Wedding Photography Shots That You Can’t Miss

Which are the wedding photography shots that you can’t miss

Wow… Finally the day has arrived!! And we all know already, how exciting the whole thing would be!! Well, assuming that all your preparations are on, you must be a bit nervous as everything seems to happen so fast in your life but you already knew that it is going to happen someday. So here is the day approaching. Besides having the best wedding, wedding photography and photo book should also be the best!

Your wedding is the day when you two will embark on your journey as a couple. The day when your dream of getting hitched with your love will become true. The size of the wedding doesn’t matter, be its low-key celebration or a big fat wedding. What matters the most is it’s your day… Special day! Today it’s indispensable to have the best shots from the big day of your life. Gone are the days when people used to have some static images of their wedding to call as memory for a lifetime. Now it is absolutely different, everything related to your wedding should be captured in the most memorable way. Also, couples are enthusiastic about their wedding, they know the fun doesn’t just lie in having few static wedding pictures but it starts as soon as one gets ready. They want to showcase their love story in a perfect manner.

Wedding photos are not limited to a few standard poses in some scenic studio or overdone location, in fact, there are myriads of shots available to make your wedding album most memorable one. Here is a list of wedding photography shots which you can’t afford to miss at all.

1. Your wedding stationary

First things first, your wedding photo shot must start from your wedding stationary or invitation suite. Well, you may not find it a necessary shot, but believe you me it makes for a perfect wedding shot. There is no harm in getting one of your invitations, RSVP cards, an envelope, and other things you made for the guests, it is nice to get them photographed for offspring.

However, some wedding photographers shoot the wedding stationery on the wedding day, while some prefer to do it afterward in a studio. Talk to your wedding photographer about what you’re looking for in this photo moment and be clear about whether or not you want extras in the shot.

2. The wedding outfit

It is a must photo shot to have at your wedding album. And why not, after all this is the dress you have been dreaming of. Also, your wedding dress is the costliest dress you buy in your lifetime. And capturing a full-framed image of your dress, before you even wear it will make for a great shot. Your wedding photographers can make your wedding gown look absolutely stunning simply hanging against a plain wall. Talk to them if there is a particular embellishment or aspect of the dress that you want to highlight, so that the photographer can make sure it is highlighted in the wedding photos.

3. The Wedding Shoes

This is one of the shots which you can’t definitely miss, of course you will definitely want to have a photo evidence of your wedding shoes. More often than not, shoes are overlooked as your wedding guests get overwhelmed by how gorgeous you look in your wedding attire. Shots focusing solely on your shoes will have the memories of your wedding shoes as well, and help you remember how special they were.

4. The wedding rings

Wedding rings are really special and make for a perfect shot, when your wedding band is placed alongside your significant other’s band.

5. The wedding jewelry

Your wedding-day jewelry is special, so it is crucial to have them captured before you really put them on. Whether you are planning to wear something old, rented, borrowed, or new get a shot of everything together. So that later you have memories of your beautiful wedding jewelry too!

6. Bride and groom accessories

Having a tasteful arrangement of bride and groom accessories and getting them captured will be a wonderful thing. Accessories that includes your hair accessories, groom’s tie, belt, etc. These accessories may look a little, but these little pieces help you have a complete wedding look.

7. The venue decor

Ask your wedding photographer to take a landscape shot of the ceremony site. Also, some shots of wedding venue décor should be taken to have wonderful memories of the day. Later you will cherish your wedding memories.

8. The getting ready moments

Don’t forget to invite your wedding photographer to the bridal suite to capture your getting-ready moments. Of course, how can you miss to get your beautiful braid clicked? In fact, the getting ready moments make for a perfect wedding shots. Everything about your wedding is special and your wedding attire is one amongst them, you would definitely want to document those pretty moments, when your mom or maid of honor zipping you in.

For having best getting ready shots, book some meaningful or cool getting-ready location, because your location matters a lot. Remember that a bad location can completely ruin the photos. So, make sure you book a nice place for your getting ready moments.

9. The bridal portrait

This is your day, the day you have been waiting for. Now, it’s time to shine in the spotlight, and really show off your bridal look! So, just give your photographer some beautiful poses and let him/her capture the best bridal shots. Bridal shots are must-haves in your wedding album. Don’t forget to set some time aside to get yourself captured in your bridal outfit and make-up.

10. The veil

Get your veil captured from all the angles. Let your pretty veil also have some place on your wedding photo book.

11. The bridal party

How can one miss to have the bridal party captured in one frame? Your bridal party is the group of all those people who have made time for your special occasion. They are the ones who you considered in the first place for taking care of your wedding things. Don’t miss to have them captured.

12. Bride with the bridal party

A must have shot. Make sure that the entire group is in one color theme. It will come out to be a beautiful shot. Trust me!!

13. The groomsmen

Grooms gang together make for a compulsory shot in your wedding photo book. And why not, after all they have made their time for your big day, now it’s your turn to return the favor!! Later when you will see those pictures, you will love to see them all together.

14. The Groom

Let the groom have the chance to pose a bit, after all it is his day too…

15. Groom with his men

Ask your photographer to click groom with his gang. The complete party should be captured.

16. The bridal bouquet

Wedding bouquet make for gorgeous shot, so let your photographer take some shots of wedding bouquet solely, and some with you while you pose with it!

17. The boutonnieres

Ask your wedding photographer to have a brilliant shot of your boutonnieres. It will make for a pretty shot!

18. The wedding guests

Group shots are important, after all your wedding guests make time for your special occasion. All the wedding albums contain few group shots. Ask your wedding photographer to click few random shots of guests gathered at the wedding.

19. The parents

Ask your wedding photographer to click some of your parents shots, especially when your father first sees you in your bridal outfit, when the groom’s mother sees her son in his wedding attire, when both the parents are emotional seeing their daughter in bridal outfit, when the parents come to the bridal suite to give away the gift to the bride etc. There will be many such candid moments, when your wedding photographer will have the perfect opportunity to have few best shots of the day.

20. The little ones

A shot with the adorable flower girl is worth capturing. Have some pictures clicked with the little one while you hug, kiss the little flower girl.

21. The walk down the aisle

Whether you’re walking on the arm of your mother, father, or both, this moment is worth capturing. Ask your photographer to get some shots while you walk down the aisle.

22. The first look

The moment you first see your partner, the ‘First Look’ is the beautiful and priceless moment of the day, a must have shot in the wedding album. These shots are gaining popularity as they make for a perfect candid shots. And the couple shots actually begin with the first look photo.

23. The wedding vows

Shots from the ceremony in action are a must have shots. Tell your wedding photographer to capture you two while you say your wedding vows.

24. The smiles

How can your million dollar smile at the event go unnoticed? Let your photographer take some candid shots of your laughs and smiles at the ceremony. These are treasured moments that you will cherish all your life.

25. The first kiss!

That first kiss makes for a perfect shot! Make sure you have your officiant step out of the shot for this one particularly, it’s about you two only!!

26. The wedding group photo

Well, it is essential to have some group photos as well. Let the close people of the family and friends come on the platform with the couple for the perfect group shot. Group shots are really important. Of course at your wedding you will have very little chance to see who has made for your day. So having group photos will help you know who all made for your big day.

27. Couple portraits

Set sometime to sneak away with your photographer for the couple shots, just the two of you. Couple photography not only is a nice way to get some lovely pictures together, but also a great way to spend some beautiful moments with your partner alone. Talk to your photographer beforehand and tell him which all shots you are looking for together.

28. The exit

You’re married! It is an important wedding shot when the bride leaves with the groom. The emotions, feelings, and the atmosphere everything is worth capturing.

29. Details of the reception hall

You must have planned everything carefully, but at your wedding you will hardly get any time to see and appreciate the whole thing. You will be so busy that you will hardly be able to see the venue in pristine condition before the guests arrive. So, ask your wedding photographers to capture details of the reception hall, such as centerpieces, table settings, place cards, the favor table, the guest book, the wedding reception hall decorations, and the champagne glasses.

30. The reception dinner tables

All the time you spent in planning your wedding and deciding all the elements and themes for your wedding should not go vain. Ask your wedding photographer to capture every detail of the table from all the different angles. The best would be if he/she takes an aerial shot. Believe it or not, but every detail of your wedding is so pretty important.

31. The wedding cake

A must have shot for your wedding album. You may miss to appreciate it on the event but the shot will remind you how special it was. Make sure to get a cake shot before it’s all gone.

32. The cake cutting

Some cheesy shots with your loved ones while you cut the cake.

33. Bride and groom exchange notes

This comes in candid shots, ask your wedding photographer to take some shots while you two exchange notes. Also, make sure you do not pose while you exchange notes, be yourself and let your photographer capture the candid moments as they are.

34. The maid of honor & the best man

Let your maid of honor and best man be captured while they give their wedding speech.

35. The first dance

Bride and groom first dance is a mandatory shot of the wedding. You don’t have to be a professional dancer for getting this shot. What matters the most in this shot is your togetherness, happiness, cheerfulness, and the bond you two share. The shot will automatically come perfect. Enjoy the togetherness and closeness while you two hit the floor.

36. The wedding guests dance

Let your photographer capture all the wedding guests dancing on the floor and enjoying to the fullest.

37. The cocktail shots

Now the party has started, so take some pictures of the guests in action sipping their signature cocktails and mingling around. Few cocktail shots are mandatory, so ask your photographer to have some of the best ones from the event before you conclude the day.

38. The wedding party dancing

Put the groomsmen and bridal girls together and let them loose on the dance floor. Having some fun photos from the event will make your day even more memorable.

39. Unique touches of the event

If you have framed photographs of your engagement, or yourselves as kids, or a photo montage of your relationship, a DIY signs placed around your ceremony or reception venue. Ask your photographer to capture all those before the event gets over. Let your photographer have the complete idea about what you are expecting from him.

40. The wedding planner

If you have hired a wedding planner, so it becomes crucial to have one or two shots with the person. Of course, after all he/she is the one who could help you make your dream wedding come true. Or a shot with the crew who helped you create your wedding in a wonderful way is a mandate.


Getting photographed on your wedding is so much fun, and your wedding album is the keepsake of your life’s biggest event that you cherish all your life. Wedding photography sessions can be huge blast. Both photographer and the couple enjoy the whole wedding photography shots. These days with the evolution of photography in the wedding industry, photographers have explored ways to break away from formal poses. They have their unique style to utilize those natural elements like random emotions, spontaneous interactions which help them to tell the story of the couple in a better and crisp way. Photographers are able to define through the wedding pictures who these two people really are as a couple and celebrate their togetherness and love.

Before you start to see the wedding shots, the first step is to hire a wedding photographer you’re excited about. And yes, it is crucial that you put your trust in the professional! All the shots mentioned above are the must-have moments to capture, which includes everything from the detailed shot of your wedding-day jewels to the table settings and wedding stationery. Also, it is very much up to you which shots you want for your wedding album. Discuss with your photographer accordingly.

Thanks for reading!

Happy wedding…. ☺ ☺