Traditional Photography Vs Candid Photography in Wedding

What is difference between Candid Photography and Traditional Photography in wedding?

An Indian wedding is a once in a lifetime event, a grand mixture of the old and the new. Every choice and every decision you make matters. There are certain things which can’t be undone one is your photography and videography.

So, one has to be tad aware of the types of photography and which one to choose from those types.

Wedding photography is the only way for people to remember their special day forever, as the moments captured during the whole process are all unforgettable moments.

More often than not, people when busy in doing several other chores don’t bother much about their poses, but later when they see those pictures they feel happy and could easily recall what exactly happened then when the picture was taken.

Any photograph of your lifetime is special as it takes you to throwback, and pictures brings smile on your face.

And when it is wedding photographs one can always cherish those moments as and when one wants.

Wedding photography is just not about pictures, it is about your emotions, which are captured by the wedding photographer during sundry processions.

Indian weddings are full of emotions, sometimes drama but every moment is worth capturing.

There are numerous types of photography, which,

one can opt for as per his/her choice and preference.

But in Indian weddings, two styles Candid or Photo-journalistic and Traditional is given more importance to in order to get the wedding photo shoot.

These days, Candid is the one which is catching up fast and the evergreen traditional photography is for almost a century now is still in trend.

Usually, couples get confused which one to opt, as there are so many options available. NO MORE CONFUSION NOW!!

Let’s know how Candid Wedding Photography and The Traditional Wedding Photography are different from each other and compare the two side by side.

What is Candid Photography?

What is Candid Photography

Candid simply mean un-contrived, which means not artificial. In Candid photography every picture is real as poses are not predefined in it.

Candid wedding photography usually entails taking pictures of people spontaneously, when the person is not aware that his picture is going to be clicked.

In candid wedding photography pictures are clicked randomly, without letting the person know about it.

In candid wedding photography, the photographer keeps running as he has to simply capture the scenes without letting or actively altering the scene by giving direction to the people in the photo.

Only in few cases it may happen that the photographer has to give certain directions in order to get better pictures.

What is Traditional Photography?

What is Traditional Photography


The Traditional form of wedding photography is the form or style of photography which we all have witnessed for many years now, where the photographer will always approach you on time to time at the wedding, give you some directions and ask you “LOOK HERE, SMILE PLEASE, COME CLOSE, HOLD HANDS” so many instructions for that matter, and you enjoy it to get the best click.

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Candid Wedding Photography v/s Traditional Wedding Photography

  • Candid wedding photography is a mixture of the old and new. In this traditional weddings are covered in a new and absolutely different shades, you get most unexpected pictures at the end, because this is how candid does it.
  • There is no staging or posing of scenes, you are just capturing when you are indulged most in doing something else, may be eating or smiling, or having fun or gossiping, you never know because you are not alert and the best pictures come when you are unaware, this is the beauty of candid wedding photography.
  • On the other hand, a traditional photography involves posing pictures of the people, be it sitting or standing poses. You will always be asked or instructed by your photographer that how you have to pose in this moment.
  • Even he directs you where to stand, how to stand, how close to stand. So, there are several directions and instructions involved in the traditional form of wedding. Traditional wedding photography is more formal in approach.
  • In Candid wedding photography natural reactions of people are captured. In this form of photography people are clicked in their best emotions and the feelings of that moment are brought out through the candid picture.
  • Where as in Traditional wedding photography events are captured as per the photographers instructions. You have to behave or pose in a certain way as they are supposed to be in the picture.
  • The natural touch misses in this form of photography, off course, even you have to smile, and you have to do it deliberately because you are asked to do so.
  • In Candid wedding photography couples are not photographed in a certain typed way, in fact the photographer can come with unique angles to click the couple.
  • To make it more creative the photographer can focus on a scene through a different and absolutely new positions, sometimes the photographer loves to play with light to give the picture absolutely unique and new look.
  • Where as in Traditional wedding photography most of the focus is on the couple to make them visible everywhere. In most of the pictures in this form, photographers will always put the couple in the centre and everybody surrounding in a semi-circle. Hence, it is a typed form and less creative.
  • In Candid wedding photography the photographer’s approach will be informal, he will try to blend the pictures in a more creative and unique way.
  • In a way candid photographers are skilled in applying their artistry in their pictures by making them more creative. They are masters in clicking a mix of all moods, emotions, feelings and shades of people to make a perfect wedding album to cherish lifetime.
  • Whereas in the Traditional form of wedding photography, photographer’s approach is formal or it can also be said that the there is a set pattern used in this form of photography.
  • Photographers have some set poses or patterns or standard poses which are commonly used in almost all the weddings and then photographers later with some tools make the selected pictures as they should be by suing different hues.
  • All in all, Candid wedding photographers use similar equipment as traditional wedding photographers, but technique and approach both of them use makes the significant difference overall. For eg: How a candid photographer sees some scene not necessarily the traditional photographer will also see the scene same way.
  • Candid Photographer will see his subject differently than the traditional photographer, both of them will blend the natural light with flash light will also be different.
  • Both of them use colors and color temp., in different ways, even the post processing in images will be different as they have perceived the picture to be.

What to choose between Candid Photography and Traditional Photography in wedding?

  • Candid wedding photography is a creative form of art and the traditional is formal form, Candid is much in demand these days because of the uniqueness it provides to its client.
  • Indian weddings are a perfect blend of old and new full of rituals, ceremonies, rich culture, and much more.
  • So, it is essential that some parts of wedding should be photographed traditionally and the other which are more relaxed sections can do quite well with candid poses.
  • Choose a photographer wisely, whose work you have seen and you loved. Don’t just book them on the basis of few pictures but meet them personally.
  • Have a detailed conversation with them, ask them to share a complete wedding picture gallery with you. If you like their work, then surely go for them, book them.
  • Otherwise there are so many alternatives to choose from. If you and your family have differences of opinion of type of photography and you want to have both of them in that case, do not ever go for two different photographers one candid and another a traditional, because later there will be chaotic situation they both will keep on fighting for the space and poses.
  • Make sure that your photographer offers both and have team for both types, it will be easy and convenient for both you and your photographer.
  • When the photographer involves both styles appropriately, what comes out is most splendid representation of a grandiose event in the couple’s lives to cherish forever.

Go Candid… ☺ ☺

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