How To Plan A Second Wedding: Tips And Ideas

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Many times in life, some people go through difficult times in marriage. It might be that you discover that you are no longer in love with your spouse. You might also find yourself in a marriage that could shock your life and want a divorce. Life might give you a second chance to be loved and live happily with someone else once you lose your spouse. Whatever may be the reason, you can still hold a second wedding. It’s another opportunity for those who are lucky in life, so grab it and quit the questions. You can always be happy again.

Having a second wedding comes with a lot of excitement when you find a new partner who loves you so much. Planning a second wedding is also as unique and memorable as your first one. Nothing changes when you are making plans for your big day. It entirely depends on your budget and what you want.

Each time you think about getting married the second time to the person you love, it comes with so much excitement. You will also have many expectations for that day and want to make the most of it unforgettable. It’s normal for you to have an experience from your previous wedding, but it should not affect your second wedding plan.

You should ensure that your second wedding will always differ from the first. A lot of things will change while you are making plans for your second wedding.

You should not expect to wear the same outfit as the first, nor will you use the same color or venue. Your list of invitees will not be the same. They will be some additions to your list. Despite knowing all this, you need to have your plans mapped out, so nothing will be missing.

While planning a second wedding, there are quite some thoughts that will be running through your mind. Some of these are the venue, who to invite, the color of the day, your outfit, etc.

Once your plans are well laid out and followed accordingly, you can be assured that everything will go as planned. One major thing you need to make your second wedding as special as you want is the fund. There are a few questions you might be asking yourself while preparing for your big day, such as what to wear if you are a bride if you will cover a veil or not since it’s your second wedding.

Now you have a glimpse of what your second wedding should look like while going through this post from the beginning. We will share all the tips and ideas you need to make this day a reality for you.

Let’s get started as I am sure you can wait to see the different tips and ideas for a second wedding……

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Before we finally move into the tips and ideas you need to follow for your second wedding, let’s talk about a second wedding.

What Is a Second Wedding?

A second wedding is known as a union of both individuals who have once been married before to someone different. The marriage may have ended based on other circumstances best suited you. Although, some people think a second wedding is not as meaningful or memorable as the first one. Whether it is both persons that have been married before, or just one person, your second wedding to each other will always remain your first.

As long as this day remains your first wedding to each other, you can always make it glamorous as ever. You should not limit yourself to getting the best of your big day. If you were once divorced and your spouse realizes her mistake and wants to return, you can choose to hold a second wedding. Although, this is not so common.

Who Can Hold a Second Wedding?

As long as you have been married, you can decide to get married again. Although, this can only happen if you have been divorced or your spouse is late. You may be lucky to find someone who truly loves you and wants to marry you, not minding if you have been married before.

Whether you already have kids or not, you can still have a second wedding. This can be done in any way you want without restrictions. The only thing you should consider while planning on having a second wedding is if your partner truly loves you. You also need to consider if you both have the money to make it happen. Once these two are in place, you are good to go ahead with your plans.

What Is The Reason For a Second Wedding?

Anyone can decide to get married again, depending on the circumstances surrounding that decision. If you are part of the individuals thinking of getting married again, there is a reason for wanting to take that step.

The possible reasons why you might want to have a second wedding include:

  • If your previous marriage didn’t work out well due to domestic violence, infidelity, infertility in women, lack of erection, etc. You might decide to get a divorce based on these reasons and get married again.
  • If your spouse is late and you can’t stay alone even after having children.
  • You can consider a second wedding if you no longer love your spouse and feel choked in your first marriage. This is all possible if you have legally divorced your previous spouse.

Rules To Follow While Planning For a Second Wedding

There are specific rules or etiquette that you should follow carefully if you are planning on getting married again. Remember, you need the support of everyone around you to make this happen, especially your family members and children.

  • Ensure you get the support of your children on this decision to avoid them from messing up your big day.
  • Ensure you and your partner have a budget that you will work with.
  • Avoid using a veil as it’s your second wedding.
  • Don’t expect monetary gifts from your guest.
  • You can decide how you want the ceremony to be, whether it should be religious or traditional.

What Are The Tips For a Successful Second Wedding?

The truth is, you can make your second wedding as exciting as you want it to be. It’s all your choice to make. Below are few of the tips you should consider for your second wedding.

Your Wedding attire

If you are one bride who wants to get married the second time, you might be thinking of what to wear. Men do not have a problem with what to wear. You can choose a simple but beautiful attire for your second wedding. You might not need to wear a veil for your second wedding. You can go for a lovely A-line dress or a knee-length dress. Whatever style you choose, ensure you will be comfortable in it so you can enjoy your day.

➥ Bachelorette party

This party is familiar to individuals just getting married for the first time. But since it’s your second wedding, you can still hold this party but in a different way. You can decide to make it fun for you and your friends.

Wedding Decoration

The decoration designs for a second wedding are not different from the first; you can always make it as beautiful and glamorous as you want. Your decorator can make use of any centerpiece to decorate your venue. You can also add something unique to make it more special for you and your spouse.


Most couples who are getting married for the second time mostly prefer an outdoor wedding. The view you get from this venue is unique. You will also enjoy the beauty of nature, and the cool breeze from the atmosphere adds to the beauty of your second wedding.


This is also a tip you should consider while planning a second wedding. A wedding registry is essential for every couple, whether it’s your first, second, or third wedding. You can also get gifts from your guest during this wedding.

Wedding cake

Although it is advised that you should not make your second wedding so large, you will also need a cake. It does not require many layers, but it can be lovely.

Choose a simple cake that is single-tiered with a nice topper on it. Don’t stress yourself so much about getting a large cake.

What Are The Ideas For a Successful Second Wedding?

The ideas you need for your second wedding are not the same as the tips. You have to consider many things while planning to hold a second wedding.

Although, some things that were done during your first wedding won’t be needed. You won’t need you as the bride to be handed over to your husband or otherwise. All that you should be doing is to go ahead with your wedding.

Here are some ideas you might need for your second wedding:

List of guests

You need to have a compiled list of guests you wish to invite for this big day of yours. Remember not to include your ex-husband or wife at your wedding. Don’t also make the mistake of asking your former in-laws. Everything you do should be on a new page. New future, new in-laws and no past except if you have children.

Write your vows down.

For a second wedding, it is advised that you write your vows yourself. You can write it based on your relationship, your progress, values, promises, and the future you wish to have with your partner. Your love for each other shoulders is reflected through the vows you write.

Home Wedding

You can decide to hold your second wedding in your home. If you choose your home to be the venue for your second wedding, it will save you the cost of renting a reception venue. This will also help you save money so you can enjoy your honeymoon.

Include children

If you have children, they should be a part of the plans. Never leave them aside in your plans or make them feel your new partner is taking place meant for them in your heart. You can make your child the ring bear if he is young. You can also make your children the flower girls, the best man if older, or chief bridesmaid.

Destination wedding

The wedding destination should be properly planned. You can hold your second wedding in a different location or environment. It will contribute to the uniqueness of your day for both you and your spouse.

Summing it up…

If you’re thinking of getting married the second time, it’s natural to have several thoughts going through your mind. You might be thinking of where to start the planning and how not to miss anything. Certainly you have nothing to worry about with what you have read in this post.

A second wedding can be more fun and joyful for you than your first wedding. Ensure you are Getting married to the right person, then all your plans will go well as long as you have a budget. Never do a thing without agreeing with your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Can You Choose a Family Member To Walk You Down The Isles for Your Second Wedding?

There is no set rule for this decision when planning your second wedding. You can allow any family member to walk you down the isles if you wish or walk down alone with your little bride. You may even choose to walk down the aisle with your new husband. The choice is all yours to make.

Q- Can You have a Bridal Shower For a Second Wedding?

There are completely no restrictions on having a bridal shower. You can have a bridal shower if you want to or not. It is absolutely up to you.

Q- Can You Hold a Second Wedding Both Traditionally And Religiously?

Yes! You can have the two done as your first, but it is not necessary. You should choose one of the two for a second wedding. If you have the cash to make the two ceremonies happen, then it’s completely fine.

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺

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