10 Best Wedding Anniversary Party Games Ideas

Wedding Games fo couple

Your wedding anniversary is as important as your wedding. Whether you are celebrating your first anniversary or it’s your 50th, the anniversary party should be worthwhile. It is an occasion that brings together friends and families to commemorate the big day of your life. Not only are you a celebrating couple of the day, but also a host. And a good host should always make sure to provide the right entertainment for party guests. A party without games is as bland as pizza without cheese.

If you plan to host a wedding anniversary party and look for celebratory games, then read this post until the end. Here I am sharing with you some of the best games for the Wedding Anniversary. Not only are these games exciting, but also they are engaging. Your party guests will have a great time, regardless of their age.

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Couple Games for Wedding Anniversary Party

#1. Trivia Buffs

Trivia Buffs

A fantastic game to play with the couple on their wedding anniversary. This game will keep your guests well-entertained and fully occupied.

Here is how to play this game:

  • Prepare a multiple-choice questionnaire, or you can choose to fill in the blanks or true/false. The questionnaire should have questions about the couple.
  • The questionnaire should be prepared well in advance.
  • Get too many printouts of the questionnaire.
  • Place the question sheet at each guest’s place.
  • Ask the guests to fill out the questionnaire whenever they like.
  • The coordinator then read out the answers. Who so ever gets the maximum right will win and can take away the gift.

It is an excellent game that can be played on several occasions, from a wedding reception to an anniversary celebration.

#2. Find your mate

Another enchanting couple game for the anniversary is found your mate. Your guests will surely enjoy this game.

Find your mate

Here is how to play it:

  • Blindfold the wife.
  • Let all the males gather in one place in the room.
  • Ask the blindfolded wife to find her husband among all the men gathered in the room.
  • There should be no lip movement or talking.
  • Wife will try to find her husband based on touch and olfactory functions.

*The same game can be played by blindfolding the husband as well.

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#3. Romantic Paper Dance Competition

The romantic paper dance competition will turn out to be a show-stealing game. This is one such game that nobody would want to miss at the party—a great way for you and your guests to have some romantic time with their partners. So, add this one to make your party more fun!.

Romantic Paper Dance Competition

Here is how to play it:

  • Scatter sheets of newspapers on the floor and ask the respective couples to step on them in pairs.
  • Put on the music and let the couples dance for a minute or two on the paper. The couple will be out of the game if any of them steps out of the newspaper while dancing.
  • Now, stop the music, and ask couples to fold the paper into half. Again put on the music and let the couples dance for the next one or two minutes. Make sure you keep an eye on everyone’s feet to check if anyone steps on the floor.
  • Carry on this way by refolding the paper to the minimum size. The couple that will manage to stay on the paper will be the winner.

Encourage all the couples to play this game. They will have a lot of fun!

#4. Couple’s Karaoke

Singing is something that everybody can do. Yes, and with Karaoke, you can take the fun element to the next level. Couple karaoke is one of the most celebratory games today. You can have it incorporated in your wedding anniversary party.

Here is how to play this game:

  • Put together varieties of songs, like love songs, ballads, slow rock, upbeat songs, country songs, Bollywood, Hollywood, etc.
  • Ask the couple to present their karaoke version.
  • You can have all the couples performing.
  • Choose the winner based on their performance.

#5. Who Knows His Wife Well

It is a traditional game that will add fun to your wedding anniversary party. Anybody, from celebrating a couple to other couples present at the party, can play it. It’s a great game to add unlimited fun to your party.

Here is how to play this game:

  • Divide couples into males and females.
  • Now let the coordinator ask all the married ladies’ to bring their belongings and arrange them on a tabletop.
  • Then the men will be asked to stand near the table and look at all the items. They will then pick the item that belongs to their wives and take it to her.
  • The one who collects the maximum right items of their wives will win. Make sure you arrange for goodies for the winners.

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#6. Wheel of Activities

An amazingly creative wedding anniversary game. You can create a custom wheel according to your wedding anniversary party theme and let your guests have a lot of fun!

Wheel of Activities

Here is how to play the wheel of activities:

  • Create a custom wheel of activity according to your party theme. You can add romantic or daring activities in the wheel of activities, like “Name your crush,” “Your Best Dance Moves,” etc.
  • Divide your party guests into teams.
  • Have someone to coordinate the game, like your sister or friend.
  • Once the game begins, the coordinator will ask the respective guests from each team to spin the activity wheel. Whatever activity they will be assigned, they will have to perform.
  • Make sure you add some entertaining activities in the wheel so that your guests can enjoy it!

The game of wheel of activities will help you have some relaxed time!

#7. Dumb Charades

It is the game for any occasion, from a wedding anniversary party to a birthday celebration. The best part of this game is it needs no much preparation. All you have to do is give some impromptu movie names to people and let them in-act the film name without any lip movement.

Here is how to play this game:

  • Divide the guests into two teams at the max. Give teams’ some cute names.
  • Keep a scoreboard with the name of the teams ready so that scores can be maintained team-wise.
  • Now, let the coordinator call a person from one team (say team A) and let the opponent team (say team B) give them a movie name.
  • After receiving the movie’s name, the team A member will in-act and try to tell the name of the film in signs that his/her team member will try to identify.
  • If the team members are successful in recognizing the name, they will score points for the same. Likewise, other team members will come, and Team A people will give a movie name to him/her.

#8. Antakshari

No party can be considered complete without this age-old musical game. It simply takes any party to another level. This is one such game that can be played on any occasion, from a wedding party to a picnic. The best part is you don’t need to prepare a lot of things for it. It’s an impromptu game that just adds fun to any party.

Here is how to play this game:

  • Divide the guests into teams, maybe three to four at the max. Give teams’ some good names.
  • Keep a scoreboard with the name of the teams ready so that scores can be maintained team-wise.
  • Now, let the coordinator give a letter to the first team (say team A) to start the song.
  • After that, the next team will sing a song on the ending letter of the previous team’s song. Likewise, all the teams will sing.
  • The team that scores the highest in the competition will be considered the winner.

#9. Passing the Parcel

This is an age-old game, but the charm it holds still looks fresh and warm when everybody at the party plays it together. Not only will this game make party guests nostalgic, but it also will add to the fun—a great way to involve one and all present at the party.

Passing the Parcel

Here is how to play this exciting game at the party:

  • Arrange for the music system well in advance.
  • Make everyone sit in a circle on the floor.
  • Have a music keeper.
  • Take a pillow and start.
  • Whoever will be the one catching pillow while the music stopped, make the person perform an act, such as sing a song or best dance move, etc. Just like “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun” movie!

Final Thought

To sum it up, incorporate these 9 enticing games for the wedding anniversary at your wedding anniversary party as well. Your guests will enjoy it a lot. For your kid guests, you can make separate arrangements for color books and cartoon movies so that they do not feel bored at the party. Besides, arrange for all the mouth-watering dishes at the party to make it unforgettable!!

Happy Wedding Anniversary… ☺ ☺