210 Ultimate Funny Newlywed Shoe Game Questions

Ultimate Newlywed Shoe Game Questions

The shoe game is originally from western countries but now it is gaining popularity in Indian weddings too. It is one of the couple’s favorite wedding games played at wedding receptions.

In this wedding game the bride and groom are made to sit back-to-back in front of all their guests. In the process, the groom will be holding one of his shoes and one of his bride’s shoes, as does the bride. The coordinator or the anchor or the one who is organizing will act as host. Then, the couple is asked a series of questions about their relationship, for which the answer is either “the bride” or “the groom.” The bride and groom cannot speak, they can only answer by holding up the shoe of the correct person. For instance, if the question was “Who asked for the date first” and the answer is the bride, they should both hold up the bride’s shoes.

Incorporating this game in a wedding simply makes it super fun. It makes the whole ambience joyous and enjoyable for all present at the wedding. And this is what is needed the most right now, especially in the weddings during the corona pandemic.

Funny Wedding Shoe Game Questions for Couple

Here we have listed the 210 best shoe game questions for you. You can use either all or few of them according to the couple. These amusing wedding shoe game questions are sure to induce endless fun at the wedding.

1. Who proposed?

2. Who is more romantic?

3. Who was the first to fall in love?

4. Who was the first to ask for the date?

5. Who spends more time in quietude?

6. Who gives more gifts?

7. Who loves to take gifts more?

8. Who is clumsier?

9. Who is more likely to dramatize the scene/situation?

10. Who made the first move?

11. Who is quieter?

12. Who was the first to give a present?

13. Who is more creative?

14. Who is the better singer?

15. Who paid on the first date?

16. Who was nervous on the first date?

17. Who was shyer when the relationship started?

18. Who does dishes the most?

19. Who is more unromantic?

20. Who says I love you more?

21. Who is more punctual or time bound?

22. Who is a better dancer?

23. Who is the bigger party animal?

24. Who is a better mimicker?

25. Who makes more calls?

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26. Who is more foodie?

27. Who likes reading books?

28. Who cooks more often?

29. Who is a passionate cook?

30. Who hates cooking? Or who hates going to the kitchen?

31. Who despises books?

32. Who loves to travel?

33. Who is good at organizing parties?

34. Who eats more chocolate?

35. Who loves partying more?

36. Who plans more elaborate date nights?

37. Who is more likely to start an argument?

38. Who is more likely to end an argument?

39. Who made the first move?

40. Who is the best driver?

41. Who is the worst driver?

42. Who is more likely to hit after being drunk?

43. Who is good with directions?

44. Who was the first to declare that they are in love?

45. Who is a better chef?

46. Who has better taste in music?

47. Who is more foodie?

48. Who is chattier?

49. Who kissed first?

50. Who fought first?

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51. Who is more skeptical or unbelieving or doubting?

52. Who is a better kisser?

53. Who is choosier?

54. Who is a pickier eater?

55. Who cooks best?

56. Who is the worst cook?

57. Who loves dancing?

58. Who is a better dancer?

59. Who is a conversation starter after the fight?

60. Who is friendlier?

61. Who is a party animal?

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62. Who dresses stylishly better?

63. Who handles the groceries?

64. Who spends more time window shopping?

65. Who loves window shopping?

66. Who is a brand conscious?

67. Who is a better tipper?

68. Who snores louder?

67. Who has a habit of speaking in their sleep?

68. Who is peaceful?

69. Who ends fights?

70. Who fancied who first?

71. Who walks faster?

72. Who is funnier?

73. Who is messier?

74. Who is angrier?

75. Who stays up until late hours?

76. Who is more workaholic?

77. Who is more dominating in the relationship?

78. Who spends more time on the phone?

79. Who socializes the most?

80. Who is more organized?

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81. Who is highly unorganized?

82. Who is more outgoing?

83. Who has more friends?

84. Who hates talking too much?

85. Who gets irritated sooner?

86. Who is more likely to max out their credit card?

87. Who is good at managing money matters?

88. Who does the most savings?

89. Who is shopaholic?

90. Who loves to spend extravagantly?

91. Who likes flaunting more?

92. Who keeps the desk cleaner?

93. Who is more dramatic?

94. Who is more stubborn?

95. Who boozes the most?

96. Who loves to stay home on holidays?

97. Who is more adventurous?

98. Who does the most cleaning at home?

99. Who takes care of household tasks the most?

100. Who plans more surprises?

101. Who says ‘I Love You’ more often?

102. Who is better at planning surprises?

Who is better at planning surprises

103. Who skips bathing the most?

104. Who is better at keeping secrets?

105. Who is most likely to start a fight?

106. Who cries while watching a sad movie?

107. Who screams more while watching horror movies?

108. Who reads horoscopes first thing in the morning?

109. Who believes in astrological readings more?

110. Who would last longer on a deserted island?

111. Who throws more tantrum when ill or sick?

112. Who is smarter?

113. Who dresses better?

114. Who follows a more organized lifestyle?

115. Who is the worst at time management?

116. Who gets late to an appointment?

117. Who takes more time to get ready?

118. Who can’t wake up without a bed tea?

119. Who is better at dealing with people?

120. Who is shyer?

121. Who is handier?

122. Who is kinder?
123. Who is more religious?

124. Whose shoe stinks the most?

125. Who farts more?

126. Who has a bigger wardrobe?

127. Who makes better tea/coffee?

128. Who loves gadgets more?

129. Who loves their phone more than anything?

130. Whose phone has more passwords?

131. Who has the best style?

132. Who falls sick more often?

133. Who compliments more?

134. Who is more athletic?

135. Who exercises daily?

136. Who tends to forget/miss their essentials, like keys/wallets/cards?

137. Who does the dishes more?

138. Who does the cooking more?

139. Who is more carefree?

140. Who does the laundry more?

141. Who sings more in the bathroom?

142. Who is a better bathroom singer?

143. Who is a better lover?

144. Who is a better partner?

145. Who loves home-cook food the most?

146. Who splurges more on fast food?

147. Who shops more?

148. Who is moodier?

149. Who is most likely to want kids first?

150. Who keeps the room messier?

151. Who cooks better Noodles?

152. Who forgets important dates, like birthdays, anniversary etc. more?

153. Who wakes up earlier?

154. Who is an early riser?

155. Who always picks the dishes on the table after eating?

156. Who always leaves the towel on the bed?

157. Who never keeps shoes on the rack? Or who never misses to keep shoes on the rack?

158. Who can’t go without watching news even for a single day?

159. Who is better at managing finances?

160. Who flirts the most?

161. Who needs more pampering?

162. Who takes more time to get ready for outings/parties?

163. Who is good at dealing with kids?

164. Who despises dealing with kids?

165. Who is a bigger party animal?

166. Who is the first one to fall asleep while chit chatting?

167. Who is a better driver?

168. Who throws maximum tantrums?

169. Who was good in studies in school/college?

170. Who is a law-breaker?

171. Who lies the most?

172. Who tends to take their mobile to the washroom?

173. Who has more control on the TV remote?

174. Who is needier and acts like a child when sick?

175. Who says sorry first?

176. Who asks for the food more?

177. Who believes life without food is worthless?

178. Who wants to travel the world for adventure?

179. Who wants to travel the world for different cuisines?

180. Who passes out first while drinking?

181. Who is more emotional?

182. Who did the maximum wedding planning?

183. Who doesn’t like organizing the wardrobe?

184. Who is crazier?

185. Who gets more compliments?

186. Who checks themselves out in the mirror the most?

187. Who has a cuter smile?

188. Who is more sarcastic?

189. Who is poor with directions?

190. Who is always confused about what food to order?

191. Who snores the most?

192. Who is more whining?

193. Who is never wrong?

194. Who is a cry baby?

195. Who is more self-obsessed?

196. Who loves late night talks?

197. Who is a gossip monger?

198. Who is bad at keeping secrets?

199. Who is more health conscious?

200. Who is more adjusting?

201. Who is a bigger liar?

202. Who is always late?

203. Who is good at cracking PJs?

204. Who is good with saving money?

205. Who does more household chores?

206. Who uses the phone the most?
207. Who is good at bed?

208. Who loves making out on the craziest places?

209. Who was the first to ask to make out?

210. Who is louder?

211. Who has more exes?

Who has more exes_

Rules to play the Shoe Game at the wedding

  • Make the bride and groom sit on chairs with their backs towards each other.
  • Both the bride and groom should hold one theirs and one their partner’s shoe in both their hands.
  • The Emcee or host or the bridesmaids shall ask questions to the couple. To which the answer must be either ‘bride’ or the groom’. The couple won’t be allowed to speak, they will have to answer the questions by raising a shoe. For instance, if the answer is the bride, then both of them will raise the bride’s shoe and vice versa.
  • The maximum tenure of the game is 10 minutes, which includes a series of 20-30 questions being asked.

Tips to make this wedding game more enjoyable:

  • Make sure that the questions are amusing and prepared well in advance.
  • Have a set of questions handy.
  • All the questions asked should only be related to the couple’s personal life which involves both of them.
  • No question that can hurt anybody should be asked or added in the list.
  • Get the wedding guests involved in the game. Allow them to ask few impromptu questions (not too many, just a few)
  • Keep a check on the scores so as to announce the results after the show game.
  • Lastly, have unlimited fun.

The Bottom Line…..

Adding the shoe wedding game will simply make your friend’s wedding a hilarious experience for one and all. So, make sure you do not leave any stone unturned to make your friend’s wedding a funnier and classy event.