Four alternative wedding accommodation ideas

Four alternative wedding accommodation ideas

Congratulations, you’re getting married! Once the post-engagement buzz has settled and you’ve finished showing off your ring, it’s time to get started. Planning a wedding wedding accommodation is a big undertaking, so pulling ideas together as early as you can will help you secure the day you’re dreaming of.

One element that you’ll need to consider is the accommodation – both for you and your guests. No matter the size of your guest list, you’ll want to give everyone a comfy space to retreat to after they’ve danced the night away. In this post, we share four alternative accommodation options that will give your special day a unique twist.

Here are Four alternative wedding accommodation ideas

1. Castle

Got a big guest list? No problem. A castle is more than large enough to accommodate everyone, and you can most likely have your ceremony here too if you want to. There are some stunning castles for hire all over the world, but particularly in Europe, and they range in size meaning you’ll be able to find the perfect one, regardless of the budget you’re working with.


There’s surely nothing more romantic than getting married in a fairytale castle, and it’s a great, unique stay for your guests as well. It also means that you’ll likely have exclusive hire, so you and your loved ones can relax and enjoy the space to your heart’s content. Plus, your photos will be amazing.

2. Private island

There’s something about a destination wedding that is truly special. It’s the best type of holiday – you’re in a beautiful location, surrounded by your friends and family, and you get to explore a new place at the same time as marrying your best friend.

Private island

If you’ve got a big budget, why not go all-out for your destination wedding and consider hiring a private island? You may not necessarily be able to get married on the island itself, but you can get the legalities taken care of elsewhere and then recreate your perfect ceremony on the beach, without having to worry about any wedding admin. This gives you the freedom to ask a close friend to run the ceremony, have any non-traditional elements you like and do things in your own way.

Afterwards, you and your guests can spend some true quality time together, relaxing and enjoying the island in total privacy.

3. Converted bus

For smaller, close-knit groups, why not go really quirky and hire a converted bus or two? They only tend to hold five or six guests at a time, but this can be perfect if you’re planning on having a micro wedding, or if you only want to invite your closest friends to stay. You won’t be sleeping on bus seats – most of these conversions are made with luxury touches and comfort in mind, and contain proper beds.

Converted bus

If you want a bit more privacy, hire a campervan for you two, and then everyone else can stay in a bus nearby. Meet up in the morning for a cup of coffee or a good brunch in a local foodie spot. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

4. Yurts

The idea of camping is intolerable to some people – especially for your wedding, where you probably don’t fancy getting into a sleeping bag on the floor after a day on your feet. However, don’t completely rule out a night under the stars. Glamping is a really popular option for weddings and parties, and there’s no need to skimp on the luxury elements you may be looking for.


Plenty of places offer large yurts, with soft carpets underfoot, fleecy blankets and a proper bed with a comfortable mattress. You may even find one with a hot tub or bath inside, so you can enjoy a soak whilst thinking about all the perfect moments from your wedding day. Guests are sure to love this option as well, as it’s something unusual without being too far from their comfort zone.

If you wind down your wedding day relatively early, or set up camp the night before, you could even get in stocks of marshmallows, chocolate and crackers and make some delicious s’mores together as you talk about the day. Don’t forget to get someone to take photos – everything will surely look more magical by firelight.

Creating your dream wedding

There’s plenty to organise when planning your wedding, but don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Especially when it comes to guest accommodation, you should be asking for input from your loved ones. Not only will they be glad to help, but by asking for their thoughts you’ll ensure that they’re happy with your choice too. Alternatively, reach out to a seasoned professional to help every element of your day go smoothly.