Must have wedding accessories. Highly popular ones!

Must have wedding accessories. Highly popular ones!

Once you finalize your wedding attire the very next things you need to focus on are the wedding accessories that will compliment your wedding attire. Your wedding accessories will include everything from your undergarments to your bridal shoe. Here is a list of must have wedding accessories for you.

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Wedding Shoes

Whether you are looking for heels or flats, you’ll probably need to select your wedding shoes before your wedding dress fitting so that your wedding gown can be hemmed perfectly. When selecting your wedding shoes, make sure you consider everything from your comfort to your wedding style and attire. For instance, if yours is an outdoor wedding like beach wedding or forest wedding, it is better to invest on wedges, sandals, or flats as, stiletto heels won’t be a comfortable option in such a case.

Hair Accessories

When it comes to bridal here there are myriads of options available to figure out how you should wear your hair—up, down, or in between. Of course, before investing in hair accessories you need to decide if you’ll wear any hair accessories or not. Because, there will be the traditional veil already. There are a lot of veil options available from a super-long cathedral-length veil to a short birdcage veil or a mid-length fingertip veil, or a blusher. However, wearing a veil is not essential in order to get wedding vibes.

If you want to without a veil, then again there are multiple options to choose from, including boho-chic flower crown, crystal headbands, barrettes, or bun wraps. Besides, there are beautiful hairpins, tiaras, clips, combs, you can even wear fresh flowers to compliment your wedding attire. And for that vintage touch you can even opt for a fascinator or a wedding hairstyle with feathers!

Bridal Jewelry

The most obvious bridal accessories that you’ll need to wear on your wedding day are your engagement ring and wedding band. Well, different cultures have different set ups. In an Indian culture bride wears lots of jewelry matching with her attire and to buy everything is not possible. Hence, it is recommended to purchase something in your budget that you can wear later even after your wedding. Wedding jewelry is treasured for generations for its sentimental value and add it to your family heirlooms.

It is absolutely up to you to decide what goes best with your wedding outfit. For instance, a necklace looks great with a strapless neckline, but it doesn’t go well with a detailed illusion neckline. Basically, you don’t have to go overboard with the jewelry. One or two jewelry pieces will be more than enough for making you shine on your wedding.

And yeah, don’t miss to adorn your wrist with a sparkling bracelet on your special day.

Wedding Undergarments

Pay very good attention to your undergarments. Your undergarments can make the game or break the game. How you wanna know……. If you don’t wear appropriate undergarments with your attire it can simply ruin your pictures. Or if you wear uncomfortable UGs then you will feel uncomfortable the whole day. So, the moment your gown gets final, talk to your bridal salon and ask about the undergarments that would look best with your gown. Also, ask if any support can be built in. For your wedding gown you may probably need to purchase shape wear, a specific type of bra, and a seamless underwear in order to ensure that your gown looks picture-perfect and your undergarments stay invisible. And the best would be to bring your undergarments to your first dress fittings so that you know everything looks right.

Also, strapless underwire bustier might work for a night party, but for your wedding day go for a more structured underpinnings. Seamless panties are amongst the most important items on your bridal accessories list. Especially when you’re wearing a form-fitting gown, just to ensure panty lines are not visible under your gown. Besides, buy lacy undergarments for your wedding night.


However, it is absolutely up to you if you want to buy a garter for your wedding reception. Even if you feel it unnecessary you can buy it for tradition’s sake and to have a keepsake from your big day. It can be the nicest way to add a splash of color to your look as a “something blue.” You can go with a simple lace garter for the minimalist look.

Jacket or Wrap or Shawl

Jacket or wrap are only required if you’re getting married in winter time. Therefore, it becomes necessary to include a shawl, jacket, wrap, or any other form of outerwear on your bridal accessories list. Especially if your photo shoot is planned outdoors. A (faux) fur wrap or stole will give your look a vintage-inspired touch.

Bridal Gloves

Though you need to remove your gloves during ring exchange, but still some brides opt for gloves to have that traditional, vintage-inspired look. One can get bridal gloves in a variety of lengths and styles, from wrist-length to over-the-elbow made up of lace, satin, or crochet. You can even choose for finger-less lace gloves to have that unique look. Moreover, finger-less gloves are a great option for the wedding ceremony, as you will not have to remove them during the ring exchange.

Bridal Sash

If you’re wearing a simple gown without much beading or embroidery, you may definitely want to amp up your bridal look with a sash. Sashes are a great option to flatter the figure as they emphasize on your waist. You can buy anything from a crystal-adorned glam sashes to nature-inspired sashes that features fabric flowers and leaves. Moreover, sashes are a great way to add a hint of color to your wedding gown.
If you want to save on your wedding dress, you can simply add a crystal sash to your bridal look to have that sparkly look.

Purse of Clutch

However, carrying a purse or clutch during the wedding is real hectic, no bride wants to carry a purse, and mostly they prefer to carry their bouquet for much of the day. But still there are a few important things that you’d like to carry with you during your reception such as makeup for a touch up, breath mints, or tissues, you surely need to put them in a purse or clutch and have someone from your family, or maybe your friends, or a bridesmaid to keep it safe for you. You can buy a modern clutch with a crystal-adorned clasp for a contemporary, minimalist look.

To pan out,

These are the most important or must have accessories for every bride. Besides, you can buy anything you want to have for your wedding. Most of the items in the list must be purchased only after finalizing your wedding dress. Of course, nobody would want to go for mismatching accessories, especially on the day of their wedding. If you think something is missing in the list please do let us know we would be happy to add them in the list.

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Happy Wedding…. ☺ ☺

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