Find the Exclusive Tips to Host The Inter-Caste Weddings Smoothly

Find the exclusive tips to host the inter-caste weddings smoothly

However, with time people have changed and inter-caste marriages have become popular. Still there are many families who oppose inter-caste marriages. Well, even if families agree for an inter-caste marriage there are disputes throughout the wedding for several reasons such as, rituals, ceremonies, guests, etc.

Well, we understand it becomes really difficult for couples to manage things in inter-caste marriages. Besides handling their wedding planning, they do have to manage people. More often than not, people in inter-caste weddings have comparatively more issues and problems. As, half of the time goes in resolving issues. To help you with how to host an inter-caste weddings smoothly, we have gathered some tips for you here in this post! Please go through them and host a wonderful and peaceful inter-caste wedding.

Here we go….

1. Let your families be part of each decision

Of course, your families are important and they play really important role in your wedding. So, it is essential that you keep both the families in loop, before you decide anything big or small for your wedding. At every step you have to make sure that none of the family is feeling ignored. And that can only be done by you and your significant other and by nobody else.

For instance, you are going for a shopping make sure you take along your mother-in-law if you are already taking your mother. It will help you build a strong bond with your mother-in-law and also it will help you have a smooth wedding celebration later. You may find it a very small thing, but let me tell you that doing small things will help you in a BIG WAY on your BIG DAY!

2. Respect them as you respect your family members

The most important thing in any relationship is to have respect for each other’s family. If you think disrespecting each other will help you host a great wedding, then you are wrong. You really need to have respect for each other’s family first. Otherwise it’s not just your wedding, your whole life will go into toss. So, make sure you treat your partner’s family with equal respect and their decisions as well.

3. Do not discriminate

Just because you two belong to different castes, doesn’t make any of you less in the whole process. So, make sure you do not discriminate amongst families. For instance, you are buying any gift for your mother-in-law and for your mom also, make sure that both are in same budget, of course, they don’t have to be identical but buying an extremely expensive gift for you mom and buying some cheap gift for your mom-in-law will only accentuate the differences.

4. Develop a common minimum program

Common minimum program is something in which you will take down things from both sides and develop a program that works for both the families, so that there are no disappointments and differences later. Also, it is important that your family know about the program. For instance, there will be many rituals which will be different for both the families, as you two belong to different castes. So, what you can do is – take down the common rituals or ceremonies and let the wedding happen smoothly.

5. Try to downsize the ceremony

Having too many guests can be chaotic, as everybody will have their own opinion about the wedding. And mostly people don’t mind talking in public, and when any member of the family listen to those gossips, they feel bad and create scene, there is no point. It’s better to have limited people, only the ones who really want to be part of your celebration. In case of an inter-caste marriage, it’s always good to go for an intimate celebration.

Hosting an intimate wedding will help you take care of all your guests properly. Each guest would feel like getting VIP treatment, special and personally attended, which will make everybody happy and content. This will eventually help you have a great wedding celebration without any dispute or differences.

6. Avoid things which are not necessary

More often than not, it is seen that couples start to fight with each other on small matters. Even after knowing that things may happen, they fight! For instance, if the groom’s mother say something to the bride, which is natural sometimes. She will raise this issue in front of her partner, which will simply intensify the matter and nothing else. Guys, if you really feel bad about something, make sure you two talk about the matter. I am not at all saying you have to tolerate everything and anything; however, there are ways to tackle the situation. And the way is to talk the matter out! The easiest and simplest way to tackle any situation, be it any!

7. Be mindful of your finances

Your wedding involves you two, it is not something where you can decide anything all yourself. In a wedding it’s always good to have involvement of both so as to host a great wedding. You have to be mindful of your finances, because after your marriage you will have to deal with different situations wherein you will need money. So, don’t go extravagant on your wedding, instead spend only where it is necessary. Because, most of the time in an inter-caste wedding family do support only for the society and later they simply say you see yourself! So, being mindful about money will help you have smooth functioning even after your wedding, without interrupting your day-to-day things.

Pro Tip: Set your budget in advance and religiously stick to it!!

8. Involve your family members in some activities

Keeping your families away from your wedding related tasks will only increase the ditch, it’s better to get them involved in things. This way they will feel involved and important part of your celebration, also they will gain confidence and feel happy about your wedding. At no point any of your family should not feel dejected or ousted. In fact, it’s your duty to make them feel very important part of your life’s biggest celebration. Remember that it’s LOVE THAT HAS THE POWER TO WIN ANY SITUATION AND NOT HATRED. Hatred only distances!

9. Develop your wedding menu considering both parties

Your wedding menu should consist of food items favorite to both parties. Your wedding should look like a combined effort and not one sided ceremony. Choose your menu after discussing with families, discuss what your guests and what your partner’s guests would love to have in menu. Remember that good food can mend many things. If your guests will be happy with the food items at your wedding, half of the difference will vanish there and then only.

10. Prepare a guest list for your wedding

Now, this is a bit tricky task as you have to decide who will be the invitees in the event. Close relatives, friends, father’s friends, and mom’s friend and so on the list once you start to prepare with your family, the list will go unexpectedly lengthy for sure. If yours is a destination wedding, you need to be wise enough while preparing your guest list as it will directly affect your budget for sure. You might need to make some cuts only those you feel are necessary and their presence is important will be invited. Sit with your family, your partner and your partner’s family to create the list. None of the family should feel less important in the process. Your list should be prepared keeping both the families and their priorities in mind. However, if yours is an intimate celebration, make sure you clearly mention that these many guests can attend, so that your families will only name the ones who are actually important.

11. Book a hotel or a wedding point that is easily accessible to both families

If yours is going to be a destination wedding. It would be great if you book hotel rooms and accommodation close to the wedding venue. Also, it is important that the accommodation for both families is at a genuine distance, none of the family’s people have to struggle to reach the venue. Also, the rooms and the services should be similar to the guests of both the parties. You can’t discriminate here. Considering each guests equal at your wedding will help you have smooth celebration, otherwise you will end up having a lot of complaints from your guests and nothing else, which is not at all wise for any of you.

12. Get some games incorporated at your wedding

Last but not least, kicking off your wedding celebration with wedding games, will not only take your celebration to another level, but also it will help your guests to get accustomed to each other. More often than not, wedding games are a perfect way to initiate talks especially when people are not known to each other. There are many wedding games that can be incorporated into your wedding, such as Antakshari, Tambola, Dubm Charades, Tic Tac Toe, Musical chair, Karoake band, Poker station, Paper dance, Giant Jenga, Kite flying etc., all these games are a wonderful way to get your guests involved in some fun activity.

So, these are the pointers you need to consider for hosting a wonderful inter-caste wedding. I hope these tips help you have a wonderful celebration!!

Happy Wedding…… ☺ ☺