What is a Good Excuse To Not Attending a Wedding?

What is a good excuse to not attend a wedding?

Every year thousands of people get married, out of those thousands there are few who invite us as well. However, it is not possible to attend every wedding. There are so many situations and conditions due to which we are sometimes not able to attend a wedding. And sometimes we ourselves do not want to attend a wedding. Many a times it happens that the moment we get an invite for a wedding, we know whether we will attend or not. But the problem occurs when we don’t find any valid excuse or reason to communicate to the couple for not attending their wedding. Because the outcomes of not attending a wedding could be severe, like losing a friend for the lifetime, or they may not attend your wedding also etc.

Moreover, attending every wedding is not a mandate. It may sound a bit weird to you, but it is true. We don’t need to attend every wedding. If you are also planning to not to attend any wedding but struggling to have proper excuse, then this post is for you. Here in this post we are sharing with you some 10 best excuses that you can use to avoid attending any wedding.

Here are the excuses…

Excuse No. 1. I did not get leave from office

It is an excellent excuse, especially when you are working in corporate. Believe it or not, corporate environment hardly entertains personal commitments, especially when they are not very personal like your own marriage. Yes, everybody knows that it is very difficult for one to get leaves when they are working in a private firm. So you can use this excuse anytime and nobody would mind it at all. I myself have tried this, and believe you me it worked well….. ☺ ☺

I did not get leave from office

Excuse No. 2. I am going for an on-sight project

Yes, it can happen anytime, especially when you are handling IT projects. So, if you are amongst those lucky people (sometimes you feel really lucky that suddenly you have to go on-sight for a project when you already wanted to chuck someone’s wedding), then this is the excuse that you can use. Even if you are not going but you don’t want to attend a wedding, then this is an excellent excuse to use.

Excuse No. 3. My child is not well

Of course, you cannot say this the moment you get an invite. Just pretend that you are going to attend the wedding for sure. And just two – three days prior to the wedding simply make a call to the bride or groom (whoever you are close to) and with a tearful sound tell them that you won’t be able to attend the wedding as your kid is not well. Make sure you sound genuine. Also, don’t miss to say that how desperate you were to attend this wedding, you even did all the shopping also. It will look real…. ☺ ☺

Excuse No. 4. My child has his/her exams

This is again very genuine and mostly doesn’t sound like an excuse. If your kid is a school goer and the wedding is also to be held in the months when exams take place, then you can simply tell that you won’t be able to attend because it’s your kid exam on the day and nobody else is there to take care of your kid. It will look real, as everybody knows that kids need attention and they only perform well when they are attended well, otherwise they are off track.

her exams

Excuse No. 5. My parents/ grandparents are not well

We all know that old-age is inevitable and illnesses are part of old age. So, when you want to skip a wedding, then this is another excuse that you can use of course. I just not did… yes believe you me! Though it was not for a wedding, it was for a reunion party that I desperately wanted to ignore because of my other commitments, and suddenly my father got some eye problem. I just told my mates that for me it is difficult as my father is not keeping well these days. Guess what… they are convinced! And I am not going. So, if you think you have oldies at home and often they don’t well, then give the same excuse to your friend for not attending his/her wedding.

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Excuse No. 6. I have an interview

Of course, nothing is more important than your career. So, if you really don’t want to attend a wedding and you are already looking for a job, then you can simply tell your friend that you have an interview on the same day. But make sure you do not tell this immediately after getting an invite. You just pretend that you will surely make for the wedding and just two days before the wedding make a call to your friend and tell your problem. Of course, your friends want you to succeed in life, they won’t force you to make for their day when you already have some urgent professional commitment.

Excuse No. 7. I couldn’t get reservation

We all know how difficult it is to get a reservation even three months prior to the schedule. And if you have to attend a wedding in different town and you got an invite just 2 months before, you can always say that you didn’t get reservation. Definitely it is a no brainer that you will need a reserved seat to travel longer distances. Simply tell your friend that you tried to get a seat but unfortunately you couldn’t get that. Tell them that you even tried for the ‘Immediate booking’ but the moment you made payment, some error occurred on a payment gateway due to which you lost the seat. And it happens, so it won’t look like an excuse.

Excuse No. 8. I have to attend another wedding in the family

More often than not, weddings in India happen in a particular season. And during the wedding season most people get wed-locked. Definitely you might be having people who are getting married during the same season. So, you can tell your friend that you won’t be able to make for his/her wedding as you already have to attend your cousin’s or sister’s wedding during those days. They will surely understand that your presence at your sister’s wedding is more important than theirs.

Excuse No. 9. I am getting married

Yes, it is great if you are also getting married at the same time. Simply make a call to your friend and tell them that you won’t be able to make for their marriage as you are also getting married at the same time. Definitely you cannot postpone your own marriage for attending someone else’s wedding. So, you don’t have to feel bad about not attending your friend’s wedding because you have a valid reason for not doing so!

Excuse No. 10. My court date is on the same day

If you yourself is getting divorced and you have to go for your court dates, then this another excuse that you can give to your friend who is getting married. Of course, we understand how it feels to attend somebody’s wedding when you yourself goes through a tough time due to the divorce thing. All those emotions start to pour out, the moment you hear of somebody else’s wedding. People don’t understand that attending a wedding in such a situation is not an easy task, we have our own emotions, and we need to have our own space when we go through tough times in our own married life. You don’t need to hide anything from anybody. You can simply tell that you have a court date on the same day and you won’t be able to make for the wedding. The ones who are close to you will surely understand the trauma that you go through, while others who do not understand your situation need not to have your attention at all. It’s that simple!

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Excuse No. 11. I got operated

Yeah, there may be some illness (not necessarily always), but this is a great excuse to make. For instance, you are getting your RCT done, how will you manage to attend a wedding the same day. It is difficult to attend a wedding while your teeth are getting operated or you are getting operated for some other illness. So, tell your friend that for so and so illness I have to get operated due to which I won’t be able to attend the wedding. Of course, nobody would ever force you to attend a wedding, when you yourself going to get operated for some illness.

Excuse No. 12. I am going through a huge financial crunch

Obviously to attend any wedding we need money. There are several things that need to be taken care for attending a wedding. It’s not the bride and groom who plan for their wedding, but the ones who attend a wedding also have to do lots of planning and preparations. Before attending a wedding, you need to buy clothes for yourself, for your partner and kids, then you have to book tickets if you are living in different towns, then you have to buy a gift for the couple, and all that needs a lot of money. If you think that managing all these things now is not possible for you then you can simply tell the couple the reason for not attending their wedding. Tell them frankly that you are going through huge financial crunch due to which you won’t be able to make for their wedding. You know what, more than anything it’s our own happiness that matters the most.

Many a times it happens that the moment we get an invite we get sad because somewhere we know that we won’t be able to make for a particular wedding. And gradually we go into guilt trip, which is not wise, but it’s natural. So, whenever you feel like you are going in guilt trip for not attending a particular wedding remind yourself that your happiness is more important than anybody else’s wedding.

To pan out…

So, these are the excuses that you can use if you really do not want to attend a wedding for any reason, personal or professional. See the whole idea behind all this is – you are happy at the end. If you think you will be happy attending a wedding, then you should definitely attend the wedding. But if you think that attending a wedding will only cause your grief or it is difficult for you to attend, then simply skip the idea and tell your reasons to the couple and yes don’t forget to give your best wishes to the couple for their new beginning whether you attend the wedding or not!