Have a Secondary (backup) Photographer for Wedding Photos?

Have a secondary (backup) photographer for wedding photos?

A wedding is a pricey affair, and every couple wants to have wonderful memories of their wedding secured from food to ceremonies, guests to décor, everything and anything that needs to be captured. But hiring only one photographer for your wedding won’t serve the purpose. Of course, one photographer will be busy clicking the main pictures, but there are several other moments in a wedding that need to be captured. And for that you require to have a secondary or a backup photographer.

Of course, we understand what you are thinking right now… That already your professional photographer is costing you high, and hiring a backup photographer will simply add to your cost. Well, you don’t need to worry about that. In this post we are going to share with you about the secondary photographer.

Here we go,

Why should you consider having a secondary wedding photographer?

Yeah, it’s obvious to think why you should hire backup wedding photographer, when you have already hired the most professional wedding photographer of the town. We understand your dilemma, but we can give you solid reasons to have a secondary wedding photographer at your wedding. Here are the reasons:

  1. First and foremost reason is – it is next to impossible for your main photographer to be present at all places at once or capture all the moments all single handedly.
  2. Your wedding is just not any event, it is in fact an event every person will be creating some wonderful memories. To miss all those important moments is not wise.
  3. When your main photographer will shoot main pictures of the event, such as bride getting ready for the ceremony, the girl gang along with the bride, candid moments with parents, etc. your backup wedding photographer would do all the shooting of the groom and the wedding venue etc.
  4. While at the wedding, when your main photographer will be busy capturing the bride and groom, their portraits etc., the backup photographer can click people having their meals, chit-chatting, enjoying each other’s company, etc.
  5. Wedding photographers are really very expensive. Generally, these professional photographers charge on an hourly basis, and every couple wants to have a professional and experienced photographer for the main ceremony, and other shots such as couple’s candid shots, stage shots, and reception photos. But in a wedding there are several other small ceremonies that can be captured by your backup wedding photographer and believe you me, you will never regret your decision.

How to select a secondary wedding photographer?

Wedding photography is a remunerative business today. Now a days, many people are keen to explore wedding photography industry. There are many people who are already working in other industries, such as medical, engineering, hotel and restaurant, etc., but they are passionate about photography as well. Such people mostly don’t let such passions die so easy, no matter how busy they get stuck in their professions, they never stop practicing. Some of them in fact look for opportunities where they can utilize their skills. More often than not, they don’t even charge anything, they do it just to add to their experience. And believe you me, these individuals are actually good photographers who can really add to your wedding photos.

Keep them as backup only

As I said, these photographers do this for their passion before they actually enter into the market as professional. So, you cannot have them to shoot your whole wedding as a main photographer. Because experience makes the man perfect, and your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that needs an experienced photographer to shoot. And in case of backup photographers they are mostly amateur, who you can have as secondary wedding photographer or a backup photographer at your wedding.

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Ask for the recommendations

A backup photographer can be anybody who is keen and passionate about photography and is well versed with the camera and other photography tools, and yeah owns a professional camera. You never know your friend’s brother or maybe your friend’s sister is a passionate photographer, who want to become a wedding photographer in the future. You can always check with your family and friends. Also, make sure that your primary photographer has no problem on having secondary wedding photographer. So, it’s better to contact your primary photographer before you hire or invite a secondary wedding photographer. If your primary photographer insist on working all alone, then it’s better to look for another wedding photographers, because usually no professional photographer puts such conditions.

Finding a secondary wedding photographer

Finding a secondary photographer today is not very difficult. It is in fact very easy. How you ask…. See today there are many photography groups who capture photos for fun or just for practice. Or photography students who are just pursuing their photography courses also need to have experience to add to their profiles that they can show to their employers during interviews. You can approach colleges where there are students and find out if they are interested to take up your project. Select the one who is dedicated and sincere.

To pan out…

I am sure you are convinced to have a backup photographer at your wedding. Believe you me, it is going to help you have almost all the major moments captured that you can cherish all your life. You may however consider to ask your friend or cousin to click pictures at your wedding, but believe you me a backup wedding photographer is always a better option than having a friend or cousin clicking your pictures. Remember, the secondary photographer will always take better pictures than your friends. Also, they won’t be distracted by food, drinks, ceremonies, or girls at the event.

Also, make sure that you put your desire of having a secondary photographer to the main photographer, so that he doesn’t create any problem on the D-day. Be clear with your primary photographer and if he is reluctant to work with any secondary photographer its better you find out new primary photographer for your wedding.

As I told, with secondary wedding photographer you will never need to worry as they mostly do it for free or for very nominal amount, which won’t be a problem for you. So, hire a secondary wedding photography and have all the moments captured!!

Happy Wedding!!! ☺ ☺