Easy fixes for beauty mishaps on your wedding day

Easy fixes for beauty mishaps on your wedding day

The worst nightmare for any bride could be to have beauty mishaps just on the wedding day. As a bride you’re surely working out to get your body in perfect shape, must be eating healthy, and following a skincare regimen so that you look best on your big day. But sometimes, no matter how hard you try, a blemish or any other beauty accident pops up on the day of the wedding. Don’t panic, and possibly make it worse. If it happens to you – there are easy fixes to correct all those potential beauty mishaps.Even for the most irritating problem – with the right advice, you can fix the beauty mishap and make it disappear or hide it.

To help you avoid any adversity on your big day, here are 12 simple solutions to the most common wedding-day beauty mishaps:

Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

A very common problem, which possibly occurs due to wedding planning stress or sleepless nights, or maybe over boozing. For a quick fix you can Keep cold cucumber slices on your eyes for 20 minutes and relax. And wash them with normal water.

Also, your make-up artist can do magic with foundation. Applying foundation under your eyes, along the lash line help conceal dark circles under your eyes. Because foundation is less opaque than concealer, so it becomes easy to get more uniform coverage instead of the lighter, raccoon eyes you would get with concealer otherwise. For more coverage you can always add concealer on top.

Red Eyes

Sleepless nights and red eyes go hand in hand. It is obvious to get red eyes after having continuous sleepless nights. Even some brides are so sensitive that they get red eyes after head wash. So, if you also get a red eye on your wedding day, do not panic. The quick fix is – do warm compress.

Here is how to do it: Take a towel, soak it in warm water and wring it out. Make sure you keep the temperature at a reasonable level as the area around the eyes is sensitive. Place the warm towel on your eyes for about 10 minutes. The heat of the towel will increase blood flow to the area. Also, it will increase oil production on your eyelids, thereby allowing your eyes to create more lubrication.

Also, if you have a problem with warm compress then do the opposite of it – cool compress.

If you are allergic to some specific eye makeup, such as blue/green toned eye makeup. Then ask your makeup artist to use a light colored eye makeup. As, light colored eye makeup tends to be less irritating to the skin and eyes.

Running Mascara

Well, it is always good to buy water-proof make-up especially the eye makeup, you never know when you will get emotional. But somehow your formulation isn’t waterproof and you get a bit emotional and teary on the occasion, chances are your mascara will run. But you don’t need to worry, because there is an easy fix.

All you need is a cotton bud. Wet the tip of the bud with water (or makeup remover). Wipe away the excess mascara running under your eyes. Then ask your bridesmaids or do yourself a quick touch up job with your foundation, concealer, and powder. That’s all!!

Cold Sore

Some brides are really sensitive and they get cold sores due to any reason. If you have this issue always, then you might be having some prescribed medicine for it. But if it is something that occurred without any notice then also you don’t have to worry there is a remedy for it. Cold compress can do the needful. All you have to do is take a towel wet it in ice cold water, wing it. Place the towel on the affected area.  Tylenol or ibuprofen can also be used.

Also, another solution is to lightly exfoliate the area and remove the rough skin on the top layer. Then apply a little concealer on it and if the cold sore is directly on the lip, consider applying dark lip colors, such as dark berry or deep red.

Dry Lips

Believe it or not, but your lips play an important part in your big day – of course, they have to be their best while saying “I will” and kissing your partner. The most harrowing would be to wake up with dry, chapped lips. But, as I said you don’t need to worry! The remedy is simple – gently exfoliate them in the shower with a soft flannel, and after that apply a generous amount of lip balm.

Also, make sure you have that pot of petroleum jelly with you throughout the day, the jelly will help you keep your lips soft and smooth. Petroleum jelly is safe to use and is very effective, it will show immediate effects, so don’t worry!! Keep it handy, have one in your makeup kit!!

Allergic Reactions

Any kind of allergic reaction which start to pop up the very day of your wedding can be a biggest nightmare. Well, if you are allergic to some food or makeup, the first thing you need to do is stop eating or using whatever causes the allergic reaction.

But, if the reaction happened a few days before your wedding then it is recommended to see your doctor immediately. Or you can also try a whole-milk compress for 10 minutes twice a day.

For allergic reactions occurred on the day of your wedding, conceal it with makeup. Use a good quality tinted moisturizer that naturally has green/yellow undertones and also moisturizes the dry skin.

Shiny Skin

Now this one happens when the ceremony approaches, some brides start to feel a few beads of sweat collect on their forehead. It may happen because you have oily skin, so it’s perfectly natural, nothing to worry about it and make it even worse.

Blotting paper in your kit will help you out of the situation. Simply use a bloating paper to absorb excess oil. Make sure you keep these in your wedding day makeup bag so that you can use them anytime to blot away the excess oil. Another key tool is – translucent setting powder. Translucent setting powder help keep your foundation in place and also, it covers up any unwanted shine.

Puffy Eyes

Puffiness of eyes has to do a lot with your sleep pattern, especially the night before your wedding. If you’ve spent the night before your wedding day sleepless, then puffy eyes is obvious. Puffiness happens due to the lack of rest. There are simple hacks to handle the situation:

You can use cool cucumber slices or refrigerated green tea bags and place them on your eyes for 20 minutes for immediate result. But, if your bridal suite doesn’t have cucumbers or tea bags you can use a teaspoon. Yes, a teaspoon

Here is how to use teaspoons: Simply take two metal teaspoons, keep them in the freezer for about 20 minutes. Once they’re suitably cold, lay the rounded part of the teaspoons over your eyelids. Stay like this for about 10 minutes. It will help bring down the puffiness immediately.

Also, if you don’t have any teaspoons to hand, you can use ice cubes wrapped in paper towels or handkerchiefs. Simply by applying something cool, puffiness can be eliminated.

If you tend to get puffy eyes by a high salt diet or alcohol, try to cut out both the week of your wedding. Also, you can use eye cream from MAC for instant puffy-eye relief.

Smudged Nail Paint

It’s a common issue though. If you smudge your nail paint before it is dry, use a cotton bud.Simply dip the tip of the bud in nail polish remover and precisely rub away any stray strokes of polish.

Another nail issue that can happen is suddenly you break a nail during the big day. Worry not, quickly file it away – so it is recommended to have a nail filer handy in your makeup bag.

Stained Teeth

Presumably, you must have visited your dentist as well to get those sparkling teeth. But you know your teeth can even get stained by chocolate or hot beverages. So, it is recommended to avoid chocolates and hot beverages during your wedding week. But if you are not able to resist your craving for chocolates and got your teeth stained on the day of the wedding. Don’t worry about it, there is a quick fix for that too.

Brush with baking soda. Baking soda has natural whitening properties that is why it’s a popular ingredient in commercial toothpaste.It’s a mild abrasive, which can help scrub away surface stains on teeth.

Dry Skin

More often than not, brides face this issue in their winter weddings. Extensive winter can cause dry skin, and if your skin is already dry then it doubles the problem. But you don’t need to worry about it too.

If your skin is already dry in nature, then the best you can do is keep yourself hydrated. Apply moisturizer every night before you hit the bed. Also, cut down on exfoliating and avoid scrubbing your skin

On the day of your wedding, to help hydrate your skin and to ensure that your makeup lasts for hours, use a good silicone-based primer. Here is how you should do it: Moisturize your skin first, wait a few moments for moisturizer to set in, and then apply the primer. Once the primer is set, you can now use a tinted moisturizer for a foundation. And you will get a perfect glowing skin JJ

Wrapping up…

We all want our wedding day to be perfect and that’s the reason we don’t even want to think of anything negative about it. But staying prepared for any beauty mishap on the day of your wedding is always wiser. Moreover, you don’t need to worry even if something goes wrong, because it just worsen the thing and nothing else.

There is an old saying “Prevention is always better than cure,” and the same is applicable in case of our wedding also. Thinking ahead and planning accordingly will help you feel downright prepared for any beauty or makeup mishaps that may occur on the day of your wedding. With these solutions mentioned above to wedding day beauty and makeup mishaps you can be confident to tackle any potential issue that come across!

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Happy Wedding!

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