Funny Speech Ideas to Brother For Sister Wedding In 2024

Funny Speech Ideas to Brother For Sister Wedding In 2023

If you are the brother of a bride, preparing a speech for your sister can be a daunting task. This is always an emotional moment for you and your sister. However, you can make it memorable with a well-written speech. Adding fun to it will just make it more memorable. Yes, you read it right! A funny speech at your sister’s wedding in 2024 will make the whole event lighter.

Getting speech ideas for your sister’s wedding requires a little brainstorming. You can create an amazing speech for your sister that will leave her so emotional. If you have been delegated the responsibility of giving a speech as a brother to the bride, you need to take it seriously.

If you are worried about the speech ideas to brother for sister wedding, then read this post. We have provided you with creative insight on speech ideas for brothers for sister weddings.

Let’s get started…

Funny Wedding Speech

While making preparations for the wedding speech, you should be creative with your ideas. When incorporating humour into your speech, it’s important to ensure that it remains enjoyable and doesn’t include any offensive jokes or anything that might upset your sister. Remember you don’t want to mess up your sister’s wedding celebration. You have to come up with ideas that will put smiles on the faces of all guests and your sister.

How To Write Brother’s Funny Speech For Sister Wedding?

Before you proceed with writing a funny speech for your sister’s wedding, there are a few ways to do it. Here are ideas on how to craft memorable, funny speeches to make your sister’s wedding more special.

  • Make it more personalized: Make your funny speech for sister wedding in 2024 more personalized since it’s your sister’s wedding. You know a lot about your sister right from childhood, so think about the funny moments you had with your sister.
  • Stay organized: Be organized in your mind so you don’t end up saying what is irrelevant. Regardless of what you want to say, your thoughts should be in check.
  • Make sure to rehearse your speech: Make sure to practice your speech until you feel confident about it. If you do not practice, you will not be able to identify your errors. It would be a delightful and cherished memory if you could deliver a humorous speech about your sister. It’s perfectly fine if you’re unable to memorize it.
  • Make it more enjoyable: Your speech should be funny and also get all invited guests to feel relaxed.
  • Get it checked by people close to your sister: It’s always advised to get your speech checked by someone close to your sister.
  • Pen it down: Once your speech ideas are popping up in your brain, write it down. Scrutinize it to be sure nothing is left out.
  • Be relaxed and confident: Of course, speaking in front of so many people is not easy, especially if you’re a shy person. However, maintaining calm can help you speak it perfectly. So, when you are about to deliver your speech, make sure you are relaxed and confident.

Let’s now take a look at some of the tips to craft a hilarious speech for your sister’s wedding.

Tips To Structure The Best Brother’s Funny Speech For Sister Wedding

Get inspiration on how you can structure the best funny brother of the bride speech ideas here;

Start with an introduction: First, you must start by introducing yourself. Of course, most of the wedding guests might know you; however, there will still be some, such as your sister’s friends, colleagues, etc., who might know you. Therefore, introducing yourself is an important step. The invited guest should know who you are and your relationship with the bride before you proceed. Do not assume that all the guests know you.

Give your guests a warm welcome: Giving your guests a warm welcome in your speech is crucial. Doing so will make your guests and newlywed feel at ease.

Be excited: Saying a speech at your sister’s wedding is one of the most emotional moments. And, of course, it is one of the best times of your and your sister’s life. Let everyone see the excitement on your face as you welcome them. Be excited, it’s your sister’s wedding!

Incorporate some childhood memories to your speech: You can share lovely stories about your childhood experience with your sister. Talk about the lovely moments you had with the bride while growing up. Speak on funny habits that your sister exhibited from childhood to adulthood. Speak about your love for her and how you will miss her presence in your home.

PRO TIP: Do not forget to appreciate the groom so he can feel special as well.

Welcome the groom: Make sure to welcome the groom into your family officially. Say some words about the groom so he does not feel left out of the lovely moment.

Add words of prayer: Of course, you’re planning to deliver a funny speech. But it is advised to include words of prayer and best wishes for the couple in your speech. If you are married before your sister, you can add a few vital advice that can help the couples.

Wrap it up with a toast: Conclude your speech to the couple with a toast to the couple. Wrapping your speech with a toast will give it a great conclusion.

Things To Avoid Including In The Speech For Sister Wedding

Irrespective of how hilarious your speech is, there are a few things you should never say. Here are ideas of what you should not include in your speech:

Avoid speaking about your sister’s exes: Do not make the mistake of speaking about your sister’s exes so you don’t ruin her big day. Let it remain in the past!

Avoid adding anything hurting to your speech: It is crucial to avoid including anything that could hurt your sister or her husband. Know that they are going to embark on a new journey of their lives. It is crucial that they have positive thoughts as they embark on their new journey.

Avoid speaking about politics or any political event: You need not include anything related to politics or political events in your sister’s wedding speech. You can never tell who is present there as a guest. We’re sure you don’t want to mess things up for your sister.

Avoid adding negative words or quotes to her wedding speech: Do not say negative words about your view of marriage. Keep your views or beliefs to yourself. It’s your sister’s big day, so make it memorable.

Avoid adding hurtful jokes: Be careful about the kind of jokes you add to your speech. Do not expose your family while trying to say something funny. Doing so will not only hurt your sister but also will make your guests feel lost.

Avoid incorporating sexual jests in your speech: Last but not least, avoid any sexual comments in your sister’s wedding speech. Adding ugly or sexual comments is not necessary.

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Speech Ideas to Brother For Sister Wedding

Here are the different funny brother of the bride speech examples that you can get inspiration from. Take a look…


Ladies and gentlemen, you are all welcome to this special occasion.

First of all, I must confess that you all look stunning. Thank you for this massive turnout. We are here to celebrate the shining star of my family – my beautiful sister!

[Sister’s name], watching you grow into a stunning bride everyone admires today is so sweet. You were such a tiny troublemaker as a little girl. [Partner’s name], you must have some magic in you to have gotten her attracted to you. Thumbs up to you!

We have shared so many memories together and few misunderstandings over the years. Seeing the glow on your face today makes those moments deserving. [Partner’s name], you’ve really got the courage to take my beautiful sister away from our lovable family. Trust me, you’re in for a serious query!

The truth about marriage is that you have to compromise. For that reason, [Partner’s name], you will soon understand when [Sister’s name] tells you, “Honey, we need to talk now!” The perfect response you can give to her is simply to agree. You will be saved from a lot of trouble, believe me!

[Sister’s name] Trust me, you and your partner are a perfect match. I can’t wait to see the beautiful moments that you both will have after today. [Partner’s name], you’ve got to be ready for a different adventure with my sister. She’s the best!

[Partners name], you are indeed very lucky to have my sister accept you. She’s unique in her ways; she is funny, beautiful, very smart, and also the life of our family. You can entrust her with responsibilities. Remember to always get her favourite pizza on your way back from work if you want to see her scream!

Growing up as a child with my sister was fun all through. We had crazy moments that were memorable; she was really a pin in the neck. (Talk about a personal story of you and your sister that was hilarious). [Partner’s name], you are taking away a precious jewel from our family. There’s no dull moment whenever she’s around! She lights up everywhere with her presence!
The love story between these two is indeed a unique one that’s out of this world. [Partner’s name], you saw what our family was keeping so safe and decided to take it from us. Man! That’s not fair on me as a brother.

But what can I do? My sister was magically attracted to your charming face from the beginning, so I am helpless!

Wow! It’s indeed an incredible day for every one of us present here today, especially the newlywed! This day is so special to me as I watch my little sister get married to the man of her dreams. I remember during our childhood together; my sister often quarrelled with me because I played more with my friends than with her. She will quarrel with me for not playing with her dolls or painting dresses in her book with her. You know what [Sister’s name]? I promise to be the best uncle to your daughter if you have one. I will play with her, paint dresses with her, and have all the fun with your daughter. I’ll miss you, buddy! Congratulations.


It feels great being a brother to this beautiful bride. She looks so stunning today, but I will miss the troublesome moments I had with her. She can really cry for every little thing, so [Partner’s name], you’ve got to buckle up!

[Partner’s name], you are indeed a perfect match for my sister. Ever since you came into her life, she has changed from being a cry-baby to a mature lady. Growing up as a child, she cried at every little thing. Even when her friends tease her for being chubby, she will always come to me for defence. I am proud of her right now because you have brought out the best in her. Today, she can boldly stand up for herself. I am proud of the person you have become. Now I know that even if I am not around [Sister’s name], [Groom’s name] is there for her!

From the moment [Sister’s name] introduced me to [Partner’s name], I knew they were perfect for each other. My sister is a very selective person and not easy to convince. I wonder what kind of trick [Partner’s name] used on my sister that made her fall so deep in love. Whatever it was, keep using it [Partner’s name]!
As a brother to the bride, I have seen different sides of my sister growing up as a child. I have seen the tough and lovely side of her. She takes no shit from anyone who tries to mess up with her. If you step on her toes! Oh My God! You will really get hurt by her. Smiles! Right now, I can’t see those tough sides of hers anymore. She has become

more lovely than ever. Indeed, love is magical. [Partner’s name], you’ve got the key to her heart! Have a blissful marriage.

[Sister’s name], your love story with [Partner’s name] is something to emulate. You both went through thick and thin moments together but never got swayed by them. Your arrival into my sister’s life made her stronger. Looking at her right now, I can’t believe she’s the same little sister whom I watched grow. She has become a superwoman. Love truly brings out the best in you. You both are perfect for each other!

Love is a sweet experience. Do you all agree with me? See how stunning they both look. I feel pained right now because no one will hide my stuff again and make me look for them. She was very mischievous growing up as a child. Despite being a big brother, I have to plead with [Sister’s
name] before she will run errands for me. I will truly miss [Sister’s name], as she starts her new journey in marriage. We really had moments that I can’t forget, even though you were annoying sometimes. Wish you all the best in your new home.

Having said so much about my sister and her partner, all I wish is that your days together will be joyful. Marriage is a new journey in life. So, as you start this journey today, may your life with that of your partner be a grand one. I wish you both a happy married life!

Last Few Words…

So, there you have it: funny speech ideas to brother for sister wedding in 2024. Hopefully, this article has been enlightening for you and helped you craft a beautiful, funny wedding speech for your sister’s wedding.

When it comes to giving a funny speech for your sister’s wedding, you have to be creative.
Hope you have gained enough inspiration from this post on creating humorous ideas for a brother of the bride speech. It is essential to ensure that the moment becomes a truly memorable experience for the couple. Know that your sister’s wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event for everyone, including the couple. Ensure that you seize the opportunity to make the most of this day so that all attendees of your sister’s wedding will be pleased with their experience.

When preparing your speech, it is important to exercise caution and be mindful of the words you choose to deliver on stage. Do not stray from your goal. And your goal is to create a joyful and emotionally charged atmosphere for everyone in attendance, with a special focus on the newlywed couple. So, be wise and creative when crafting a funny speech for your sister’s wedding.

Cheers to the happy couple! 🥂

Happy Wedding… 😊 😊