Best Tips to Choose Your Dresses for Various Wedding Events

Best tips to choose your dresses for various wedding events

Once you have got the final dates of your wedding, very next thing which you start to think about is your wedding attire. Believe me, brides are very boisterous about it… whatever! Brides are tempted to go dress shopping the moment their wedding date is announced. Well, it is highly recommended to not to rush to a dress decision before you know what type of day you’re planning and the style of dress you’ll need.

In an Indian wedding many celebrations take place in a wedding from engagement to the reception and every function is equally important for that matter. However, you might have been dreaming of your wedding dresses since you were a teen but trust me, finding your dream outfit can be stressful. Because, it is highly likely that you would never even tried one on before, and wedding outfits are the most expensive garments mostly women ever own, so it can feel like the pressure is of course on. Additionally, there are several other pointers to be considered before you finally go for your wedding outfits shopping, as your dresses set the tone for the wedding as a whole, whether it’s a small celebration or a big fat wedding.

No matter how great shopaholic you are, your wedding attires are really very demanding, sometimes you may feel like there’s a whole new language to unravel — velvet, A-line, fish cut, fit and flare, organza, silk etc. Plus, in an Indian wedding, brides have to shop for multiple functions which triples the task of shopping even more. After all, it’s you wedding celebration and with all eyes on you, of course you would want to look perfect on your wedding, and not to mention in your wedding photographs which you will cherish throughout your life.

Undoubtedly, you will be swamped with numerous choices for sure. You need to be clear with your vision, venue, and date to have a perfect wedding dresses for all the celebrations. Here is a list of 60 pointers irrespective of your budget, style and timeline, for finding the wedding dresses of your dream this season, to look your best on your wedding!

1. Consider Your Wedding Time & Season:

While you start shopping for your wedding dresses for various events, make sure that you consider your wedding time very well. Your wedding time matters a lot, it is the most important factor to consider before making any choice of dresses. For example, if your wedding is in winters you will surely not go for a material which is meant for summers wedding. Besides, yours will be a day time wedding or will take place at night should be considered while you make purchase.

2. Consider Your Wedding Location:

While you choose your wedding dresses another key pointer would be keep in mind is your wedding location. Is it a wedding happening in some palace of Jodhpur or by the side of Goan beach? It is important as your dress material and colors will be based on the location.

3. Take Time To Do Your Research:

Yes, very important! Do a lot of research work to know what you would like for your wedding. Scout through magazines, go through online bridal boutiques, and don’t ignore Pinterest, besides that check out what celebrity brides are wearing! Compile all your research work in a folder call it ‘your favorite dresses.’ Check out various other requirements of dresses whether should be embellished, or Lacy or Embroided, or Voluminous, along with the types of back and front, before you fix an appointment with the store or wedding dress designer. This way you’ll be able to talk knowledgeably with your designer as you describe your ideal dress to him/her.

Also, you can take inspiration from celebrity styles, if you are outright filmy than it becomes easy. Even if your budget is not that, no harm in taking ideas to have an outlook.

4. Keep An Open Mind:

While you make a purchase for your wedding dresses for various occasions make sure that you keep an open mind. Store will be swamped with myriads of options, some dresses may inspire you but then not necessary that they look great on you and some may not inspire you from the hanger but look great on you; some dresses are meant only for models and not for normal brides. Do not purchase a dress you’re not in love with, also, make sure that you listen to the boutique manager or your bridal consultant; As, they have the knack for it and they might be able to give you exactly what you are looking for in just few pointed questions!

5. Focus On Fit Not Size:

Yes, it is very important that you focus on fit, not size. Don’t purchase your wedding dress with an intent that you will lose weight by the time your wedding will happen. Buy your Mehndi, Reception, wedding dresses that fits you now. Forget about the size tomorrow and buy the dresses that fits best. Going for a smaller size dresses, considering your diet plan and exercise regime is still not a good idea.

6. Shop Early:

You may not want to go for ready-made Lehnga for your wedding and getting custom designed lehnga and other dresses takes time maybe from four to eight months to be produced, also, afterwards alterations may take some time.

7. Not Too Early:

Most often than not, brides just after their engagement start their wedding dresses shopping. There may be a gap of one year, still they are so tempted that they can’t resist. If you do so then believe you me you will end up regretting your decisions of buying your dresses that early, because nothing remains same, possibly the dresses which you purchase now will be out of fashion by the time your wedding comes around.

8. Decide Your Budget:

Wedding itself is a pricey affair and wedding dresses also costs. So, it is important that you decide your purchase budget well in advance, before you really start shopping for your dresses for your wedding. This way you will be able to save yourself from heartache later on. Before you start your shopping, see who if your in-laws are buying lehnga for you. Also, check in the family itself who is paying what as many a times close relatives and family members sponsor bridal shopping. This is a nicest way to have a wedding and shopping budget. Or if you only have to spend than make a budget beforehand and go by that.

9. What’s Your Wedding Theme?

Your wedding theme will also play an important role in the purchase of your dresses. Before you start your shopping for your dresses make sure that you know you wedding theme. Know whether you want a party-themed wedding or a casual affair, it’s an indoor or outdoor wedding, in the day or at night. Your venue and the wedding theme should always be in your mind as you start browsing dresses for your wedding, because your wedding is once in a lifetime event and you would never want your dress to clash with your overall wedding style.

10. Plan Ahead:

You may visit numerous stores for your dresses and there is no point in doing so. You will only waste your time in visiting stores that doesn’t serve you with the style, designer, or price range you have decided for you wedding dresses. Better you call the boutique ahead of time to get what exactly you are looking for your wedding. After all, you will want the best photos of your wedding to cherish for the life.

11. Include Non-Obvious Costs Into the Budget

Whatever you decide as your budget for your dress shopping make sure that you include shoe, jewelry, shawls (if winter wedding), tailoring, altering etc.

12. Book a Great Bridal Store/Boutique:

Go very well prepared, it is your wedding and you need to see every aspect right. Make sure that you have done enough research before you start making appointments, since you don’t have time to waste at a place that doesn’t have dresses you want or maybe has terrible customer service. For that you can get referrals from your married friends or cousins in the family, also, you can check online reviews to find stores with nice reputations and customer services.

13. Make an Early Appointment:

You may have some dress designer in mind already, chances are he must be already occupied because of the wedding season. So, it is good that you make an early appointment with your favorite dress designer so as to get the best dress for your wedding. These dress designers like sabyasachi are busy throughout, for getting the best of the dresses you need to take early appointments, he can also advice you what will suit you along with the matching jewelry and other accessories.

14. Start with Inexpensive Stores:

You can initially start your purchase with the inexpensive stores, you can browse there if you find something which suits your dress requirement for any of the function as there are many functions in Indian weddings. And then you can scale up if you don’t find your desired dress at the store. Likewise…

15. How Would You Want To Describe Yourself In Your Dream Dress?

Your wedding is a special occasion for you and for your partner, you would definitely want to look your best at your wedding. How do you want to feel at you wedding, classic, elegant, vintage, and comfortable or romantic, glamorous, enchanting and beautiful, have a clear vision while you go into dress shopping, how do you want to look on the big day. Choose specific words to describe your dream dress it will help you narrow down your dress selections.

16. Go With One Who Understands You:

Don’t just pick anyone randomly for your wedding shopping, that won’t be wise at all. Or taking too many people for the wedding dress shopping is again no viable. Everyone will have their choice and influence which you won’t like later. It is better that you go with someone who understands you well inside out, it can be your best friend, your elder sister, your mom anyone who knows who you are a s person and can help in making decision rather blocking your decision.

17. Shop on Weekdays

You must have seen how stores are crammed on Sundays, you do not wait for weekend for your dress shopping as you won’t get full attention on Sundays. It is better that you go for shopping in weekdays as it becomes easy to have conversation with the consultant at the store and they can also help you figure out what would suit you best in your wedding. Sometimes these bridal boutiques can help you figure out dresses for all your functions. You may get good discount also.

18. Go With Your Partner:

It is also good if you choose your partner for your wedding dress shopping. When you go with your partner you both can buy wedding dress of your dream in which both of you can complement each other. More often than not, these bridal consultants or boutique managers are experts, they will ask you your story and according will arrange for you which will befit your relationship, your style, and your overall personalities.

19. Do Not Shop In One Go:

Well, it may sound a bit time taking affair to you, but trust me it is not advisable to shop everything in one go. You have to take time for your wedding dresses shopping as shopping everything in one go will not only be exhausting but also chances are you might end up buying almost same colors or maybe more or less same style. Every dress for every occasion will matter and hence it highly recommended that you buy carefully keeping in mind what would you prefer to wear in each function. Like Lehnga in main wedding, Gown in reception or in pre-wedding celebration and likewise.

20. Buy Right Undergarments

It’s not just your outfit but what you wear inside will also add to your outfit. Just imagine you bought a strapless or halter neck gown for your reception function and your bra’s straps are sticking out… or fish cut lehnga, which is probably fit at hips and your panty line is visible… How embarrassing it would be. Buy right undergarments for all your dresses, should not only fit but also match.

21. Buy According To Your Body Type:

Whether you are plump, skinny, or ideal figure it doesn’t matter much as long as you go with what suits your body type and not with something which you liked on some model. You don’t have to be conscious of your body type it is okay, just explore the market it is crammed with all body type wedding dresses. You will look good in your wedding dress, already your wedding is enough reason for you to look beautiful. But if you wish to experiment something on your wedding it may not be a great idea. Not one style fits all, every body type is unique and stylish in its own way.

22. Fabric Matters:

Beside all the other aspects of your wedding dresses, fabric also matters a lot. Your fabric will define your body more elaborately. For example if the bride is skinny and she goes for net lenhga on her wedding, that will make her look thinner, instead she should go for a heavier, more structured material like silk shantung, taffeta etc. which will hold its shape and smooth her figure.

23. Keep Travel Arrangements in Mind

If yours is a Delhi destination wedding and you’re flying to different land for it, check airline regulations beforehand. Make sure that you get it pack and organized well.

24. Length Matters:

Length of your dress should also be taken care, you will wear heals on, consider that before you finally give your dresses for stitching or alteration. Don’t go high on heals, should match with the height of your partner. Your overall attire should go well with your partner’s, it should not look like odd match.

25. Keep An Eye On Sale:

There are seasons when even wedding dresses are on discounted prices, you can make best use of the time if you think it falls before your wedding. Not only this might have you got some discount on your dresses if you buy them from one store. Try out!

26. Don’t Try Dresses Beyond Your Budget

You might be lured to see costly dresses at the store, but it is personal advise not to try dresses which you can’t afford, there’s no point in trying those dresses — it’s simply a mental torture, why should you do that.

27. Shopping Online Wedding Dresses – Big No:

Chances are that you are getting best deals online, but your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and there is no harm in taking a bit of pain to get your dream dress for your wedding. No matter how busy you are but the feel and touch you get by shopping at store, you will not get while shopping online. Trials are not possible until it come to you finally, dress material is not guaranteed to that extent. There are so many aspects to your wedding dress. See, you are not buying a casual dress which if doesn’t fit to you, you can gift to someone else. It’s your wedding dress. Be wise!

28. Be Very Mentally Prepared For Lot Of Trials:

You may not be the one who like to try lot many dresses, but here you have to do a lot of trials to find out that one piece which you can call your dream wedding dress. Probably you won’t find the one even after so many trials, don’t worry, don’t get frustrated if you’ve tried on gown after gown to no avail. Be patient and have an open mind until you get your dream dress.

29. Don’t Mess It Up:

For your wedding you have to busy so many dresses for each function, make sure that you buy one by one. If you are out to shop for your sangeet outfit, first you decide on that, finalize it and then you can browse for your reception gown. But it will be a mistake if you start with the gown then suddenly upon not getting gown you started for lehnga and likewise you will end up being confused, no use!

30. Do Not Over Browse:

Few brides are tend to see everything and anything regardless of their requirement and style. Don’t do that, just simply go by your own needs. You may be enticed by variations available at the store but not all made for you. Make sure that you stick to outfits and then finally decide from them, it will be easy to select the one piece also you will not end up being confused

31. Choose An Outfit Which Can Personify You:

Out of several options available you have to choose the one which can represent your personality, how you are as a person. When you wear an attire which goes with your personality well, you gain confidence. On the contrary if buy something opposite of your character it is highly likely that you lose confidence maybe. If you are a trendy person go which can represent you well.

32. Be Fixed To What You Love:

You might be influenced by your sissy, mommy or your friend and buy something which they like instead of buying what you wanted. It is not done. Simply! This is your wedding and you have all the rights to choose the dress you like not what others like.

33. Try on Different Color Combination:

You may be fond of red a lot, but having just red or variations of reds would not look good all in all. For every function go for different colors matching with the venue and the theme of the celebration it will help you have great wedding album finally. Also, make sure that not every dress is equally embellished. Your wedding is your main occasion and rest other pre and post wedding celebrations you can wear colors accordingly.

34. Target Stores Or Boutiques In Your Budget

If you target store or boutique which is in your budget you will get myriads of options to check while if you target a store which is beyond your budget, there you may get few options, but they will be just few not necessarily you will get what you want out of them.

35. Say Yes Only When You Are 100 Percent Sure:

Don’t just make any purchase because you are tired of trials, because your mom said to buy, because your partner is exhausted now or maybe because your mom-in-law wants you to buy something. This way you will only end regretting later, it’s good to go by your choice not by others choice completely. Say yes only when you are 100% sure of the dress, that yes, this is it!

36. Have Few Photos Of Trials From Different Angles:

While you try out different dresses for your wedding make sure that your friend or who so ever is accompanying you for your shopping clicks your photos from different angles, like, from the back, front pose and few side shots, along with some sitting poses of your from the top up. So, that you can know how you are looking in the particular outfit.

37. Mirrors Can Deceive:

Have you ever noticed that every mirror make you look different, so that’s why it becomes more important that you get yourself clicked, you will have idea how will you look like in your wedding dress.

38. How You Feel in the Dress:

Make sure that you feel good when you finally say ‘YES’ to the dress. Your feeling when you wear the dress also matters. Check how you feel while you wear.

39. Consult Your Peers And Friends:

You might be stuck in two options, there you can take advice from your friends along. They might be a help in making final decisions.

40. Walk Out If You Feel Pressure:

If the sales person at the store trying to put pressure on you and you feel pressurized then better you walk out of the store, there are many stores to explore. Your wedding is an emotional affair and so is your purchase. Be free mentally!

41. Order Your Dress A Bit Early to Avoid Last Minute Chaos:

Make sure that you order your dress well in advance, there may be need of alteration.

42. Let Only A Professional Take Your Measurements:

When you go for your dress measurement make sure that the measurement is taken by a professional.

43. Try If You Are Comfortable:

Make sure that you try your dress from all aspects, whether you are comfortable moving in the dress or not. Your movements in your dress should be easy and comfortable. Make Sure!

44. Don’t Choose A Dress Just Because It’s Trendy:

Any dress just because it is trendy you cannot go for it. Your vision and your style should be your prime point of purchase.

45. Get It Customized With A Tailor You Trust

For giving your dress a personalized touch, get it done by the tailor you trust. He can do it perfectly.

46. Be Open with Your Bridal Designer:

While going for a purchase of your bridal outfit make sure that you are open with your designer, only then he/she would be able to help you completely in the search of your dream dress. But before that you have to have a complete vision of it. Tell your likes and dislikes, type of neck you like, about your custom and culture too as it will also affect your purchase all in all.

47. Let Your Personality Show Through Your Accessories/Details:

Your accessories should also go with your complete attire, it should not look like miss-match. You might have great liking for some special kind of accessories, but you have to make sure that it goes well with your attire. Otherwise, it will be a harassment to your overall bridal look.

48. Wedding Season Matters:

When your wedding is taking place matters a lot, if it is a summer wedding than definitely you can choose a lightweight fabrics in breezy styles, whereas if you’re getting married in the winter season, fabrics like satin or taffeta will justify.

49. Pay Attention to the Details:

Your wedding dress is most costly dress you will wear all your life, make sure that you pay attention to even minute details. The top of the lehnga, dupatta and the style of the skirt everything should be in coordination with each other. Mostly, the top and the dupatta will appear in most wedding pictures.

50. Pick Dresses That Make You Feel Like The Best Version Of Yourself:

Don’t just randomly select any dress because you are tired of trials, in fact be wise while choosing all your dresses every functions of your wedding is equally important. Choose the dresses which can make you feel like the best version of yourself.

51. Don’t Dress More Casual Than Your Guests:

You may be a simple person, you may not like lot of embellishments, ornamentation or adornment in your dress. But, that’s not the way your wedding outfit should be, after all it is your wedding and you need to look not only your best but also different from the crowd, you can’t just dress casually than your guests.

52. Don’t Let Your Jewelry/Details Overpower Your Look:

No matter how much you like jewelry and other details, make sure that do not use too much of details that will overpower your look.

53. Focus On The Best:

Find out the dress which is the best silhouette for you, focusing both on flattering your shape and reflecting your personality, because it is important before you finally make the purchase.

54. Save For The Dresses From Now:

You may have a budget constraint, the best you can do is to start saving from now. You should never compromise on your dream wedding dress. Your wedding is once in a lifetime event and your dress is once in a lifetime purchase. Your outfit will be reflecting in all your pictures in your wedding photo album.

55. If Some Problem Occurs, Don’t Panic:

If you are not sure of the final dress upon arrival do not just panic. Speak to the designer, he can still help you salvage from it. Designers are experts, they can streamline things easily. You don’t let your confidence go down.

56. Go Prepared For Trials:

Just don’t go for shopping with a messy look, go a bit prepared you will have some idea how will you look when you will finally wear it with full bridal make-up.

57. Get The Outfit Packed Well:

All your dresses are pricey, you need to get them packed and arranged well so that it is easy to uncover and wear it finally for the day. If yours is a destination wedding then your dresses should be packed in a way that they are not getting spoiled at all. Only a touch up can be done before wearing it finally.

58. Don’t Bring Your Wedding Dress Home:

If yours is a house filled with kids it is good that you ask for your dress’s final delivery just a day or two days before. You will surely not want kids to stumble upon your wedding outfit and spoil it.

59. Chuck The “Rules”:

Yeah, it may sound bizarre to you but the reality is sometimes not going by rules also give you that look which you have been dreaming for. Chuck all the rules and just listen to your heart. After all, it’s your wedding!

60. Just Relax:

Now that you’ve found your dream dress, it’s time to stop looking anymore. There is no point looking for wedding dresses even after making your final purchase that will only make you nuts. Believe you me, whatever you have decided for your wedding is perfect and you have to believe that. Now just get yourself ready for the big day, for the big bang….. ☺ ☺

To Pan out……

This is your wedding and as a bride, your only aim is to look like the best version of yourself on your wedding day and other wedding functions. Go with your body type, do not hesitate to share your vision with your designer openly. Take out time for the purchase and trials. Love yourself, your body type, and then make purchase… As it costs huge money, it’s pricey.

Happy Purchasing…… Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺