you do not have to bring a gift to the wedding. You are not expected to show up with a gift at the wedding, and it’ll be more convenient for you, as all you have to worry about on the wedding day is having a good time.

Wedding registries are also more convenient for the engaged couple as they won’t need to carry around the gifts received after the ceremony. However, there is one exception to this rule, if you would like to give the couple a cash check as a gift, you can bring it with you to the wedding and leave it at the wedding reception for the couple.

4. You Can Bring A Gift To The Bridal Shower

Sometimes the bride can choose to throw a bridal shower before the wedding. This special occasion is where the bride connects with her bridesmaids and others attending the wedding. You may be required to bring a gift to the bridal shower. However, worry not, as the bride would probably still use the same wedding registry. 

You Can Bring A Gift To The Bridal Shower

You can choose an affordable gift off the wedding registry to present at the bridal shower and then opt to keep the pricier items for the main wedding. Suppose you can’t afford to buy a gift for the bridal shower and the wedding. Consider presenting the bride with a more sentimental gift at the bridal shower. It can be anything from a heartfelt poem or a family heirloom if you’re related to the bride.

5. You Can Buy A Wedding Gift As A Group

If the wedding registry contains expensive items you can’t afford alone, you can consider buying the gift with a group of other guests. Consider splitting the costs of the more luxury items with other guests who won’t mind sharing the cost with you. This way, the bride and groom receive luxury items they love, and you get an opportunity to save money.

Wedding Gift As A Group

The couple will still appreciate the gift because it will be an item they need.


These wedding gift etiquette rules will ensure that you do not commit a faux pas at the wedding and that the bride and groom receive the gifts they want and need. Always honor the wedding registry and consider not bringing the purchased items to the wedding. The store where the couple has registered their wedding registry will ultimately deliver the gifts to their primary residence.

The only occasion where it would be acceptable to bring a gift to the wedding is if it is a cash cheque. You can leave the cash cheque at the reception for the couple. You should still consider buying a gift if you do not attend the wedding. It’s a great way to honor the invite, and if you go to the bridal shower, bring the gift with you to give to the bride. If the couple prefers an experience or money as a wedding gift, respect their wishes.